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Why Do People Share Your Content?

Why do people share your content?

The science behind why people share content is one that could be debated ad nauseam. But, as with all things that involve the human psyche, there are no hard and fast rules that will guarantee you create shareable content, (if only!).  

However, there are a few things to consider that, when applied in the right context at the right time, work together to make your organization’s content more shareable and in turn, your employees more amenable to amplifying your message and getting your content in front of a wider, already interested audience.  

In this blog post, we relook at some of the brilliant insights that came up in our interview with Bradley Keenan, Founder of DSMN8, in How Your Employees Can Amplify Your Content with Bradley Keenan, and dissect the ways we can make B2B company content more appealing and relatable for employees.  

If you’d like to listen to the episode you can click below. Reading more your thing? Keep scrolling for the key takeaways.  

What is Employee Advocacy?  

Employee advocacy is when your employees promote your business via their own profiles to their own audiences.  

It’s a powerful marketing strategy, because it’s your organization's content reaching an already interested and trusting audience, plus it’s free.  

But how do you get your employees to care enough to share your content in the first place?

Key Takeaway 1: What makes shareable content 

When we share content it’s a way of shaping how others perceive us. It could be an attempt to establish ourselves as experts, as part of a group or a broader political or social movement.  

People share content that’s entertaining, interesting, funny, or resonates with their sense of humor. We also share content that aligns with our personal agendas...  

For example, people who want to establish themselves online will view content that contributes to their reputation and personal brand management as highly shareable content. It makes sense… as in real life, we all want to build a certain persona and present ourselves in a certain way online. We might not call it personal brand management or even think of it that way, but if it’s managing how we want people to speak about us and think of us, then that’s what it is.  

It’s not rocket science, but its so important because if employees aren’t given the space to share your content in a way that resonates with them and their audience, they’re not going to share it! 

How to Create Super Shareable Content

Key Takeaway 2: How do we create shareable content?

We want our employees to amplify our content. So how can we make our content more appealing 

When it comes to LinkedIn, people often have the goal of showcasing their expertise and the work they do in order to:  

  • Promote themselves as experts 

  • Build influence 

  • Make themselves more attractive to potential recruiters, investors, business partnerships, clients 

And so on. There are lots of motivations, but they are all similar.  

So, ask yourself, does your organization’s content align with these ultimate objectives? Would sharing your company content make your employees network view them as an expert in their field?  

The golden rule when creating shareable content for your organization: be real and honest. Ask yourself: why would an employee want to share this? What value does it bring to them and their audience?  

Key Takeaway 3: Timing (and format) is everything 

If your company message strikes a chord at just the right moment, people are more likely to share it.   

Maybe there’s a hot topic swirling around in your industry and you know that if you came out with a killer piece of content, your employees would proudly share then whatever you do. Strike while the iron is hot! 

If it’s yesterday’s news, they don’t want to appear slow off the mark.  

And don’t forget the format. Is your content easy to consume and free from jargon? People won’t be compelled to share content that leaves them scratching their heads!  

Key Takeaway 4: Does the content align with your organization’s objectives? 

Lastly, let's explore why it's essential your content aligns with your objectives. A share from an employee won’t do you any good if the content isn’t aligned with your goals. 

For instance, if a B2B SaaS company’s marketing team creates viral cat memes, it might be entertaining, but it doesn’t necessarily drive business results unless it’s cleverly positioned to do so…. We all love a viral cat meme but it has to serve a purpose! 

How to Create Super Shareable Content

Provide employees with opportunities to add their own voice to content and build their own personal profiles in line with your organization. 

In conclusion 

If you keep these objectives in mindcreate easily shareable content that your employees can relate to and connect with, in accessible formats and produce it timeously, then chances are team members will be happier to amplify it! 


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