Answers to frequently asked questions regarding our services and products. Have a more specific question to ask? We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us at [email protected]

General FAQs

For your repurposing services, do I need to have a podcast or video show to work with you?

We mainly work with episodic content creators, rather than one-off projects. Our service is weekly as a minimum. The only exception is when we work with seasons e.g. a 15-episode podcast season. Or, when we work with speakers for our Talk 10x service, where we repurpose individual talks.

Good news, if you haven’t started yet, that’s not a problem. In fact, we love to help you launch! In particular, if you want to launch a podcast we will take you through our podcast launch process, from idea to live in 3 weeks. 

And, even more good news...if you need help with creating content then we can help.

We offer a premium add-on to our service to help you efficiently create high-quality video or audio content for repurposing. An experienced member of our team will conduct a relaxed, conversational interview with you, lasting around 30 minutes. We’ll repurpose this content into many assets and content types including videos, social media posts, graphics, and more, suitable for distributing across many platforms over several weeks.

Choose a service to find out more about this premium feature.

What content can you create as part of your service?

We are an agile, highly skilled creative team. We create most types of content imaginable – blog posts, podcast episodes, audiograms, YouTube videos, social media videos, graphics, infographics, emails, PDF downloads… and more!

Our services pages - LinkedIn 10x, Podcast 10x, Video 10x and Talk 10x - explain what content we create for every service.

Can you publish content for me?

Yes! We publish the content we create for you to your website, YouTube, all social media platforms, your podcast host…etc (depending on the scope of your service). Most of our clients choose this option. 

Some clients prefer us to deliver the content assets and copy, and they will publish themselves. In that case we have an efficient system and process in place for delivering content to our client's social media team for them to publish.

Note that we only publish the content that we create, we do not publish other content for you.

Do you respond to comments or offer an engagement service for social media platforms?

No, we are not a social media management agency. We create content for social media, and we publish it, but we do not engage with people on your behalf or manage the platform for you.

What is the most popular type of content you repurpose?

We work with all kinds of creators, but video is the most popular content for our clients. It’s the richest format because it can be repurposed into more video content, audio, visual and written content.

We love working with video and podcasts! 

While we offer specialized video and podcast repurposing services, our flagship service, LinkedIn 10x, is based around video content and three other key pillars of content repurposing. Check out this post to discover why this is our most popular service, Why We Launched Our LinkedIn 10x Service.

How do you make sure the content is on-brand for me? Will people be able to tell that I didn’t create it?

With our dedicated team of designers, editors, writers, and other content experts, we slip seamlessly into your brand and act as an extension of your business. We take branding VERY seriously. We spend three weeks (minimum) onboarding you, where we spend time fully understanding your brand, your business and your objectives.

If you’re wondering if we offer white labelling, the answer is no. Click here to find out why.

What are your packages and how much do they cost?

Our LinkedIn 10x service starts at $2,995 per month (for a weekly service). All of the details are here.

Our Video 10x service starts at $575 per week/episode without a podcast, and $695 incl. a podcast.

Our Podcast 10x service starts at $575 per week.

Prices vary depending on how long your videos/podcast episodes are, and other factors.  Our clients and their requirements vary considerably and our outputs are completely bespoke, based on each service.

Our Talk 10x service is priced at $499 if you opt for our "You Choose" service or $999 if you opt for our "We Choose For You" service. All of the assets that we create for you are the same regardless, the difference is your time! With "You Choose" you fill in our comprehensive form and provide us with direction on exactly what video teasers, quotes etc you want us to create. With "We Choose For You" you leave us to make all of the decisions and then go through a review cycle until you're happy. More details are in the Talk 10x FAQs section below.

Are your services worth the investment?

For the price of one general administrative assistant, VA, or secretary, you get a full team of highly-skilled, experienced creative professionals working for you. We provide an outsourced service and it needs to be viewed as an investment. For many of our clients, it’s the best investment they ever made, with one attributing over $750k in new sales in a year as a direct result of working with us.

