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What is a B2B Content Marketing Agency? 

What is a B2B Content Marketing Agency?

We’ve all heard the term. But what is a B2B content marketing agency and what do they actually do? 

Content marketing is an extremely powerful way to grow your brand and connect with the right people.  

When done efficiently, it can transform your online presence, create and sustain strong customer relationships and be a driving force in helping you meet business goals.  

So much so, Marketsplash report that 37% of small, 54% of medium and 75% of large companies outsource at least some of their content marketing to a B2B content marketing agency. 

What is a B2B Content Marketing Agency

There are a number of reasons B2B brands find it challenging to strategize, build and maintain an effective content marketing strategy in-house 

These reasons could include a lack of: 

  • Budget 

  • Time 

  • Resources 

  • Staff 

  • Knowledge 

This is why many brands will turn to an agency to take the weight off their shoulders and build an effective content strategy that grows their reach, helps them build relationships and establishes them as industry leaders. But what is a B2B content marketing agency? 

What is a B2B content marketing agency? 

It’s a blanket term used to describe companies that help B2B brands create, publish and promote content to attract and engage their target audience. 

This content can be used to: 

  • Promote your brand 

  • Attract new leads, customers and sales 

  • Maintain strong relationships with existing customers 

  • Give you new ideas and perspectives 

Outsourcing to a B2B content marketing agency also has many other benefits. 

They can provide direction and focus on content strategy, helping you build a full content marketing plan from the ground up. They have access to the best tools in the business, meaning they can align the look and feel of your content with your brand.   

Plus, many will offer search engine optimization (SEO) guidance and provide helpful metrics to measure your content marketing success. Access to these tools can give you greater insights and allow you and your agency to tweak your content and achieve even better results. 

What can a B2B content marketing agency do for you? 

Now we’ve explained the role of a B2B content marketing agency, let’s explore how they help brands. 

Firstly, an agency can build a tailored strategy to help create the right content for your brand. They can help you map out yearly plans and weekly content schedules and monitor how these plans are working. 

They can also develop effective workflows to create regular content to ensure you are distributing content consistently. 

Agencies often consist of project managers, copywriters or content writers, graphic designers and publishers, but roles can vary across companies.

What is a B2B Content Marketing Agency

If you already have the foundations of a solid content marketing plan, you may not want an agency to build one from scratch. In this case, it may be worth finding a company that specializes in content repurposing.  

Content repurposing is taking your existing content and using it to create a full content strategy - or at least a much wider variety of content. 

For example, an agency specializing in repurposing could create quote graphics, social media videos, a blog post and social media copy from your podcast recordings or video series. That’s what we do at Content 10x! 

A B2B content marketing agency can make an enormous difference to your brand. But how do you find the perfect one to work with? 

How to find the right B2B content marketing agency for you 

As explained, services can vary greatly across agencies. Many will specialize in specific fields or prefer to help brands in certain industries. So how do you decide on the right one to outsource to? 

First, identify what you’d like to achieve from your content marketing exploits. What are your priorities?  

Is your main goal to drive sales, build a solid client base or grow a community? Maybe it’s something totally different? Choose an agency you are confident is suitable for your needs is essential. 

Other green flags include efficient communication, affordability and a proven track record of success.  

In conclusion…

A B2B content marketing agency is there to help B2B brands create, publish and promote content to attract and engage their target audience. 

If reading this has made you consider outsourcing to an agency, remember these two things: 

  • Are you clear on what you want to achieve? 

  • Are you confident the agency can help you achieve that? 

Working with a B2B content marketing agency can be a helpful way to improve your marketing results. By taking the time to find the right agency with a track record of happy clients, you can outsource to a team of experts who’ll help you generate leads, drive sales and boost your online reputation. 

If content repurposing sounds right for you, why not check out our services and case studies and get in touch? 


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