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Why Content is the Best Tool for Business Growth with Mark Wright

Why Content is the Best Tool for Business Growth with Mark Wright

Growing a business takes blood, sweat, tears, luck, time, passion, intelligence, and all manner of other variables.

There aren’t any shortcuts, but content is one of THE best ways anyone can supercharge their business growth.

Someone who can tell you all about that is Mark Wright, the founder and owner of Climb Online – a business he developed in partnership with Lord Alan Sugar after winning The Apprentice UK in 2014!

Mark was recognized in Forbes’ 30 under 30 List, owns five businesses in total, and won the UK Entrepreneur of the Year award…

Safe to say, he’s a reliable source for advice on growing a business!

Here's a video trailer of some highlights of the interview:

Read on to find out how Mark has grown businesses using content, how you can do the same, and what he thinks is going to work best now and in the future.

In Mark’s words, “if you don’t believe in content, your business won’t have a future in the next 12 to 18 months.”

Perseverance pays when it comes to content

Whilst Mark is a huge advocate for content and content repurposing, he was refreshingly honest about the realities of creating quality content at a consistent rate.

“Let’s be honest, producing content is tough. It’s not easy, it’s no walk in the park. It’s not a day off. But what I get off the back of it means it always pays off.”
“The hard thing is, when you’ve produced your first few videos/podcasts/blog posts, you don’t get anything.”

Without immediate results, “it’s really easy to quit, but success comes from a sustained effort of doing it over and over again. But after three or four months, guess what? Leads start coming in. Clients start coming in. And opportunities present themselves.”

Content, Mark stressed, is “something you’ve really got to stay at.”

And starting small is no problem for Mark. He recalled having tough conversations with Board members of his company when he was appearing regularly on podcasts and videos, spending a lot of time on content creation.

“People would say to me: ‘why did you do that podcast? It’s really small’ or ‘that podcast only has 100 listeners’. But you only need one person to listen to or see your content and that one connection can change your business and change your life.”

The best thing you can do is start, no matter what that looks like.

Why Content is the Best Tool for Business Growth with Mark Wright

How content has grown Mark’s business

Mark couldn’t have been clearer from the get-go: “content is the most important thing as a business owner.”

“For me”, he continued, “it’s the most overlooked thing in any business. People really undervalue it, they underproduce it, and that’s why they’re not growing at the rate they want to be growing at.”

And Mark has the numbers to prove how content helped him grow his business!

“In the first year I started producing content, I increased my income 5 times over.”

If content is like throwing a stone into the water, then it’s the ripples that boost revenue so significantly. The astronomical growth, Mark explained, came “not from the content itself, but from who it brought into my network – customers, suppliers, and more opportunities. Those are the three things you really need to grow your business.”

This is why Mark is shouts so loudly in favor of content and repurposing.

 “You want omnipresence, you want to be everywhere. You want to be talking to people on every channel as much as you can be.”

And, of course, that is where the magic of content repurposing comes in. That’s why I created Content 10x and why every day we work with our clients to repurpose their content. That’s why I wrote a book about content repurposing!

Produce the content you would want to see

Mark made some great points in the interview, but one of the standouts for me was when he talked about his own experience consuming content.

“Like most business owners and entrepreneurs, I’m dyslexic. When I got a website, the first thing I do is search for video content.” (Check this out if you want to know How to Repurpose Videos for Social Media!)

If video content is what works for Mark as a consumer, why would he change that when it comes to creating content? As he put it: “it made sense to produce content that I would like as a user.”

“So, I produce weekly and monthly content on my social media and my company’s website about digital marketing. And I do just 1- to 3-minute videos and post it on social channels and YouTube.”

And by creating the kind of content he knows and loves to consume, Mark has increased his following “10 times what it was – and everything else has grown in line with that.”

What’s working for Mark Wright and Climb Online

Content creation is a different game for everyone. After all, we have different audiences, products, and goals.

That being said, it’s always great to hear more about what’s working for people in a bit more detail.

Right now, @Mark_E_Wright is loving LinkedIn – he thinks it “was produced by God for B2B businesses! It is unbelievable the results my company is getting through LinkedIn.”

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Mark points to the depth of detail he can get about his audience, understanding people’s motivations and interests, and knowing how to speak the language for the platform and its users.

Amazingly, Mark thinks he has his fewest followers on LinkedIn despite it delivering the best results.

“It’s not always about the size of the following,” he explained, “it’s about targeting who is actually in there and speaking to them in the right way. People go onto LinkedIn with a very business-focused mindset and I get really good results there.”

Dive into this article if you want to know How to Repurpose Content on LinkedIn!

Mark also reserved praise for Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. I really recommend listening in at around 07:48 in the episode to hear more about the channels Mark is focusing on right now for his own brand and his companies.

One connection can make all the difference

You only need to “make one connection” through your content to become wildly successful, and Mark shared an amazing story that proves that point perfectly.

“I went to a school about three hours away from me to deliver a free talk about SEO. A young girl came up to me and said I should do her dad’s SEO.”

Mark suggested she get him to reach out via LinkedIn, and it turned out to be the best idea he could have had.

“Her Dad was the CEO of one of the biggest cruise companies in the UK.” Mark ended up securing contracts for his SEO campaigns in key regions globally. They became my largest customer and it was a life-changing deal that came from giving a free talk at a school about SEO.”

Getting your content out there however you can, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant it might be, might just be your ticket to big business growth.

Why Content is the Best Tool for Business Growth with Mark Wright

Grow your business with content!

“The biggest thing you need to take away” from Mark’s interview, in his own words, “is the importance of content.”

I couldn’t agree more!

If Mark’s amazing insights have got you fired up and excited to dive into creating more content or repurposing your existing content, I really recommend checking out my book. It’s absolutely loaded with theory, examples, and explanations that will turn you into a content repurposing maestro by the time you reach the final page.

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