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10 Types of Video Your Business Should Repurpose

10 Types of Video Your Business Should Repurpose

Content marketers: are you creating tons and tons of video content?

If so, you will benefit from reading this blog post!

A HubSpot report in 2022 found that 54% of people want to see more video content from businesses and brands.

You might be thinking: ‘I have enough on my plate as it is!’

But the great thing about video content is that it’s highly repurposable,

But what types of video can you repurpose?

In this post we highlight 10 different types of video content that are perfect for repurposing. From podcasts to livestreams to sales calls and training videos, we’ll guide you one at a time through 10 types of repurposable videos, some you may not have considered before.

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Why repurpose video content?

Videos are so versatile for content repurposing.

They can be repurposed into bitesize clips for social media, the audio alone can be used for podcasts and the words that are spoken can be made into engaging blog posts, quote images or infographics.

You may already see the repurposing potential of video podcasts, livestreams and webinars – we’ve been talking about this a lot here on the Content 10x blog. But are there types of videos that get overlooked when the repurposing magic takes place?

Yes – we think so!

Repurposing other video content such as internal calls, customer interviews and talks can provide you with a lot of new, high-value content.

Here are 10 types of video content you can repurpose.

1. Website videos

By this, we mean any video living on your website. These could be explainer videos or videos sharing important information about your business.

This type of video tends to be jam-packed with valuable and useful information about your brand. They could be repurposed into short social media videos, articles, marketing or sales content.

For example, we have an explainer video which takes pride of place on our homepage.

As well as being a super way to introduce new website visitors to the brand, it has created a multitude of repurposing opportunities for us. The video has been adapted into social media graphics, blog posts and even short video teasers.

These videos are often the nucleus of a brand’s content marketing efforts and a base to refer back to time and time again. So make them count!

2. Livestreams

Livestreams sit right at the top of the content pyramid – you can repurpose them into most types of content and, since they are a livestream, they also provide two-way audience engagement too.

Maybe you host livestreams on social media platforms, or you record on streaming/webinar platforms. Be sure to keep hold of recordings of this content because its value doesn’t end there.

Livestreams can be edited into website and YouTube videos, the audio can become a podcast episode and the core topic can be made into a blog post (like the one you’re reading right this second).

Fancy finding out more about repurposing livestreams? Check out our previous blog post, Why You Should Repurpose Your Livestreams, in which we spoke to TechSmith’s Matt Pierce about this topic and also Livestream Repurposing: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, where we explored it even further.

3. Webinars

Webinars, virtual classes and seminars have great content repurposing potential. They are typically high-value, high-quality pieces of video content.

You can repurpose them into articles to be syndicated to industry sites or use them to put together an online course. Just another few suggestions on how you can boost your webinar ROI.

Dig into the Content 10x archives and have a read of Repurposing Webinars with Louise Brogan for more.

4. Virtual and hybrid events

So many events have become hybrid since the pandemic, and many remain fully virtual!

The virtual events market is projected to reach $22.75 billion by 2028, according to Thrive My Way. It’s no surprise that virtual events go from strength to strength. If you’re running an event, make sure you get quality video content from it that you can repurpose.

We helped our client Metadata repurpose content from a 1-day event called Demand into 6+ months’ worth of YouTube, website and social media content. Not to blow our own trumpets, but that’s pretty impressive, right?

Check out more in the interview we did with Metadata’s Mark Huber, How to Repurpose a Virtual Event.

5. Customer interviews

These are teeming with value so what’s wrong with sharing them to a wider audience?

Our client Linode came to us with the intention of repurposing their customer interviews into podcast episodes. The Content 10x team got cracking and transformed the video interviews, captured over Zoom, into engaging podcast episodes, blog posts, social posts and more.

What’s so wonderful about customer interviews is your potential new customers get to hear real-life stories of what it’s like to work with you.  It’s so much more than just a testimonial. Facts tell, stories sell.

Linode’s Senior Director of Marketing Rob Yoegel was featured on a previous blog post about customer stories, How to Repurpose and Deliver Compelling Customer Stories, so check it out! Very meta – we interviewed a customer of ours...about interviewing customers to create content!

6. Training videos

Now, it may seem that training videos have little use for anything else other than…well, training.

But they can be repurposed into all manner of things – and not just for new employees! They contain so much information which could help establish you as an authority figure within your field.

The aim of training videos is to help your team become better at doing their job.  There may be some opportunities to take parts of your training content and use it to educate your wider audience.

Create a TikTok or Instagram Reels series, repurpose the videos into snippets for social media, or create educational content like flash cards (physical or virtual) or infographics for new starters in your company and your audience alike.

10 Types of Videos Your Business Should Repurpose

7. Social media videos

The ability to resize and reformat social media videos allows you to repost the same content to multiple channels (if appropriate to do so). But it doesn’t stop there.

Social media videos can be repurposed time and time again in different ways. If a news story or online trend crops up, your old social media videos might be relevant once again. With a small amount of tweaking (if any), it’s a great way to gain more traction on old content.

Simple things like updating the caption text can highlight new angles and breathe new life into content you thought was now irrelevant.  Some may say this is resharing vs. repurposing, but it’s still a good way to get more bang for your buck with social media videos!

8. Internal calls

One type of video content you may not have thought of repurposing is internal calls.

Non-confidential Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet calls between you or your team could be really useful to keep hold of. It’s no challenge to hit ‘record’ and save these calls - you never know what use they may have in the future!

For internal purposes, how about recording your team meetings and uploading them to an intranet to allow absentees to catch up? Or, if there’s anything really valuable, it could be used to create a training video for a new starter.

A simple repurposing idea that could save your team so much time in the long run!

9. Sales calls

These literally consist of you outlining how great your business is to a potential client – definitely the kind of content you want your audience to hear about!

They are also great for answering your audience’s frequently asked questions.

Why[GH1] not take video or audio clips from the call to create part of a video series or podcast episode? You could repurpose calls about specific services into content for your website or even use them to create training materials for your team.

You could use sales calls to help identify your audience’s FAQs and meet their expectations by repurposing those into graphics or text for an FAQ section of your website?

Sales calls are excellent advertising for your business – so squeeze the most you can out of this content.

10. Speaking/stage talks

Your talks, whether at virtual events or in person, are such an effective way to get your message across to existing and prospective customers.

So effective, in fact, that we have a dedicated Content 10x service for repurposing them!

Social media text posts, graphics, infographics, and carousels for LinkedIn and Instagram to highlight key takeaways are all great examples of ways to repurpose your talks.

Plus, you can take the video and audio to create podcast episodes or YouTube videos and even use those to make up a blog post.

So there you have it! 10 types of videos that you can repurpose.

Let us know which of these ideas you’ll be trying out by getting in touch on Twitter or Instagram or feel free to drop us an email.

If you’re interested in repurposing your video content (or any other content for that matter), get in touch! Our content repurposing services adapt to your current marketing strategy to help you maximize your content. To read more on our services, click here.


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