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7 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Presentation or Slide Deck

How to Repurpose a Presentation into a Video

How many hours/days/weeks do you spend creating an awesome presentation or slide deck, only for it to gather virtual dust after you’ve delivered it?

Your presentation is likely packed with valuable nuggets. Apply a little bit of creativity, and you can repurpose them into even more awesome content!

Keep reading or press play below to learn how to transform your presentations into engaging external content. You’ll find out the best practices for repurposing your presentation, including how to invest time more wisely at the creation stage to set them up for easy repurposing. Plus, seven examples for what your presentation could become…

Let’s dive in!

How to repurpose a presentation or slide deck

It doesn’t matter what content you’re repurposing your presentation or slide deck into, these four golden rules can help you out every time.

Whether you’re repurposing a presentation you’ve already created or are in the process of creating one, following these best practices will help you make the most of your content in effective ways.

1. Confirm what content you can and can’t repurpose

This may go without saying but I can’t help but put a reminder in anyway – you will need to do your due diligence into what content you can share publicly. If your presentation was originally internal facing, or created for a specific audience it may contain sensitive or confidential information that’s unsuitable for sharing outside those it was originally intended for.

I suppose this is what stops people from realizing the repurposing potential of a presentation. But I encourage you to break the binary thinking around what content types are repurposable and which ones aren’t. All it takes is a little mindset shift to unearth the content (within the content!) that’s perfect for repurposing.

This leads me into my next point…

2. Note down the repurposable content

Even if you can repurpose the entire presentation, some parts will simply be better for repurposing than others.

For example, an eye-catching graph or a stand-out quote have lots of repurposing potential.

There might be a compelling narrative thread, certain slides, or data that also make excellent repurposing material. Think about whether these could become a Twitter thread, a LinkedIn carousel, an Instagram graphic, or themes for a blog post or a podcast episode.

Noting these down at the creation stage can really help streamline your end-to-end repurposing process. It’s like I always say, create with repurposing in mind!

A quick note on notes: I can’t encourage you enough to utilize the notes portion of your presentation software.

Elaborating on your slides and storing extra insights on your visuals isn’t just an excellent presenting tactic, it’s also awesome content that you can use in your repurposing.

This text could become the foundation for your blog posts, social media text posts/captions, or even a podcast script.

A picture might say a thousand words, but when it comes to slideshows, the notes say a thousand more!

3. Invest time in the appearance of your presentation

Here’s a fact for you, 91% of presenters feel more confident presenting with a well-designed slide deck.

That’s one great reason to give your presentation a visual-makeover. But another is because it speeds up your repurposing too…

You may be able to lift slides directly from your deck and add them to blog posts, social media, etc. All you’ll need to do is adjust the dimensions!

There are plenty of in-software templates you can use to help you design your slides or you can check out a site like Canva. Or, if you have designers in your business, you could even ask them to add some magic!

4. Hit record

If you’re presenting your presentation or slide deck virtually and you have permission/the ability to do so, record it.

If you’re delivering your presentation in person, is it possible to get a video recording?

Recording your presentation will multiply your repurposing options exponentially! You’ll have video and audio content, and capture all the extra ideas you and others share during the presentation too.

It gives you much more repurposing versatility, so you can explore more of the choices below…

So those are the four golden rules of repurposing a presentation – now let’s look at what your presentation could become.

7 ways to repurpose your presentation or slide deck

1. Blog post

A blog post is an excellent repurposing choice for your presentation because…

1) It’s like a set of notes for easily referring back to

2) It can be shared internally and externally

3) You already have a structure

4) …and hopefully lots of text in your notes!

If you’ve followed the four golden rules of repurposing your presentation, it should be a simple case of fleshing out your notes so readers can understand the key messages without needing the original presentation.

You can make it more engaging and add extra context by including screenshots of your slides, which makes for a better user experience too.

2. Video and/or podcast episode

As already mentioned, if you can record your presentation, it gives you so many more options for repurposing.

