The Secrets of LinkedIn Success

The Secrets of LinkedIn Success

2020 has been quite a year.  It’s been a year that we learnt how quickly things can change around us and to appreciate the little things. It’s been a test of our resilience, patience and fortitude.

I hope you’ll join me as I take a moment to look back on some of the top podcast episodes in 2020.

I’m kicking off the ‘best of’ series with the best of LinkedIn.

At Content 10x we’ve really focused on LinkedIn this year. It’s an incredibly powerful platform for establishing connections, fostering engagement and growing your business through genuine, quality content.

We’ve not only focused more ourselves on LinkedIn, with our weekly videos, regular articles, and lots of other content.  But we also launched our LinkedIn 10x service. This is where we help people/businesses establish authority in their industry with the combination of LinkedIn, podcasting and SEO.  Thought leader, influencer or industry authority...whatever you want to call it - we raise your reputation in a highly effective way to grow your business.

This year, I’ve recoded a number of solo episodes sharing tips and advice on LinkedIn. I’ve also had the pleasure of interviewing some amazing guests too. I’ve put together a podcast episode on LinkedIn, revisiting the most revealing/useful advice, and top guest interviews of 2020. Guests featured include “Mr LinkedIn” himself Mark Williams, coach and consultant Louise Brogan, and top LinkedIn advertising expert AJ Wilcox.

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Featured Episode #1: Why Now is the Perfect Time to Embrace LinkedIn Video

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Embrace LinkedIn Video
“There are always reasons not to do something – especially when it’s outside of your comfort zone – but LinkedIn videos are so effective for raising your profile on the platform and will supercharge your engagement and personal brand, and help you rise up above your competitors and peers.”  

I didn’t hesitate to include this episode in the best of series. I believe we all need to be posting more video content on LinkedIn. It’s a surefire way to increase awareness of your personal brand, build trust and become known for what you want to be known for.

In episode 140 of the podcast, Why Now is the Perfect Time to Embrace LinkedIn Video, I share why LinkedIn has so much potential, and why I think video content should be embraced.

I take you through everything you need to know if you want to start creating video for LinkedIn. I cover lots of ground, including tips on how to step outside your comfort zone and making your first video.

There are so many reasons to take the leap. Did you know of all the social media platforms, LinkedIn is the one where video gets the most attention organically? Yep, that’s attention that you don’t have to pay for.

The section that we shared in this podcast episode is about why you shouldn’t worry about high production value videos. You really don’t need a camera crew and professional studio!

If you want more information on all of the steps you should take to get started with video on LinkedIn, plus nine brilliant content ideas for your videos, then you’re going to love the free guide that my team and I have created: How to Get Set Up and Started with Video On LinkedIn.

Featured episode #2: How Video Interviews on LinkedIn Can Build Authority and Connections 

How Video Interviews on LinkedIn Can Build Authority and Connections
“Interviews can be really powerful for establishing connections and they can help you grow your influence and grow your business. Believe me, I’ve seen this in action with our clients at Content 10x and how video interviews have transformed their businesses.” 

The next episode we decided to feature in our ‘Best of’ series on LinkedIn was episode 141, How Video Interviews on LinkedIn Can Build Authority and Connections.

In this episode I shared how video content on LinkedIn is one of the most effective ways to grow your network and become known as an authority in your industry.  And video interviews are one of the most underutilized and overpowered tools for achieving that goal.

To build your authority and influence on LinkedIn, it’s always worth considering guest interviews as part of your approach – interviewing people with expertise in your area of business or industry.

Whilst I always recommend creating solo videos, where you talk to camera and share your expertise, I think to mix that type of “thought leader” content with video interviews can be the perfect strategy.

In the episode I share many ways that video interviews will help you grow your network and authority on LinkedIn. Also, I share why flattery will get you far and open doors! Plus, how to plan, host, and produce great video interviews that are shareable and engaging on LinkedIn

In the section I chose for this ‘best of’ LinkedIn series, I cover how to go about approaching your guest of choice and how to persuade them to be on your show.