If you’re unsure about whether investing in our services is right for your business, check out our article Why We May Not Be a Good Fit for You.

You may also find this useful: The Difference Between Playing it Small & Going All-in.

How are you different to hiring a freelancer or a virtual assistant?

Our comprehensive repurposing service covers a multitude of skillsets that no one person could have to a comparable standard. We aren’t an alternative to a freelancer, we’re more like an alternative to a full team of freelancers and a management team overseeing their work. We take away the hassle of recruitment, training, line management, invoicing, and everything else.

If this doesn’t sound quite right for you, check out this article, The Alternatives to Working With Us, to find out what other content repurposing solutions may suit your organization.

How are you different to content marketing agencies?

We are the first creative agency to specialize in content repurposing. There are plenty of agencies out there who might offer repurposing as an addition to their other services, but repurposing is our core focus. Naturally, we consider ourselves to be the best!

To learn more about how we’re different from alternative content repurposing solutions, take a look at this article, The Alternatives to Working With Us.

Can you help me to repurpose by myself?

Yes! Not everybody has the budget or desire to outsource. We want to help everyone at every stage.

  • Free content: Our blog and podcast provide new content repurposing tips and advice every week 
  • My book, Content 10x: More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results is the ultimate guide to repurposing every type of content. Available in paperback, Kindle and audiobook
  • Our awesome Content 10x Toolkit shows you what to do. It’s jam-packed full of video tutorials, how-to guides, templates, checklists and more. Focused on video and podcast content

TIP: Work out what an hour of your time is worth and how much time you’d spend on content repurposing. This is a good way to determine if it’s something you should be doing yourself, or something you should hire experts to do for you, so that you can focus on other things.

Why would I choose you over an automated service/software?

This is a different type of repurposing – copy and paste with no human input. There isn’t really a comparison to be made. It’s like putting a microwave meal up against a Michelin star restaurant. Both have their place and can be great, but are very different propositions.

Put simply, we don’t believe effective content repurposing can be achieved by automation. We offer brainpower, creativity and strategy.
When working with us your content is created to your exact brand guidelines and wishes, using your tone of voice, relevant to your audience, bespoke for each platform (a one-size-fits-all content strategy doesn’t work), and open to feedback and edits. 

How much of my time will it take to work with you?

We pride ourselves on being light touch but extremely high value. After we’ve gone through your 3-week onboarding process, all you need to do is create your content each week (or in batches) and upload it. We’ll do the rest and let you know when all of your new content is ready and scheduled to be published.

Working with Content 10x takes however long it takes you to create your content as normal and upload those files to us. 

If you opt for our premium service where we work with you to create your content, you will need to commit 1 hour every two weeks. That's it!

Not sure you can commit to this? Then we may not be the best fit for you. Click here to find out why.

Do I have to sign up to a long-term retainer and how would I terminate the service?

When you start working with us you sign-up for 3 months minimum. After that, we ask that you give us one month’s notice if you want to pause or stop working with us. It’s a simple as that. We’d hate to see you go, but we understand that your needs can change and new priorities emerge!

Content isn’t a quick fix ­– it’s a long game. If you’re after a short-term service, check out this article to find out why it’s not necessarily a winning content strategy: Why we don't do one off repurposing jobs.

Can I trial your service?

No. When you start working with us we go through a comprehensive onboarding process before we get into the weekly rhythm. Trials just don’t make sense for us, or for you.

It’s also important to note that content marketing is not a quick-fix or an overnight success marketing approach. You need to allow time to see results. Our preference is to work with clients who are looking for a long-term partnership vs short-term fix. Click here to discover if we’re right for you.

Podcast 10x FAQs

What does your podcast editing service entail?

We can take raw audio files or extract audio from a video and create a podcast for you – this usually encompasses adding intros, outros, and sponsor reels/commercials, removing any errors as requested, and levelling/noise reduction.

Do you upload my episodes to my podcast host?