It also makes it a lot easier for sharing your presentation with those that couldn’t attend. Plus, it’s more time-efficient, as you can watch it on 1.5 or even 2x speed!

If you don’t need to see the slides for the presentation and prefer not to publish a video, another option would be to strip out the audio and create a podcast/audio file instead.

In some cases, this content may have to stay internal or private. If so, sites like Wistia and YouTube allow you to publish videos privately, that you can share via a link. It’s possible to have a private podcast through our favorite podcast hosting site, Captivate.

3. Webinar

If you can share your presentation externally, then why not host a webinar?

Webinars are brilliant for thought-leadership, and often have a presentation as the main focus of the content! It’s a match made in repurposing heaven!

You just need to decide if you’ll present solo, get a co-presenter to join you or invite guests to discuss your content, and what webinar software to use.

There is always an element of platform-specific amends needed in any repurposing project, so take a critical eye to your presentation and consider whether you need to add extra context such as:

  • An intro to your organization and you personally
  • What the presentation is about and what people will take away from it
  • Remove anything confidential or not appropriate

You’ll also want to add a call to action at the end.

I advise doing some promo before the event so people know to tune in. You could use elements of your presentation to tease what’s in store on social media, for example. I’ll come onto some ideas for this next.

For more about repurposing content into webinars, check out my interview with webinar expert Louise Brogan: Repurposing Webinars with Louise Brogan.

4. Social media videos or audiograms

If your audience likes to watch short, informative, inspiring, and entertaining clips on social media (who doesn’t?!), then think about chopping up the video of your presentation to share where they hang out online.

Sharing the most thought-provoking discussion points gives your audience a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on inside your business. These relatable moments can be great for engagement, as your audience can share their thoughts on your opinions while getting a window into your organization’s values in action.

This is a great choice if you can’t share all of your video due to sensitive information. Nobody wants to watch an hour long presentation on Instagram anyway!

I shared everything you need to know about repurposing videos for social media in this post, where you can get all the juicy details on video length, dimensions, and more.

5. Graphics

I mentioned this earlier, but get your slide designs right, and you’ll essentially have a deck of awesome images to share.

You could use these graphics in blog posts or on social media, just make sure you’re cropping them to the optimal dimensions for the various platforms you want to share them on.

If you’re posting to social media, always keep your audience front of mind. Consider what they’ll want to see/engage with, and also what extra info you’ll need to give. You can add extra context in the caption but be wary of writing an essay just to make your graphic make sense to your audience.

How to Repurpose a Presentation into a Video

6. LinkedIn and/or Instagram carousels

Image carousels on LinkedIn and Instagram are fantastic for engagement and the best part is…they’re basically presentation slides!

Converting a presentation into a carousel is easy. For LinkedIn, just save your presentation as a PDF and upload it as you would an image.

Instagram is a bit more demanding, as you need to save the slides as individual images in .jpeg or .png files and reformat them into square dimensions.

Check out this post to learn more about Why LinkedIn Carousels are Perfect for Repurposing, or if Instagram is more your thing, discover 4 Ways to Repurpose Content into an Instagram Carousel.

7. A keynote/speech

According to the BBC, an estimated 30 million presentations are created every single day.

I wonder how many of those ever make it to the stage?

Presentations are usually designed with delivery in mind – so how about delivering it to a roomful of people IRL?

If your presentation contains original research or guidance that could help or enlighten others, and you’re a public speaker (or want to be a speaker), this is a great option. Speeches and keynotes help elevate your personal brand as well as your business’s presence within your industry.

In conclusion

There you have it... 7 creative ways you could repurpose your presentation or slide deck.

Of course, there are far more repurposing opportunities for presentations available, I hope these seven ideas have got you thinking about what they are!

If you found this post useful, do share it with your organization to help others maximize their presentation’s potential!

We help many organizations repurpose their content with our repurposing services. Find out what they are here.

If you’re looking to get more DIY help with your content repurposing, check out my book. It’s the ultimate guide to creating more content in less time – and getting maximum results!


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