Featured episode #3 - How to Create Your Best LinkedIn Profile with Louise Brogan

How to Create Your Best LinkedIn Profile with Louise Brogan
“Your profile is your foundation on LinkedIn. You can be putting out amazing content but clicks through to your profile when it’s not been fully optimized - you’re really missing a trick.” 

We could never do a “best of” LinkedIn podcast episode without featuring LinkedIn consultant, coach and trainer Louise Brogan. Louse joined me on the podcast in episode 142 to share her up-to-date knowledge and broad experience in creating superb LinkedIn profiles.

It’s a fascinating conversation that digs deep into making your profile stand out from the crowd. It’s also the episode with one of my favorite quotes about LinkedIn this year. Louise says that LinkedIn has the potential to be “a lead-generation machine.”

In the episode Louse shared how to turn your profile into a reputation-boosting, sales-driving machine. We also talked about common mistakes that people make on the platform and what content works the best.   

In the section that I pulled out of the fascinating conversation with Louise to include in our ‘best of’ episode Louise shares tips about LinkedIn headshots, writing a clickable headline and penning that all important summary that covers your experience and skills. The summary, says Louise, is underused and is a wonderful opportunity to sell your experience and give a sense of who you are.

Featured episode #4 - How to Create Winning Content on LinkedIn with Mark Williams

How to Create Winning Content on LinkedIn with Mark Williams
“The most important step with content on LinkedIn is putting time and effort into engaging with other people’s content.” 

I had the pleasure of interviewing ‘Mr LinkedIn’, Mark Williams, who joined me for one of my favorite conversations this year, in episode 148, about growing your personal brand and your business on LinkedIn.

Mark is one of the world’s best-known LinkedIn trainers and the host of the LinkedInformed podcast.

In the full episode, Mark tackles some of the common myths about content on the platform. He answers some of the most frequently asked questions about LinkedIn content – from hashtags to company pages. We also discussed why text posts should be your focus if you can only choose one format and what Mark believes is the one mistake most people make on LinkedIn

The section I chose to feature in my ‘best of’ series sums up the importance of connecting with others on the platform to increase your own engagement.

Listen in to the full episode How to Create Winning Content on LinkedIn with Mark Williams to boost your LinkedIn content strategy in 2021.

Featured episode #5: What Everyone Needs to Know about LinkedIn Ads with AJ Wilcox

What Everyone Needs to Know about LinkedIn Ads with AJ Wilcox
“You can know, like and trust me by seeing me on 30 seconds of video, than downloading five of my white papers. It’s so much more powerful to make an emotional connection.” 

Last but not least...AJ Wilcox founded B2Linked and is one of The Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts! He also happens to be a LinkedIn Certified Marketing Partner.

I had a wonderful conversation with AJ about LinkedIn advertising. If you’ve never run LinkedIn ads before, this episode is for you! It can feel daunting knowing how to get started, what you’re supposed to do, and what pitfalls to avoid.

In episode 146, What Everyone Needs to Know about LinkedIn Ads with AJ Wilcox, AJ clears up any uncertainties. We discussed what the four main types of LinkedIn ads are, how to use LinkedIn ads effectively, and understanding the particularities of each format.

In the ‘best of’ episode I chose a section from the conversation that is hugely revealing in terms of what performs well for LinkedIn ads. Listen in to here what AJ had to say when I asked him about calls to action on LinkedIn ads. We also discussed the sweet spot between high and low friction CTAs…

In Conclusion

Is LinkedIn featuring in your 2021 strategy? I hope it is! Continue to stay tuned into The Content 10x Podcast and read our blog posts. We are going to continue sharing lots of highly valuable content about the platform.

Interested in getting set-up and started with video content on LinkedIn, plus nine fantastic content ideas? Check out our free guide: How to Get Set Up and Started with Video On LinkedIn.

If you want help with really upping your LinkedIn game then you simply must check out our LinkedIn 10x service. Let us help you to become the leading authority in your industry through the power of content. You will spend less time on content, but have more content created and published than you ever imagined.


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