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The Very Best of Video Repurposing

The Very Best of Video Repurposing

We say it a lot but video is the best type of content to repurpose.

We often ask our podcast guests what their favorite type of content is or where they see the future of content, and the answer is almost always ‘video’.

Video has been a huge part of our content strategy this year. We started creating, sharing, and repurposing videos on YouTube, our website, and social media channels. It’s been a fantastic new way to engage with our audience. If you’ve liked, commented, or shared any of our video content this year, then we want to say a big thank you!

It’s also been a hot topic on the podcast. we've shared lots of tips and advice for creating and repurposing video content, covering the hows, the whats, and the whys. We've also interviewed great guests who are just as passionate about creating and repurposing video content as we are.

So in this ‘best of’ episode, we revisit some of our favorite episodes all about video repurposing.

Listen in to hear tips from YouTube superstar Amy Landino and captivating video creator Mike Ganino, as well as highlights of our own video repurposing advice.

Hit play now to listen to the podcast episode…

Would you believe it, we even created a video to show you what to expect...

Featured episode #1: How Repurpose YouTube Videos on Social Media with Amy Landino

How to Promote and Repurpose YouTube Videos on Social Media with Amy Landino
“The main platform is YouTube. The backup, the behind the scenes, are on Instagram. I try to keep that busy with stuff all the time. We are repurposing constantly.” Amy Landino

We simply couldn’t create a video repurposing episode without featuring Amy Landino. Amy is a bestselling author and award-winning host of "AmyTV." With over 20 million views through her successful YouTube series, Amy is the World’s #1 Productive Lifestyle Coach and a leading authority on getting digital attention.

In episode 129 of the podcast, How to Promote and Repurpose YouTube Videos on Social Media with Amy Landino, she shared many of her secrets to her YouTube success. She explained how content repurposing has helped her grow her audience over the years. But what does this YouTube A-lister do to repurpose her videos for social media? And what’s her advice to business owners and content creators who want to repurpose YouTube videos to their social media?

In this "best of" episode, we chose a segment of our fascinating conversation where Amy shares how she repurposes her content. She also tells us why she does it, and where her audience engages with it the most. Scroll up and hit play on the podcast player to hear it now.

Featured episode #2: How to Repurpose Videos for Social Media

How to Repurpose Videos for Social Media
“For Facebook Lives, really do think about the aspect ratio of your video before you go live, if you are going to go on and repurpose the live. If you are recording it on your phone, don't hold it in the portrait mode, because then you'll have a portrait video, and it won't be very good for repurposing. You want to hold your video in landscape mode.” 

If Amy’s advice has got you ready to repurpose to social media channels, that’s great! But first ask yourself, what channels would you like to repurpose to? And do you know the best way to repurpose videos for each one?

Our team has noticed a lot of people repurposing videos for social media this year. As content repurposing geeks, nothing could make us happier… BUT… we’ve seen some predictable mistakes cropping up! That’s why we created and shared episode 133, How to Repurpose Videos for Social Media.

In the section that we chose for this “best of” video repurposing episode, we shared what to think about when repurposing for Facebook and what to look out for when hosting a Facebook Live.

Check out our free download...

We also have a free download to accompany this topic called How to Repurpose Horizontal Videos for Social Media guide instead! Be sure to get yourself a copy if you’re creating video content now, or in the future, you’ll find it really useful.

If you need more help or easy-to-follow, easy-to-action steps for video repurposing, we cover every process in great depth in The Content 10x Toolkit. It’s got everything you might need to masterfully repurpose your videos for every platform, in every way, every time.

Featured episode #3: How to Create Captivating Video Content with Mike Ganino

How to Create Captivating Video Content with Mike Ganino
“The thing that most people do wrong is they give their bio because they're trying to earn permission. But what if you just showed up on video, and you gave your audience a hook that showed them like, ‘Oh my gosh, I need to hear how this ends!’” Mike Ganino

Now if you’re thinking – OK this all sounds great, but I’m not a YouTuber! You don’t have to be – we’re talking about video content on whatever platform is right for you and your audience.

So the last guest we really wanted to feature on this ‘best of’ episode was someone who believes that everyone has a story to share and shouldn’t be afraid to do so. Mike Ganino.

Mike is a storytelling and communication expert. He helps authors, experts, coaches, and entrepreneurs create signature talks that set them up with instant authority. When his clients talk, the world leans in to listen!

In truth, there was also no one else we wanted to speak to about connecting with your audience on camera. Just observing Mike’s energy undeniably inspires confidence. He is full of helpful advice to overcome the challenges (and fears) around creating video content.

We loved interviewing him in episode 159 How to Create Captivating Video Content with Mike Ganino, where he shared his advice for finding your stories, preparing videos, and connecting with your audience on camera. In the section we chose for this ‘best of’ episode, Mike reveals his top tips for turning any novice video creator into a confident presenter.

In Conclusion

If you’re planning to create, share, and repurpose video then keep tuning into The Content 10x Podcast and reading the blog posts. We’ll be sharing even more content about creating videos, becoming a confident presenter, and so many more tips and advice.

Find out more...

If you're ready to get started with video on social media, we recommend downloading a copy of our free guide, How to Get Started with Video on LinkedIn. Whether LinkedIn is specifically your platform of choice or not, you'll still find this guide super useful

Another suggestion would be to get yourself a copy of the book, Content 10x: More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results. It’s the ultimate guide to reaching more people through the power of content repurposing. It includes advice for when you're video repurposing, social media repurposing, and so much more.

Or, if you want all of the repurposing taken off your hands and would like a team of experts to do it all for you, then check out our Video 10x service. Let us help you to become the leading authority in your industry through the power of content. In short, you will spend less time on content, but have more quality content created and published than you ever imagined.


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