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Your Premier Video Repurposing Service

Explode your video content into engaging, on-brand, high-quality

content across multiple platforms and formats...

All without you lifting a finger.

Film your videos and leave the rest to us!

Video is the best-performing

digital content… if done right

  • Overwhelmed by the time and effort it takes to produce videos, never mind repurposing them?
  • Under pressure to create more than ‘just’ video content?
  • Want to leverage your videos to build a much stronger presence on social media?
  • Lack the skills and resources to create high-quality repurposed content from your videos?
  • Need support but don’t have time to hire and manage an in-house team or freelancers?
  • You know repurposing your videos is essential but it’s stressing you out?!

Do what you do best

And leave everything else to us

We have a dedicated team of video editors, copywriters, graphic designers, podcast editors, content publishers, and content managers.

Everything you need to professionally and comprehensively repurpose your videos.

We offer a completely end-to-end service for you and operate as an extension of your business. We are more than a supplier. Your success is our success.

You provide us with your videos
and we take care of the rest.

We create…

Fully Edited Video

Expertly edited for you… because post-production is time consuming. Standout thumbnail and description included

Blog Posts & Artwork

Long-form, search-optimized articles (not transcripts) for your website or sites like Medium and LinkedIn

Fully Produced Podcast

Join the likes of Joe Rogan and Gary Vaynerchuk by repurposing videos into a podcast. Audio, show notes and publishing all included

Social Media Graphics

Stay front of mind on social media, reinforce your message and get known with sets of creative, branded social media graphics

Social Media Videos

Branded videos designed to suit each platform's dimensions. Videos have the highest engagement on EVERY platform. Can you afford to not have them?

Social Media Copy/Posts

We write copy that engages and delivers - not one size fits all. We don’t just want another 'like' and the odd comment. We want CTAs and an ROI!

Packages start from as little as $575 per week/episode ($695 incl. podcast). This is indicative, all clients have different needs.

Want to save more time?

We've got you covered

We don't just create the content for you, we distribute and publish it all too.
You really do just focus on creating your videos and leave the rest to us.
We take distribution and publishing seriously - researching keywords, hashtags, tags, and other essential details for every single video.

Social Media Scheduling

YouTube Uploads

Blog Post Publication

Podcast Host Scheduling

No time to create your videos?

We can help

We often speak to people who recognize the power of video content and really want to start creating more content, but find the process of planning and recording regular video content daunting and time consuming.

What if all you had to do was commit 1 hour every two weeks?

We can help make it happen with our premium service. We help you efficiently create high quality video content that we can then repurpose. 

  • Using industry leading software and tools, an experienced member of our team will conduct a relaxed, conversational interview with you - lasting around 30 minutes. The focus is on you, we are there only to guide the conversation (we are not in the final edit)
  • Before each interview we’ll help you put together a plan, and work with you to agree the topic and questions
  • The recording will provide us with all we need to perform our Video 10x repurposing service - creating enough content to be published across platforms over the course of many weeks
  • We do all of the editing, content creation, copywriting and publishing

Explode your content. Grow your audience.

Simply turn up, share your expertise, and leave everything else to us!

Want to start a podcast? No problemo!

 Repurposing your videos into podcast episodes can be really effective.

If you don't have a podcast yet, never fear, We take you through our comprehensive podcast launch process. We take care of all of the techie and hands-on aspects from setting up your podcast host, designing podcast artwork, producing intro/outros and your podcast trailer.  We make sure your podcast is on all the main podcasting apps (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon...etc)

You’ll go from zero to launch in 21 days!

Don't just take it from us!

Here's what our clients have to say...

"I used to struggle mightily to get out even 1 blog post per quarter. Yuck! My life, business and income are completely different now because of the magical support from Amy and her Content 10x team. I can’t even wrap my head around the enormity of the high-quality production volume, now looking back at 6 months of Content 10X transformations of my weekly Facebook lives. They truly are 10X’ing my output...with very little effort on my part. So easy! I wish I had found them earlier!"

Dr. Marnie Ginsberg

"Content 10x have been an essential cog in the Move iQ wheel for our content repurposing needs as well as getting The Move iQ Podcast off the ground. Their knowledge, expertise and all-round efficiency make them a valuable team member for our business as we grow"

Amanda Harvey

“Working with Content 10x is like having an editorial and creative department in-house. They integrate seamlessly and develop a system of collaboration that works for them and you. I am so impressed by their keen editorial eye, creative flair, social media knowledge and drive to make their clients shine online. They helped me scale my content and extend its longevity for internal and external use.”

Joanne Sweeney

Joanne Sweeney

CEO of Public Sector Marketing Pros

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Learn EVERYTHING you need to know to turn one video into a whole suite of clips that are perfect
for every social media platform!

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