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Working closely with you, we understand your brand, industry, and products/services. Through
our strategic content repurposing and distribution, we help you to get your content in front of more
of the right people. 
Less time, more reach, more impact.

Become the 'media company' in your industry that everyone is talking about!

Most Popular Packages

We produce, repurpose and distribute your video and/or audio content – from thought leadership videos to customer or expert interviews, webinars to livestreams, and more...

For example, from just one weekly/bi-weekly/monthly video, we will create a multimedia suite of high-quality content, ideally suited to your preferred platforms.


1 blog post and image
1 edited main video

1 custom video thumbnail
3 social media videos
3 social media graphics

1 image carousel
12 social media posts
Podcast edit and production
Podcast show notes

All publishing and distribution

Video Creator

1 blog post and image
1 edited main video

1 custom video thumbnail
3 social media videos
3 social media graphics

1 image carousel
12 social media posts

All publishing and distribution

Daily Social Sharer

7 social media videos (daily posting)

21 social media posts (3 platforms)

All publishing and distribution

All services are bespoke and dependent on your needs and the time it takes our experts to deliver the service (key factors are the duration of your videos, complexity of publishing, additional scope requirements).

More detail about these services

Video 10x
LinkedIn 10x

Projects & Custom Services

Not all of our clients produce weekly episodic content – we get that...but we can still help!
We provide custom support for a range of content repurposing requirements to help you maximize the value of your content.

Video-Podcaster PLUS

No time to create videos for us to repurpose?With this service we help you to create your video content – simply share your expertise in a video interview with a member of our team.

This service includes everything in our Video-Podcaster service, plus :

  • Content planning assistance
  • 2 recorded video interviews a month
  • Advanced podcast and video editing

Events, Webinars, Reports & Projects

Maximize content from stand-alone projects and events. For example:

  • Podcast and video show seasons (e.g. a 12 episode season)
  • Virtual, hybrid, and in-person events
  • A webinar series
  • A research report or whitepaper


Turn the spotlight from the stage to social media, your website, YouTube....and more. 

We repurpose videos of your virtual and in-person talks, including:

  • Keynotes
  • TED/TEDx talks
  • Workshops

What our clients have to say...

Since partnering with Content 10x we've seen consistent, high-quality results. They adeptly handled our video and audio editing, crafted engaging clips for social media, and maintained the integrity of our evolving brand visuals and voice. Their team saved us valuable time and made the collaboration seamless and straightforward.


Marketing Manager, Hatchworks

By working with Content 10x, we have turned a series of 12 webinars into over 120 pieces of content, saving our team time, increasing our brand engagement on LinkedIn, and helping to build our repertoire of marketing assets. They have quite literally 10x'ed the amount of content!


Senior Customer Marketing Manager, AppDirect

Mark Huber

The Content 10x team were instrumental in managing our podcast. Without them, we would've fallen flat on our faces. I can't speak highly enough of The Content 10x team. I would happily work with them again and I hope that I get to.


Head of Brand & Product Marketing,

Services can also include

Podcast Launch

If applicable. Get your new podcast
launched with our end-to-end support, including artwork design, trailer production, and submission to all popular podcast apps.

Podcast Hosting

If we launch your podcast it will live on our trusted podcast hosting platform and connect to all the podcast apps.


File Hosting

Download, keep, and share forever
all the content we create for you
with our cloud-based file sharing.

Social Media Tools

Access our third-party scheduling
tool used to organize and schedule
your social media content.


All content is designed to fit your
brand specifications and guidelines,
ensuring a seamless and strong
brand experience for your audience.

Data Reporting

No need to hunt down the data yourself, we’ll provide a monthly report with details on the performance of
your content.


Decision Making

We decide on the most relevant and
impactful parts of your content to
repurpose. No decision-making or
decision-fatigue for you (unless you
want's up to you).

Distribution &

Publishing Expertise

Optional best-practice publishing for all of your content to multiple platforms, including WordPress, YouTube, podcast hosts, social media channels, and more.

QA Review

Quality is one of our core values and
at the heart of everything we do. Our
multi-stage review process ensures
no mix-ups or hiccups – just content
you can be proud of.

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