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Best of 2021: Top Content Repurposing Tips & Guest Interview Moments

Best of 2021: Top Content Repurposing Tips & Guest Interview Moments

What’s different about your content repurposing strategy today, compared to the beginning of the year?

A good content marketing strategy is one that’s always evolving. As you learn, you iterate, and you make your content so much better.

It’s why I share my ideas and strategies, and invite content and digital marketing experts onto The Content 10x Podcast to give away top tips and advice about content marketing that can help you create (and of course repurpose) the best possible content.

This year we’ve had some fantastic solo episodes of the show, even if I do say so myself! Plus, some amazing guests, making it one of the best years for The Content 10x Podcast to date!

So, as an end of 2021 gift, I’ve rounded up some of the top content repurposing tips from the last 12 months of the podcast and put them into a “best of” episode.

Hit play to listen to the podcast episode below…

Or keep reading to find out some of my favorite moments and top content repurposing tips of 2021!

Best of 2021: Top Content Repurposing Tips & Guest Interview Moments
“Your content treasure trove is specifically for your best of the best that you can bring out time and time again and it will likely see results.”

If you create content, it’s very likely you’re sitting on a mountain of content gold. Don’t let it go to waste.

Social media content in particular has a very short shelf life. The silver lining here is that you can reuse the best performing content over and over to keep generating results.

In episode 178, I shared how to create a content library or “treasure trove” for unlimited repurposing. This is a great repurposing technique that will help extend the life of your content, and boost your ROI over time!

You might have new followers, readers or subscribers that haven’t seen your greatest content yet, and so you’re shining a light on it. Or you might have loyal fans who get to enjoy it once again. That’s the beauty of resharing only the best-of-the-best content ­– it’s the best for a reason!

Get filling your content treasure trove with our complete guide.

Best of 2021: Top Content Repurposing Tips & Guest Interview Moments
“Blind faith is not the best approach in business. Before you embark on your next piece of long-form content, validate the idea first.”

Creating content can be a really time-consuming endeavor, so make sure you’re only focusing your efforts where they’ll be appreciated.

Launching a content MVP (minimum viable product) can help you only create the content your audience wants to see. How?

Simple: ask your audience!

If you come up with a great content idea, instead of diving right into the execution, post about it on social media first. It could be a post about the topic or just straight-up asking them if they want to hear more from you about X.

Gauge the reaction and then decide whether to put your plan into action. You can even use your social media post as the foundation for that piece of content!

Discover the end-to-end validating process in the full podcast episode, here.

Best of 2021: Top Content Repurposing Tips & Guest Interview Moments
“Make sure that multiple pieces of content come together nicely to create a journey that leads people from the top to the bottom of the marketing funnel.”

Populating an entire marketing funnel is a huge job, but repurposing can help.

In episode 208, I shared the repurposing strategy that transforms a pilliar piece of content into multiple touchpoints along the marketing funnel.

The top takeaway from that episode was to start at the bottom – repurposing ideas from your very final sales stages to get top of the funnel content that casts a wide net for your ideal audience.

Find out what one piece of content and a killer repurposing process could do for your marketing funnel in the full episode.

Best of 2021: Top Content Repurposing Tips & Guest Interview Moments
“One piece of content repurposed well could achieve what you need to help people make that positive buying decision in a highly effective way.”

In episode 210 I took a look at Google’s Zero Moment of Truth, and how content can help you win it.

Content can help people make buying decisions organically, but there needs to be touchpoints in place to help your audience trust you and your brand.

I really dived deep into what that means and why repurposing is the time-saving answer to leveraging more ZMOT wins in this episode.

Best of 2021: Top Content Repurposing Tips & Guest Interview Moments
“A hook is often found at the end of the phrase ‘I never thought it was possible but’ and whatever follows ‘but’ is the interesting part.”

Joanna Wiebe is the copywriting pro. The founder of Copyhackers joined episode 188 to share her top copywriting tips that help you secure more sales.

We covered so much, it was almost impossible to pick a best moment. But I think my favorite takeaway from our conversation was all about getting your hook right.

After all, without a great hook, people may never look twice at your content!

So here’s her trick for your next piece of copy: Start your hook with “I never thought it was possible but…” and finish the sentence. Then remove the starting phrase. If it sounds good, you’ve got yourself a winning hook.

Get more of Joanna’s top copywriting tips here.

Best of 2021: Top Content Repurposing Tips & Guest Interview Moments
“The best kind of marketing doesn’t feel like marketing. If you make something good, marketing should just feel like you’re helping people.”

How do you find out what your audience is really interested in?

Knowing what your audience already pays attention to gives you great insights into how to capture their attention – and then keep it.

Rand Fishkin, founder of SparkToro, joined me on episode 192 to share why audience research is so important and how to do it. He explained in depth how to conduct your own research in the full episode, so I highly encourage you to go and listen to that, here.

Best of 2021: Top Content Repurposing Tips & Guest Interview Moments
“Because of the magic of repurposing, if I was to start Social Pros today, I would probably create a YouTube series that’s also a podcast.”

Speaking to my friend and client Jay Baer, founder of Convince and Convert and host of the Social Pros podcast is always a pleasure. But having him join me on The Content 10x Podcast is very special.

In episode 205 we covered what it takes to stay consistent as a content creator, the amazing benefits of it, and some unique insights from hosting 500 podcast episodes. It was inspiring and Jay really brought the wins that can come from podcasting into the spotlight.

Perhaps my favorite moment from our discussion was when Jay commented on “the magic of repurposing” and just how much freedom it can give you as a content creator!

If you haven’t heard it in full already, don’t miss my conversation with the ultimate social pro, Jay, here.

Wrapping up another year of content

I want to take a moment to say a big thank you to the other amazing guests we featured on the podcast this year, Chris Ducker, James Schramko, Matt Pierce, Nicola Semple, Nikki Rausch, Ash Jones, Ross Simmonds, Jason Van Orden and Rob Yoegel. To check out their interviews, just click their name.

If you liked this episode, then do check out The Best Content Repurposing Tips from 2020 too – it’s packed with even more advice from yet another year of fantastic guests.

That just about wraps up the content for this year. So I want to give one final special thank you to you for listening to The Content 10x Podcast, reading the blog posts, subscribing to our newsletter…however you consume our content, thank you for your support!

 Here’s to another year of brilliant content! Keep on repurposing.


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