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Youpreneur Summit: Why It Was Awesome

Youpreneur Summit - Amy Woods Content 10x Review

I recently attended the first ever Youpreneur Summit in London – an amazing event hosted by Chris Ducker and attended by 350 entrepreneurs from quite literally all over the world.

I have huge respect for Chris, he has played a significant role in helping me to establish and grow my business. There wasn’t a chance in hell that I was going to miss the Youpreneur Summit. One thing is for sure, Chris doesn’t do things by halves and boy, did he deliver!

The speaker line-up was amazing, with opening and closing keynotes delivered by none other than John Lee Dumas and Pat Flynn (the first time either of them had ventured over to the UK). 

Despite the scale of the Youpreneur Summit, Chris managed to create a very intimate atmosphere. The event was over two days, and on both days, attendees were given the opportunity to spend 2-hours masterminding in small groups.  You can never underestimate the value of sitting down with people from different sectors and with different businesses – simply helping each other figure stuff out!

The event presented perfect networking opportunities...

Youpreneur Summit presented an opportunity for me to chat with lots of content creators. It was a real pleasure speaking to people who were passionate about their podcasts, blogs, YouTube channels…etc, these kind of discussions can be invaluable and always leave me bursting with ideas to make the Content 10x services even better!

Before I'd even had lunch on the first day I'd had brilliant conversations with productivity specialist Mike Vardy, Alex Jimenez aka Travel Fashion Girl (founder of the number 1 blog for female fashion), and Kate Hills who is CEO and founder of Make it British - my point being - Chris manages to attract awesome people who are really serious about having a successful business.

The highlight for me

Youpreneur Summit - Amy Woods Content 10x Review

A big, personal highlight for me was being called onto the stage by Chris. Over the course of the event Chris chose a few people who he wanted to put a ‘spotlight’ onto and I happened to be one of them, which was a HUGE honour and privilege.

Chris asked me to share what Content 10x does and my journey to where I am today. Funnily enough, it all started at a small private mastermind with Chris only 10 months ago. That’s why he labelled me an ‘action taker’, because things really have taken off, one-step at a time, over the past 10 months.

NOTE: In the image above check out the person in the bottom left, I either managed to get a big rip-roaring cheer, or someone was doing a REALLY big yawn!

Chris also called to the stage Anissa Holmes. Anissa has achieved huge success over the past 18 months - she’s a dentist, social media strategist, author, podcaster, business coach and she’s also an amazing client of mine! Anissa named me and Content 10x as playing a really key role in helping her to drive her business forward which I was immensely proud of.  And, newsflash....Anissa is going to be a speaker at Youpreneur Summit 2018...I've no doubt she’s going to be amazing!!

Anissa Holmes - Youpreneur Summit

Mike Morrison of The Membership Guys was a speaker, where he delivered a fantastic talk on recurring revenue models (Chris calls Mike 'The Godfather of recurring revenue"). Mike also mentioned Content 10x, it may have only been for a moment as an example of a service based business, but still…seeing our website up on the big screen was pretty cool!

I’d like to say thank you to everyone who came to speak to me at Youpreneur Summit. Thank you for your words of encouragement. Thanks to everyone who has shown a keen interest in what we do at Content 10x. It’s been awesome and also pretty humbling.

Here’s a one sentence round up of my key takeaway from every speaker at Youpreneur Summit

Youpreneur Summit - Amy Woods Content 10x Review

In order of appearance....

Chris Ducker –building a business based on you and your personal brand means you are building a future-proof business - by doing so you can create an ecosystem of different products, services and monetization strategies  

John Lee Dumas – just because you can solve a problem doesn’t mean you should – forget distractions and shiny object syndrome - and focus on what you can do brilliantly and start in as narrow a niche as possible

Mark Asquith – your website is for your ideal client and not for you – test different aspects of your website design to see what works and only change one thing at a time as subtle changes can make a big difference

Joanna Penn – books are a great way to position yourself as an expert, but if you’re writing a book you must ensure you write the book that people want to read rather than the book you want to write

Amy Schmittauer – To become someone’s favourite you need to be consistent - you need to show up at the same time every week, every day…whatever works for you, and become like their favourite TV show

Colin Gray – as business owners we wear many hats (or as Colin called it, we play the role of many different bosses) – we need to be able to recognise what kind of boss we need to be when faced with different decisions e.g. responsive, tactical, strategic AND we must set clear goals by the day, week, month and the year

Matthew Kimberley – selling is an essential skillset for all entrepreneurs and we must have a mapped out sales process  

John Jantsch – below is a photo of what I thought was amazing advice from John

Youpreneur Summit - Amy Woods Content 10x Review

Janet Murray – PR should not be neglected and can really help to get you and your business noticed, plus you can get FREE press – you don’t always have to write a press release, in fact you don’t have to write press releases at all, and a simple way to try and get featured in the press is to search #journorequest on Twitter

Carrie Green – visualisation can be extremely powerful and plays a really key role in boosting your self-belief

Mike Morrison – recurring revenue forms a solid backbone of many businesses and we should look for opportunities to build it into our own – even if this means a total shift in how we do business and saying goodbye to many of our existing clients

Russel James – Be a master of your craft and always try to be creative

Pat Flynn – this was the first time I saw Pat speak in front of a large audience (I saw him at Social Media Marketing World presenting to a small room earlier this year) – his presentation was great but what I really learnt from Pat is just how important storytelling is in order to touch emotions and connect with your audience

So…there you have it, a truly awesome event. Counting down the days until Youpreneur Summit 2018. Are you coming? I really hope so!

Youpreneur Summit - Amy Woods Content 10x Review


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