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Converting Your Content Into A Best Selling Book With Chris Ducker

Converting Your Content Into A Best Selling Book With Chris Ducker

This week’s podcast episode is a really special one for me, and a real treat for you!

I interview my mentor and good friend Chris Ducker.

Chris is the founder of Youpreneur.com—the entrepreneurial mastermind community that helps experts become the go-to leader in their industry.

As a serial entrepreneur, Chris has built several businesses since venturing into the world of entrepreneurship in 2004, which today collectively house over 450 full-time employees and generate a multi-seven-figure annual revenue, worldwide.

A highly sought-after keynote speaker, trusted international business mentor, blogger, and podcaster, Chris is featured regularly in Entrepreneur, Inc., Success, Forbes, The Huffington Post, and several other key media outlets.

Despite having lived in the Philippines for the best part of the past two decades, he’s also probably the proudest Brit I’ve ever known! (and he is due to move back to the UK soon)

Chris and I first met in February 2017 when Chris hosted a small private mastermind that I attended with 5 other people. Since then he’s been pivotal in helping me develop Content 10x into what it is today – funnily enough it was Chris who suggested I start a podcast!

The Rise Of The Youpreneur

Chis has recently published a new book called The Rise of the Youpreneur - the definitive guide to becoming the go-to leader in your industry and building a future-proof business.

On the podcast, Chris explained that ‘youpreneurs’ are people who build businesses based on their knowledge, experience and personality – where customers are buying into YOU. For example, content creators, bloggers, podcasters, video creators, authors, live streamers, freelancers…etc. Chris’ book teaches youpreneurs how to build, market and monetize their businesses.

Converting Your Content Into A Best Selling Book With Chris Ducker

I highly recommend reading The Rise of the Youpreneur. I was lucky enough to receive an early copy due to being an attendee at Chris’ Youpreneur Summit event in London late last year.

I thought it would be a great idea to invite Chris onto the podcast to talk about his new book.  BUT, since I always want to talk about repurposing content….I was especially keen to understand if Chris was able to repurpose any of his extensive catalogue of content in order to write his book.

Here’s a summary of our discussion…

The Youpreneur Mastermind community fueled the content for the book

As a prolific content creator, I had expected Chris to tell me that many aspects of his book were based on his blog posts, videos and podcast episodes.

Interestingly, Chris explained that just one blog post was directly lifted and put into the book. Everything else in the book is new fresh content.

However, the entire book is basically a repurpose of content within the Youpreneur mastermind community!

I found this fascinating.

Chris explained that when he and his team launched the Youpreneur community they listened a lot to what the community were talking about and studied what people were asking for help with.

Where there were any gaps they filled them. Then, they started to siphon content off into three distinct sections – building, marketing and monetizing – this ultimately became the Youpreneur Roadmap (which is ongoing and evolving all the time).

The roadmap was a huge success because people were better able to see where they were in their own journey. The could jump straight to the right point for getting the support that they were looking for.

Since the roadmap was incredibly successful and helped so many people, Chris fundamentally took the entire roadmap content and put it onto a book!

This included content created by Chris and his team, and user-generated content too.

Here’s a video of Chris talking about this:

Utilizing content for promoting the book

I was really interested to know if Chris was able repurpose content from his book for his book promotion activities.

Of course the answer is yes!

Chris explained lots of ways that he’s been able to do this, for example:

  • A complete read of the introduction of the book as a podcast episode due one week before the book launched
  • Mini-articles have been pulled out of the book and will be distributed on many websites, for example, Inc and Entrepreneur, around the time that the book launches
  • Excerpts, images and diagrams have been repurposed from the book onto Chris’ website
  • Lots of quote images have been created and shared/ready to share
  • Testimonials of the book have been repurposed and shared widely
  • Chris encouraged early readers (he gave out 450+ copies at Youpreneur Summit in Nov 2017) to share photos of themselves on social media with the book

Chris explained that his strategy was to scatter his book around in many strategic places prior to the launch. It’s clear that with a book launch you get out what you put in and Chris and his team have put considerable work into the launch.

Chris loves repurposing! (as much as me…surely not!)

Converting Your Content Into A Best Selling Book With Chris Ducker

Chris shares my passion for repurposing content. He talks on the show about how repurposing your content isn’t just about getting more content out there, rather it’s about serving content to people in the format of their choice. If you don’t repurpose your content it’s an injustice to your content (don't forget the open letter than I got from an unhappy piece of content!) and to your audience. Chris explained that when he creates any content there is always a plan further down the line to repurpose it.

If you serve content to your audience in the format they they enjoy, they are far more likely to share your content. One of the easiest way to grow your traffic and views etc. is to get people to share your content.

Tips for writing a book

In closing, I asked Chris what his tips were for someone who is planning to repurpose their existing content into a book.

Chris explained that at the core of writing a book is the person that you’re writing the book for. Consider:

  • Who are you writing it for?
  • What is the big problem that you’re solving for them?
  • What is the end result for them after having read your book?

Once you are clear on these points, you can start delving into your content. Find relevant pieces, categorize and start to structure and plan how you could use it to create your book.

Chris explained that he thinks most people have a book in them and he's adamant that a book is one of the easiest and most dynamic ways to position yourself as an industry expert.  If you’re a youpreneur (speaker, blogger, consultant, coach…) and you don’t have a book then you’re leaving money on the table.

Find out more about Chris by visiting his website here.  You can buy Chris’ book Rise of the Youpreneur on Amazon here.  If you head to youpreneur.com/book and send a copy of your receipt you’ll get some freebie bonuses too!


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