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Constantly share high quality content and be recognized as a leading authority in your industry by investing just 30 minutes per week.

Share your expertise with us and we’ll help you to consistently create, repurpose, and distribute content that gets results.

You know content marketing gets results, but...

  • You don’t have the time to create content
  • Even if you did have time, as a business leader there are other priorities
  • Getting started and being consistent is really challenging

You also know video content gains trust, builds authority and is perfect for repurposing, but...

  • You’re bursting with expertise but feel uncomfortable talking on camera
  • The prospect of planning video content is daunting
  • The tech, the gear...the fear!
  • You don’t have in-house expertise to do the editing and repurposing

Less time. Less stress.

More content. Better results.

We created our Video 10x Executive service for busy business leaders in the tech and professional services industries – C-suite, founders, business owners...etc. We help you to overcome time restraints, overcome apprehensions about being on camera, share your thoughts, and stick to a winning content marketing strategy. All we ask is:

  • You can spare just one hour every two weeks to help us help you
  • You’re comfortable sharing your expertise in an informal conversation with one of our experienced team members
  • You’re ready to increase your audience reach and impact!

Here's what you do...

To create the best quality content for your business, we ask that you, a member of your leadership team, or an SME within your business, can dedicate half an hour per week. Over the course of two weeks, we’ll work with you to prep topics for your content and then record a 30-minute discussion.

The recorded conversation can be conducted remotely – we use industry leading software and tools. The conversation will be relaxed and informal, giving you the maximum opportunity to share your knowledge, and allowing us to create great video, podcast, social media and blog content.

Once your interview is over you can sit back, relax, and know your content is taken care of...and then get on with your busy week ahead!

C10x Team

Here's what we do...

After working with you to plan and record a 30-minute interview every two weeks, we’ll have everything we need to create your content.

We’ll repurpose that interview into a vast library of high-quality content (see below). Everything that we create is on-brand and yours to keep. Think of us as an extension to your business – your autonomous content superheroes!

We don’t just create the content and hand it back to you and your team to distribute, because we get that we’d solve your content creation problem and create a content distribution problem! We publish your content across your desired channels, taking the end-to-end content creation process entirely off your plate.

We are not in any of the content – we will edit our interviewer out so that the focus is all on you – resulting in a very highly produced video and audio content. If you don’t have a podcast, we can help you launch one!

From every conversational video interview we will create:

Fully Edited Video

Expertly edited video, with a stand-out custom thumbnail, subtitles, and a closing call-to-action.

Podcast Episode

Skillful repurposing of your video into a professionally edited podcast episode. (We will help you launch your podcast in only 21 days if you don't have one already) 

Blog Post & Artwork

Your video transformed into a
standalone, long-form blog post
optimized for SEO.

2 Social Media Graphics

We select key quotes and engaging questions from your video and design them into on-brand images.

2 Short Teaser Videos

Short videos (around 20-60s long) with a title and subtitles, designed specifically for social media platforms.

All Writing

Engaging copy written by our expert copywriters, to accompany all of the creative assets that we create.


Publish your video to YouTube with a description, thumbnail, hashtags, and tags – all of which help you get found on search engines.

Podcast Show Notes

Podcasts show notes to help you get found and attract listeners on every podcasting app, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Amazon Music.

All Publishing

We will publish all content to social media, your website, your podcast host, and YouTube. Or, if you prefer, we'll work with your team to ensure they can publish as easily as possible.

Imagine a world where you have...

  • Consistent, high-quality content published across multiple platforms
  • More time for you to focus on other business priorities and do what you do best
  • More time for your team to focus on their priorities too – we easily replace hiring and managing 8 different specialists
  • Peace of mind that your content is taken care of by industry leading experts
  • Attention from your ideal clients and the ability to constantly stay front of mind
  • Recognition as a thought leader in your industry

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Here's what our clients have to say...

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Boost your interview skills, share your expertise, and further establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Learn how to prepare for interviews (podcast, webinar, livestream...etc), tech/set-up recommendations, how to deliver your message...and more!

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