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What is your Content Repurposing Knowledge to Action Gap?

What is your Content Repurposing Knowledge to Action Gap?

Is there something you know you should be doing more of but you just…don’t? Maybe you’ve worked tirelessly to create amazing content and instead of repurposing it (like you know you should), you don’t. You may be experiencing a knowledge to action gap.

I want to help you identify your knowledge to action gap when it comes to getting the most from your content. So, if you want to learn how to do this and start repurposing your content more regularly and with real purpose, don’t go anywhere! 

If you’re wondering what I mean when I say, “knowledge to action gap,” here’s a quick overview: 

The “knowledge” part of it comes in when there’s something you know you should do. You’re completely aware of its significance and the potentially positive outcome it can have on your life and/or your business. But the issue comes with taking the action required as a result of that knowledge to get the results you want. 

In other words, you know you should do something, you know all the reasons why…but you just don’t do it! 

There is this gap that forms between the knowledge and the action.  

To listen to the podcast episode hit play below, or read on for more… 

Are you failing to take action on something you know you should be doing?  

One example that most of us can relate to is when we know we should exercise regularly. We know the health benefits of it and we’re completely sold on the idea. After all, who doesn’t want a rocking summer body all year round? 

But, instead of putting the work in and dedicating time in your schedule to exercise, you simply don’t.

Maybe you bought all the gear (all the gear but no idea), but now your gym wear is lost in the darkest corner of your closet and the expensive fitness equipment you bought is collecting dust in the shed.  

Another example of when the knowledge to action gap is really prevalent is when it comes to content repurposing.

Whenever I talk to people about it at events, conferences and on podcasts, etc. they always agree with me on the value behind the premise of repurposing content.  

No-one has ever said repurposing is a bad idea. 

In fact, a lot of the time, they take it a step further. They tell me how much my talk on repurposing content excited them and made them realize the value of repurposing content and just what it can do for their business 

It looks like they’re fully on board with the concept and they can’t wait to implement content repurposing into their content marketing strategies. However, even though they LOVE the idea and are completely sold on the concept, 90% of the time, they just don’t do it. Or, they don’t do it enough. 

This is a classic example of a knowledge to action gap. The knowledge is there to repurpose their content and although they might lack details on the technical aspects of it or how to implement it, they know it’s an important thing to do. 

But they don’t do it!  

Sound familiar? 

Identifying what causes you to not take action 

The first step to close the gap between having the knowledge to do something and actually doing it is to figure out what causes the gap. Ask yourself these questions:

1. What is getting in the way and preventing you from doing all the repurposing you should be doing? 

You’re sitting on a treasure trove of content and yet, you’re not getting the most from it. You spend so much time each week and put so much effort into publishing high-quality content and, for whatever reason, you’re not repurposing it to reach and connect with a broader audience. 

2. What can you do to bridge the knowledge to action gap to ensure that you do take the action required? 

Maybe you just don’t have the necessary resources, capabilities or man-power right now to do the amount of repurposing required? 

If so, you need to change your processes so that you can prioritize repurposing. Re-evaluate your priorities and work out how you can incorporate repurposing into your processes  

You could start by changing how often you publish new content each week. By publishing new content slightly less, you can give yourself more time to repurpose the content you have already created. 

Bridging your Content Repurposing Knowledge to Action Gap 

When you know you should be repurposing more and you don’t, think about what you can do to close that gap. If there’s something stopping you from being able to repurpose more of your content, such as not having enough resources, think of ways that you can get those resources you lack. 

For example, maybe you don’t have the resources, but you’ve got a budget to invest and outsource all of your repurposing to someone who can help take your content to the next level.  

You could always get in touch with us here at Content 10x!:

  • We offer a full end to end content repurposing service equivalent to a content marketing team, but it’s completely outsourced.
  • This means you don’t have to spend time managing people, hiring, firing, reviewing work, monitoring performance… and so on.
  • We do it all for you! To find out more about our services, head here. 

Don’t have the budget for a fully managed service? 

No problem. If you have a small budget you could find a writer or graphic designer to work with you on a freelance basis to help you get your content repurposing journey underway.  

Sometimes it can even be a tool or resource that can help bridge the gap, rather than a person. Maybe you need to start using a project management tool like Trello or Asana. Or you could use our Content 10x Toolkit for a DIY approach. It's got lots of step-by-step guides on everything from repurposing podcast episodes into written content, to creating video content, to SEO checklists.

No matter what you choose, once you can identify what’s preventing you from taking action, you can then take a single, small step to bridge that gap. 

In Conclusion  

So, what’s preventing you from closing your knowledge to action gap when it comes to repurposing your content? 

Have you identified the root of the problem and can you come up with a way to bridge that gap? 

If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while and keeping up with us over on Instagram and Facebook, and you’ve always thought about repurposing your content but never do, it’s time to figure out what causes the gap and work on implementing small steps that can help you bridge that gap.  



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