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Turning Your Content on Its Head

Turning Your Content on It's Head

You already know how to multiply your content into different formats. You can expand that even further, making fresh content by looking at a topic from a totally different angle.

How do you repurpose the message of a piece of content to capture even more “market share” of the potential audience?

How would you repurpose a piece of content into the same format - blog post to blog post, podcast to podcast, etc?

You do it by turning your content on its head.

If you prefer to listen to the podcast episode on this topic click on the player below, or read on for more...

Consider The Opposite Angle

Let’s say you have a cooking blog and you write an article titled, 5 Ways to Cook the Perfect Steak.

There’ll be a certain type of person who will be drawn to that sort of article. Perhaps they just flopped an attempt to cook steak and want to get some ideas before they try again. Perhaps they’ve been cooking steak one way for years and want to get some more methods under the belt.

You could repurpose that piece into new formats, i.e. record a podcast episode or a video, etc. But there’s another thing you can do to inject even more life into it.

Take all the research you did for that article, flip the angle, and write: 5 Biggest Mistake Most People Make When Cooking Steak (Are You Making One of Them?).

It’s more than merely rewriting the same thing in a different way. The opposite angle will actually attract a whole new segment of people.

Imagine someone who’s been cooking steak for ages and thinks they’ve got the technique down pat. They see the “5 Ways to-” article. They’re likely to scroll right past. They already know how to cook steak just the way they like. Who cares?!

Later, they come across the “5 Mistakes” article, and a whole different part of their brain lights up.

There’s something magnetic for some people about the possibility they’re doing something wrong. They might also want to see if they agree with you.

Everybody’s different in terms of what interests them and what view of the world they have. Some people respond to positive slants, some to negative, and it’s even deeper than that. Some want to correct their existing knowledge more than they want to learn new things.

Some might naturally identify more with one part of a story than another, for example: “How a Salesperson Found a Mental Loophole that Shot Him to the Top of the Company Leaderboard” vs, “Why The Reciprocity Open-Loop is a Powerful Psychological Persuader

Turning Your Content on Its Head

Play with Different Formats & Combos

When I talk about repurposing content, it’s usually how to turn content from one format into another. The great thing about this “different angle” method is you can use any format you like, even if it’s the same one!

You could repurpose one blog post into two shorter posts.

You could keep the original blog post on your site and syndicate the “flipped” version on Linkedin, Medium, or as a guest post.

You could add layers to your repurposing and turn an article into a video that takes the opposite angle. The possibilities are endless.

For example, from “How to eat healthy at Christmas” you can make “How to avoid piling on the pounds this Christmas”. One could be a podcast and one a video with a blog post to go along with each one. Why not?

You’ve already done the research. Why not make the most of all that hard work? You may as well repackage the information you’ve already gathered instead of come up with an entirely new topic every time.

Turning Your Content on Its Head

My Challenge to You

Look at a past piece of content that you’re pretty proud of and think of a way to repurpose it while coming at it from an alternative viewpoint. Whether it’s the opposite viewpoint or it’s just a different angle, find a way to turn it on its head.

I’d love to see what you come up with so share what you create with me on Twitter orInstagram.

Lastly, if you ever need help with your content repurposing, we provide a fully done-for-you repurposing service here at Content10X. It’s a great way to save time, you focus on growing your business whilst we 10x your content. Get in touch here.

If you’re looking for a DIY option then check out The Content 10x Toolkit. It's packed full of tutorials and checklists to help your fast-track your plans to dominate your niche with awesome content, increase your reach and multiply your content.


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