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Using Answer The Public to Help With Content Repurposing

Using Answer The Public to Help With Content Repurposing

One of the most common problems people come to me with is not knowing where to start with repurposing.

It makes sense. Once you realize every piece of content you make can be repurposed into countless more pieces of content, it’s like watching a whole world appear before your eyes. Knowing where to begin is half the battle!

There are so many great ways of deciding what to repurpose, but one of my favorites is a site called Answer The Public.

If you’re looking for some repurposing inspiration, as well as ideas on what new content to create, then this is the place to go.

Want to know how to use Answer The Public to improve your content repurposing? Listen to my podcast episode on the player below or read on!

Listen to the podcast on the player below:

What is Answer The Public?

Before we go too far into research and repurposing with Answer The Public, it might be a good idea to explain exactly what Answer The Public is.

Answer The Public is “a visual keyword research and content ideas tool” that gathers all the related and auto-suggested results from search engines (Google and Bing) for a search phrase. According to WebsiteIQ, it averages 613,196 visitors per month! It is free to use (with some limited features) or there is a paid plan that unlocks the full functionality of the platform, too.

Say you type “content marketing” into Google. It’ll come up with auto-completed search terms using those words, giving you an indication of popular questions people ask using those words – as they say on the site “a hint of the motivations & emotions of the people behind each search query”. At the bottom of the results page, it’ll also show you related searches.

Using Answer The Public to Help With Content Repurposing

Answer The Public takes all of those extra results and puts them in three clear, beautiful visualizations: searches that include a question (how/what/why/etc.), searches that include a preposition (with/for/is/etc.), and searches that include a comparison (vs/or/and/etc.).

Using Answer The Public to Help With Content Repurposing

So, if you enter one of your keywords, you can find out the kind of questions people have about it. It all displays in an image called search cloud. That, dear reader, is the foundation of effective content creation and repurposing.

How to use ATP to inform your content repurposing 

It’s hard work, repurposing. Time, effort, ideation, creation, and publishing… if you’re putting all that work in, you want to know it’s worthwhile.

Using your website and social media analytics to determine the best content to repurpose works… to a degree. It’ll show you the winners from your current content, but what about other gems from your back catalogue that are waiting to take off? Or even content that you haven’t thought of producing yet?

Repurposing content that nobody is asking for is a waste of your time - Answer The Public will help you make smarter choices so you can achieve maximum returns with your repurposing.

Use Answer The Public to review your existing content

Before you even think about writing new content, use Answer The Public to see if you can repurpose content you’ve already created to answer your audience’s questions.

Content repurposing can bring old content back to life, but you want to give it a chance to have a bigger impact.

Head to Answer The Public, do some research into your keywords and draw up a list of questions that you have answered in older content.

Just like that, you know what content you can repurpose from your archives. No more guesswork, no more shots in the dark. Answer the Public is telling you this is what people want to know more about.

Your content may not have taken off when you first published it, but repurposing it gives you the chance to make an impact the second time around!

Breathe new life into it and, well… answer the public!

If it did get met with raving fans when you first published it, even more the reason to repurpose it.

Turn old blog posts into podcasts, into videos and all the way back again. Break content up into social-sized clips. Create infographics. Work all of your usual content repurposing magic, safe in the knowledge that you’re providing the answers your audience is asking for!

Using Answer The Public will help you work out where to focus your repurposing efforts and give your audience exactly what they want – in a huge range of formats and locations.

This is what content repurposing is all about – making every piece of content you create work harder for you. Answer The Public is like having a cheat code for that hard work!

Using Answer The Public to Help With Content Repurposing

Where else to research your content repurposing

You’re into this now, aren’t you?

Let’s keep it going, then. If you want to know more ways you can research opportunities for content repurposing, you could look at:

  • Reddit – I’ve written about content repurposing and Reddit before and how it’s one of the best ways to know the conversations your communities are having
  • Pinterest – people often call Pinterest a social media platform but, really, it’s more of a search engine. You can find great inspiration by searching for your keywords on Pinterest!
  • Ask your listeners/viewers/readers directly – if you’ve got an engaged audience already, what’s to stop you asking them what they want to see more of?
  • Look at your analytics – I linked to episode 50 of the podcast earlier and it’s well worth checking out. The analytics from your website or social media are a goldmine of data on how your content has performed (and how it might perform if you repurpose it)
  • The Content 10x podcast and book – I’ll admit, I’m a little biased on this one. That being said, the Content 10x book is absolutely stuffed with amazing ideas for content repurposing, plus it’s really interactive and intuitive. Simple ideas that are easy to execute and deliver big results

I hope you enjoyed this exploration of Answer The Public! Let me know how you get on with your research and whether it’s helped you decide what to repurpose next. As always, I’d love to see what you’re up to, so remember to tag me in your content – I’m @content10x everywhere!


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  1. This was epic, Amy. Answer the Public is my go-to free tool for finding long-tail keywords as well as the most commonly asked FAQs on the web.

    You did a great job in creating this article. I never thought of using it as a medium of repurposing content and getting maximum benefit.

    But as now I know it, I will start applying it to my daily content rules.

    Thank you, 🙂

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