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Why We Don’t Do One-off Repurposing Jobs

Why We Don’t Do One-off Repurposing Jobs

We are often asked if we do one-off content repurposing jobs.

The request usually goes along the lines of “I’ve got this video that I’d like turning into xyz, can you do it for me?” or “Please can you turn my blog post into an infographic?”

While we love helping people maximize the value of their content, we don’t provide one-off jobs like this. We do take on stand-alone projects, like a 10-episode podcast season, but we don’t do single jobs. Here’s why…

We want to have an impact

Our main services are weekly, as a minimum. They are all pretty comprehensive – whether you’re on our Podcast 10x, Video 10x or LinkedIn 10x service. We’re taking your content and turning it into different formats based on what we think will resonate with your audience. We’re doing all of the creative work, copywriting, and (in most cases) we’re publishing the content too.

Our service is designed to help you stand-out in your industry, rising up above your competitors and peers to become recognized, consistently, as a leading authority. When you work with us, week on week, our service starts to have a snowball effect. That’s when we really see impact. That’s when we really get excited!

Honestly, if you just want a single video, podcast or blog post repurposed into some new assets, you would probably be best finding a freelancer.

We want to stay focused

We want to become an extension of your business, not just a service provider. Client relationships built on understanding, trust and communication are awesome. They allow us to provide the best possible value and content repurposing expertise.

We would much rather keep our team focused on providing the highest quality service to the clients who are working with us on a weekly basis, and not distract them with occasional one-off jobs.

Our clients who have committed to us, deserve our commitment back.

Onboarding new clients takes time

When a new client joins Content 10x, we have a three-week (minimum) onboarding process. It’s very comprehensive and involves developing an understanding of branding and tone of voice. As well as gaining access to platforms, agreeing publishing schedules, and many other tasks. This all results in a smooth onboarding process and transition to service delivery.

For people genuinely interested in signing up to one of our services, but want to trial it first with a one-off piece of work, it wouldn’t make any sense for them nor us to do 3-week onboarding only to do one repurposing task at the end. So, we wouldn’t do that. Occasionally, for serious prospects, we may be able to find a small piece of paid work that wouldn’t reflect our weekly service given no onboarding, but would demonstrate our skills. We’re open to discussions on this.

Talk 10x – the only exception to the rule!

The only exception to our no-one-off job rule is our Talk 10x service. Talk 10x is our repurposing service designed just for speakers – helping them to repurpose the videos of their talks into lots of social media content, and content for their website and YouTube (videos and graphics).

We get that speakers aren’t going to require our Talk 10x service every week, or for every single talk that they deliver. But when they deliver that incredible talk, and they have a high-res video of the talk just waiting to be maximized, we are here and ready to work our magic!

What if I have a project/season vs. a single job?

We are 100% interested in hearing from you if you have a project that you’d like us to work on.

We love working with businesses and brands who produce seasonal content vs. weekly, if they want to commission us to support the full season.

In fact, we have helped many businesses launch their first podcast, and supported them with seasons e.g. 5-15 or so episodes in each season.

Clients that we have worked with on their podcast seasons include Linode, Molecula and Move iQ.

If you need help with a video or podcast series, look no further!


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