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Why You Should Maximize The Content That You Create For Events

Why You Should Maximize the Content That You Create for Events

Do you have an upcoming business-related event that you hope will generate more leads? Maybe you hope that it’ll help position your business as a leader in your market? Or, perhaps you want the opportunity to spread brand awareness.

Conferences, trade shows, workshops, seminars, networking events and so on can put your business in front of highly targeted leads. It’s also a great chance to forge business relationships and network with potential partners and clients.


My team and I have been ran off our feet preparing for the 2019 Podfest Multimedia Expo in Orlando from March 7-9th. Podfest Expo is a highly-anticipated annual event for podcast and video content creators who want to share their message with the world. Throughout the event, there’s many educational conferences, interactive workshops and lots of opportunities to network with other businesses in the industry. Over 1300 people are expected to attend, making Podfest one of the biggest podcast and video events in the world.

Why have we been so busy?

I’m excited to announce that I’m speaking at the Podfest event this year and I’ll also a booth in the exhibition hall. I can’t wait to meet other like-minded people who love creating (and repurposing) content as much as me!

Podfest Speaker Amy Woods

Speaking is something I’m comfortable with. However, a booth is uncharted territory for my team and I. Why are we doing it? Well…I enjoy meeting new people and spreading the word about my business, but I’m an introvert and walking up to strangers doesn’t come naturally.

So, by having my own booth in the exhibition hall, I hope the ‘you come to me’ approach will work wonders! Of course, I have to offer more than just a lonely table in a crowded room to convince people to approach me. And, this is where my team and I got to work to make sure that our booth stands out, peaks people’s interest and, hopefully, convinces them to come over and learn more about us and our services.

In this podcast episode, I share the repurposing considerations that we have been putting into this to make sure that our hard work is maximized. If you’re attending an event soon and need to create content for a workshop, trade show or seminar, etc. this episode will give you lots of inspiration!

Repurposing Content for a Talk

Instead of composing an entire talk from scratch for Podfest, I have been able to repurpose a combination of the talk I did at Podcast Movement in July 2018 and the talk I did at Content Live in Nov 2018. 

I took the best bits from both talks and combined them together to make a fresh talk that explores similar points but catered to a new audience.

Repurposing content for a my talk has been a huge time saver - mainly because we put so much effort into the presentations when we first created them, so we’re making the most of that now.

Repurposing Content for an Exhibition Booth

I wanted to provide people with a handout at both the talk and at my booth so I decided to use the Content 10x Men comic book, which we created by repurposing slides that I used for my talk at Podcast Movement 2018.

Amy Woods Podcast Movement

If you want to find out more about how we created our very own comic book from repurposed slides, you can check out episode 68 of the podcast, where I talk about this in more detail.

We had other things to consider for the booth too. We needed to design and create two tall banners to go behind the stand, as well as leaflets that describe our service, how we could help people and more about the business such as the podcast and my upcoming book.

With so many businesses attending the event, I knew I needed to come up with a way to draw people to my booth vs. another stand. I had a few people suggest giving away freebies like pens or a fun gadget. To be honest, I wasn’t really a fan of that idea because let’s be honest, most of the free things you get at a trade show or event usually end up on the floor or left forgotten on the nightstand in your hotel room.

For me and my business, it wasn’t worth the investment nor ‘on brand’. We’re all about quality here, and I decided to offer something better than a cheap pen that runs out of ink as soon as you use it! So, I’m giving away a pair of BOSE headphones in an exciting competition giveaway. Plus, there are also three free consultations with me up for grabs and annual membership to The Podcast Host Academy

Podfest 2019

This is a win-win because people get the chance to win something awesome and I also get to obtain email addresses to keep in touch with people.

Repurposing Content for Leaflets and Banners

Creating the leaflet for the event took a lot longer than we initially thought. Working out the design and coming up with engaging copy that made people stop and take notice was the tricky part.

This is when I made sure I had my repurposing hat on!!

If we are going to spend time on things we should work out if we can repurpose our efforts down the line.

Podfest 2019

A few things we did… the URL for our competition was content10x.com/podfest at first, we put that on both the banner and the leaflet design. The banners had taken a long time to design and put together. I realized it would be wasteful to use them at Podfest and then toss them out when the event was over. 

I’m back at Podcast Movement in August, and I will have a stand there too. I realized it would be great to use the same banners for Podfest and Podcast Movement. We just needed to be clever with our wording.

So, we changed the competition URL from content10x.com/podfest to content10x.com/giveaway, which means we can use it again and again – repurposing at its best!

Writing Engaging Copy for our Leaflet

Why You Should Maximize the Content That You Create for Events

When it came to crafting copy for the leaflet, I went through a few exercises that my mentor, Chris Ducker asked me to do, related to avatar empathy.

To do this effectively, all you have to do is put yourself in your avatar’s shoes. Think about what your ideal customer struggles with and what they need to help them overcome that problem. You think about what they think, feel, hear, do, see and want. Then, work out how your services or products offer a solution to their problems.

After working on the avatar empathy task, I was able to write copy then proved so useful. It not only explained what we do, but it also depicted how we help people in the best way possible to solve their problems.

Once the copy was done, I realized there were so many places that I could utilize this copy. I revisited our website, and places like my LinkedIn profile, and other places where we explained what we do and the benefits.

So, the exercise that we went through to get words right on the leaflet is paying up back many times over, and our repurposing journey with the leaflets doesn’t end there. I’m already thinking about how I can repurpose the leaflets in time for Podcast Movement in the summer!

In Conclusion…

If you are ever preparing for an event, conference, trade show or something similar, and you’re finding it a lot of hard work, take a step back so that you don’t get lost in the detail of the moment and you make the most of repurposing opportunities.

We’d really have kicked ourselves if we were prepping for Podcast Movement in August and realized we hadn’t made the smart decision for Podfest to help us out!

If you are going to Podfest or even Podcast Movement in August, please do get in touch and let me know! And, if you see me there, be sure to come by my stand to say hi, I’d love to meet you!


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