Yes, we can handle publishing which includes taking care of your podcast hosting and ensuring each episode lands on all the main podcast apps. We will write show notes and schedule your episode to go out on your host each week. Our preferred host is Captivate but if you are with another host we can work with them too (we’ve worked with most hosts).

I don’t have a podcast, can you help me?

We absolutely can – in fact, we can help you start and launch your podcast in 3 weeks! We have our own Content 10x Podcast Launch Process.

Is my podcast right for repurposing?

Every podcast is right for repurposing! Of course we’d say that, but it really is true. We’ve worked with the widest range of podcasters imaginable – from health professionals to dog trainers to marketing leaders to financial recruiters.

Every podcast needs to embrace marketing and promotion in order to grow. Repurposing has the benefit of not only helping you grow your podcast listenership and downloads, but also it gets you in front of non-podcast listeners and fuels the growth of your audience on other platforms.

In fact, we see podcasting as one of the four key pillars to a highly successful content repurposing strategy. Find out why (and what the other 3 are) here.

Video 10x FAQs

What kind of videos can you repurpose?

Pre-recorded, YouTube, livestreams, videos from inside memberships, webinars. If you’ve got the recordings and have permission to use them, we can repurpose them.

Do my videos need to be a certain length or quality?

We’ve repurposed videos for clients that range from 5 minutes to over an hour.

Quality is more a matter of personal taste – the best videos are filmed in HD (720p resolution or higher). We can work with lower quality videos too though. Videos filmed on an iPhone are of a perfectly acceptable quality for repurposing. It’s important that we have good audio quality too and we advise you on microphones etc during onboarding.

Can you edit my videos for me?

Yes, many of our clients provide us with the raw video content and we will edit the video before we then go onto publish and repurpose.

LinkedIn 10x FAQ

How is your LinkedIn 10x service different to your Podcast or Video 10x services??

Good question! Our LinkedIn 10x service is similar to our Video 10x service, but it includes a podcast too, and it's focused specifically on LinkedIn from a social media perspective.

We've written an entire article on why we launched the service, what it's all about, and why we think it's such a game changer - check it out.

Talk 10x FAQs

How long does my talk need to be?

Over 10 minutes, but ideally longer. We can work with most talks, but our service includes creating a video trailer and several standalone social media videos, so we need to have enough content to work with to give you the best service possible.

What do I need to provide you with?

We need a video of your speech/talk. You must have the rights to use the video. If you have photographs of the talk too then that’s great, but not essential. We also need your brand assets e.g. logo, fonts, brand guidelines etc.

Do you publish my content for me?

No, for our Talk 10x package we do not publish. We create lots of video and visual content for you to share on all or your social media platforms, your website, with event organizers, with your agent…etc. The content is designed to be evergreen and can be shared again and again.

Do I get a discount if I’m already a Content 10x client?

Yes! If you’re already a Podcast 10x, Video 10x, or LinkedIn 10x client, we can offer you a discounted rate.

Do I get a discount if I plan to repurpose more than one of my talks with you?

Yes – we off bundle discount packages and reduced rate for repeat custom. Talk to us and let us know what you want.

What do you create for me?

Talk 10x clients receive:

  • A showcase/trailer of your talk and custom video thumbnail (subtitled highlights video of your talk fantastic for YouTube, your website, sharing with event organizers, agencies…etc)
  • Quote images (three of the best stand-out quotes from your talk, branded and bespoke for five social media platforms – 15 images in total)
  • Video teasers / social media videos - three square videos and three portrait videos for all social media platforms, with the standout moments from your talk. Professional, branded, with engaging titles and captions
    IGTV trailer (branded, styled, and packaged perfectly for you)

How much does your Talk 10x service cost?

We offer two packages to Talk 10x clients.

  • Option 1 costs $499. You tell us exactly how you want your talk to be repurposed (which clips, which quotes, etc.). No revision cycles but we work to your exact specifications
  • Option 2 costs $999. You fill out a super-quick form and trust our team of expert creatives to choose the best clips, quotes, and highlights from your talk. Full review and revision cycles.

Both options will give you the same assets at the end of the process.

Content 10x