Content Repurposing for B2B Tech and SaaS

Working in B2B tech or SaaS, you understand the importance of powerful content and making sure your company stands out in a competitive digital marketplace. It’s vital that your brand gets in front of your target audience, stays top of mind, and resonates with your audience.  

Our team understands this intrinsically and for over 7 years we’ve helped B2B tech and SaaS brands get the maximum ROI from their content with creative, strategic content repurposing.  

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Maximizing Content Efficiency

Many of the B2B tech and SaaS marketing teams that we partner with are under pressure to do more with less. That’s where content repurposing comes in. It’s not about constantly creating new content... it’s about creating less and doing more with it. With our help, small marketing teams look big, with a content engine firing on all cylinders!

Enhancing Content ROI  

We understand that B2B tech and SaaS marketers face an ongoing challenge to articulate complex value propositions, rise above market noise, educate niche audiences, demonstrate technical robustness, and leverage customer communities - all while working with limited resources... it’s a lot! 

But we’ve seen firsthand how consistently sharing relevant and engaging content can expand a company’s reach, attract new audiences, and increase online presence. That’s where we come in. 

Mark Huber

Mark Huber, Head of Brand & Product Marketing, Metadata 

The Content 10x team was instrumental in managing our podcast. Without them, we would've fallen flat on our faces. I can't speak highly enough of The Content 10x team. I would happily work with them again and I hope that I get to.

The types of content we repurpose: 

  • Webinars – we turn them into blog posts and engaging LinkedIn campaigns 
  • Virtual, in-person, and hybrid event content – a ½ day virtual event can become 6 months of content 
  • Podcasts and videos – into short social media videos, articles, or even eBooks and whitepapers 
  • Long-form written content – blog posts, articles, case studies, white papers, research reports 
  • Customer interviews, stories and testimonials - written, video or audio, we can repurpose them 
  • Technical and educational content 

We provide bespoke content repurposing solutions that align with your business goals, marketing strategy, and target audience - ensuring a seamless integration of written, video, or audio content, all tailored to drive tangible results.  

When you partner with us, you will...

Communicate Complex Value Propositions

B2B SaaS products often have intricate features and benefits that can be difficult to convey clearly to potential customers. 

We repurpose your content into compelling yet informative messaging, across different formats and platforms, that articulates your value proposition in a straightforward manner.

We help you showcase the unique value of your product in a way that resonates with your audience.


The SaaS market is crowded, with tens of thousands of products across various industries. 

We understand that it’s a challenge for marketers to differentiate their offerings and get discovered by the right audiences amid intense competition. 

We combat this by repurposing your material into unique, scroll-stopping content that leverages your niche expertise, helping you stand out.

Reach and Educate
Niche Audiences

Many B2B SaaS solutions cater to specific niche markets. We understand it’s a struggle to effectively reach and resonate with these targeted audiences.

To help them more fully understand your product we repurpose your content into tailored assets aimed at increasing understanding and moving prospects through the funnel.

Save time & maximize content efforts

Instead of constantly creating brand-new content from scratch, repurposing allows you to get more mileage out of your existing high-performing content by giving it a fresh spin in a new format.

 This saves your team time, allowing more space to focus on other aspects of your marketing strategy. 

How we've helped businesses like yours...

Turning Customer Stories into an Engaging Podcast

Read how we worked alongside Akamai – one of the largest independent open cloud providers in the world – to help them repurpose a bank of customer video interviews into a binge-worthy, three-season podcast, as well as lots of engaging content across multiple channels. 

Metadata’s Journey from Virtual Event to Podcast Powerhouse

Read how a SaaS marketing platform used repurposed content and clever distribution to maximize the ROI of their first virtual B2B event. Growing that audience through repurposed content, Metadata successfully launched their industry-leading podcast to an established audience.

Repurposing a Weekly Livestream to Increase the ROI of Content

Here’s how we helped the talented content team at TechSmith – the global leader in screen capture and recording technology – launch a podcast, create awesome content consistently for multiple platforms, and capture a wider audience, by repurposing their weekly livestream.

Vera Barile,

Content 10x are wonderful collaborators. They've given life to our webinar series via the creation of social media content, reels, and blog posts. This has contributed to our content strategy and increased brand engagement on LinkedIn. By working with Content 10x, we've turned a series of 12 webinars into over 120 pieces of content, saving our team time and helping to build our repertoire of marketing assets. They have quite literally 10x'ed our content!

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