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Top 5 Ways to Repurpose Your Book Content for Marketing

Top 5 ways to repurpose your book content for marketing

This week is a super exciting week because I’ve officially launched my book Content 10x: More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results.  

Never in a million years would I have believed you if you’d told me 10 years ago that I’d be a published author – with a book about content repurposing. Back then, a decade ago, I was a Management Consultant working in banking, business transformation and M&A – I’d have thought you were crazy!

But in fact, even two and a half years ago when I had started Content 10x - when I was growing my personal brand and the brand of Content 10x - I still don’t think I’d have believed you if you’d said I was going to write a book.

Yet here I am with my book in my hands. The book is now available on Kindle/e-reading, paperback, and the audiobook is coming out later this year.  It’s so exciting that I can now call myself an author.

Top 5 ways to repurpose your book content for marketing

If you want to get hold of a copy you can click here or visit Amazon and search for Content 10x – you’ll find it!

This week, what better subject to cover than how to market your book by repurposing content. I share my top 5 tips for repurposing your book (and this could be applied to any new product or service) into marketing content, based on what I’ve been doing for my book.

You can listen to the podcast episode below, or keep reading…

Top 5 ways to repurpose your book content for marketing 

As you know, I’m all about content repurposing. My business is a content repurposing creative agency. My blog and podcast is about content repurposing. I speak on stages about content repurposing, and unsurprisingly the book is about content repurposing too!

There was a fair amount of repurposing that went into the creation of the book too. Check out episode 93 - Content 10x The Book – An Update & How to Repurpose Content into a Book of the podcast and blog where I share my method for how I started writing the book.

But this week I wanted to share with you five ways that I was able to market my book based on – you guessed it – repurposing. 

These tips are not just for book marketing however, you’ll find that you can take these tips and use them for marketing products and services too. 

1. Take photos of people with your book

Pre-launch, make sure you take photos of influencers, peers and even some of your followers holding your book. You can then share those photos on all your social media platforms in multiple different ways.

If you can get people reading or consuming the product, this will really engage people – way more than stock photos ever could or just a photo of your book’s cover. This will really showcase what you are selling. Plus, having real people holding your book will add to the book’s credentials – before its even launched.

Even better if they then share those photos with their audience as well. This will get your book in front of even more people.

Top 5 ways to repurpose your book content for marketing

2. Share photographs of excerpts of the book

Take photos of excerpts of your book. This will not only give your audience a taster of what’s to come, but is also a useful social media marketing resource. You can share those photos with people explaining what that part of the book is about, who it’s for, how it’s useful etc. 

Top 5 ways to repurpose your book content for marketing

So, for my chapter on podcast repurposing, I took a picture of the text, then wrote some social media posts explaining how this chapter can specifically help podcasters.

3. Turn your book copy into social media copy

Make use of the copy from the book and turn it into social media copy to accompany some great graphics or images. You don’t need to start from scratch, just open up the manuscript and wordsmith copy from the book into copy for social media posts.

Find quotes from your book that will help spark interest and engage an audience.

Using your book for your social media copy will definitely save you time.  I’m not suggesting a straight copy and paste, but make the most of the time your spent writing a great book, and turn that into time saved for writing great social media copy.

4. Repurpose your audiobook into other audio content

With an audiobook, you have more content that you can repurpose for marketing. As a podcaster, I already share audio content with my audience, so I’m going to share some of the audiobook as podcast episodes… watch this space!

Recording an audiobook was pretty hard work, so making the most of that time pleases me!

Top 5 ways to repurpose your book content for marketing

If you don’t have a podcast, you can still repurpose your audiobook as audio files on your website or use snippets on social media with additional images or even animated video.   

You could create audiograms – see How to Create Audiograms for your Podcast: Wavve vs Headliner.

5. Share behind the scenes content

Top 5 ways to repurpose your book content for marketing

I’ve shared my journey to getting my book written and published as marketing content in itself. I call this raw content, or ‘behind the scenes’ content.

For example, I shared when I was in the studio recording the audiobook, I shared when I got to hold the physical book for the very first time and I shared my excitement on launch day – I shared these moments on Instagram Stories. I also saved these stories in a Highlights folder on Instagram so they don’t disappear after 24 hours. You can do this on whatever platform suits you best.

Writing and publishing a book is a journey and taking people on the journey with you is far better than just broadcasting all the time. Instagram and Facebook Stories are designed for storytelling content, and sharing journeys like my book launch, but can also be used to tell the story of getting your product or service to market too.

Build an emotional connection with people by bringing them with you from the inception of your book to launch.

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Save time and effort in your marketing by having a repurposing mindset

Marketing a book is incredibly time consuming. I’ve found it a real challenge because I’m also running a busy creative agency, traveling, speaking at events, and growing my team.

But all the time that I’ve been writing, publishing and launching the book, I’ve tried to always have a repurposing mindset. Especially when it comes to the big challenge of marketing the book.

This has meant that I haven’t needed to reinvent the wheel too much. So, if you are looking to market a book remember to ask yourself:

How can I make the most of what I already have? And always have repurposing in mind!

If you want to get a copy of the book click here or search for Content 10x on Amazon.

And, just for fun, since we launched the book on the same day that the film Terminator: Dark Fate came out, check out this fun video we created!


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