The Content Repurposing Mindset

The Content Repurposing Mindset

Mindset plays such an important part in our lives. Some would argue that mindset is the one thing that truly sets apart those who achieve their goals in life, with those who don’t.

Mindset is a belief that guides us in making decisions and helps us with handling situations. Mindset helps us frame situations, process information and it can help, or hinder, our progress. 

Often, the greatest sportspeople in the world will share that being able to adopt the winning mindset during training, before games/matches and critically…during certain points in the game…is key to their success. Similarly, when it comes to being successful in business, your skills, knowledge, and abilities will only get you so far, your mindset will set you apart.

But have you ever heard of a content repurposing mindset?

Did you know that to be successful with content repurposing it’s as much about mindset as it is knowledge of what, when, and how to repurpose?

But what is a content repurposing mindset? How do you apply it?

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I truly believe that whilst I can (and do!), provide lots of specific tips, tactics, tools, resources and strategies for repurposing different types of content, underlying all of this, is the fact that you must develop a repurposing mindset.

This is true regardless of the type of content that you create, whether you are a podcaster, blogger, live-streamer or vlogger. Whatever your content is, to be able to repurpose effectively a lot can be attributed to mindset. I call this the content repurposing mindset. 

Content repurposing as a mindset 

Last month I spoke at Youpreneur Summit in London put on by Chris Ducker. Planning the talk was a little bit different from the talks I’ve done earlier in the year because the audience would be very varied.

I also spoke at Retain event in Sept 2019, a super niche event for membership site owners. So, I spoke about repurposing membership site content for marketing.

For example, I spoke at three podcasting events this year, Podfest, Podcast Movement & Pods Up North. At these events I knew I was speaking to podcasters, so I spoke about how to repurpose a podcast.

How To Repurpose Your Speech for Maximum Social Media Impact

But I knew at Youpreneur Summit there would be a myriad of content creators. There would be vloggers, podcasters, bloggers, live streamers, authors, people just getting started, people with huge audiences…. etc. Almost everyone is a business owner and most people understanding the importance of content.

I identified the one thing that is applicable to everyone who wants to effectively repurpose content. You must have a content repurposing mindset. So, I developed my talk on the content repurposing mindset and it was well received.

You need to change how you view your content

To get the most value out of your content you need to fundamentally change how you view it. As a result you are able to see beyond its original intention / audience / format and see the potential that it possesses.

You have to view content as simply a way to package up a message. Just because you packaged it up one way doesn’t mean you can’t then package it up another way too.

When I spoke at Youpreneur Summit, I asked the audience how many of them knew Spiderman. I then made the point that they had likely watched the TV shows and movies, bought toys, played games etc…but how many of them had actually read the original comics created by Stan Lee in the 1960s? The point being that the stories of Spiderman would not be known by so many people, even the character himself, may not be known, if the idea and concept had not been expanded upon, grown and reimagined into so much more.

Your content is the same. There is so much that your content can become and so much potential within your core content.

Create content with repurposing in mind

Content repurposing starts at the planning phase. Create content with repurposing in mind.

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Think about what your content will become because you will find you create it differently if you know what you are turning it into. Don’t let repurposing be an afterthought.

For example, if you have video content and you know you are repurposing into a podcast episode – you’ll be more mindful of the audio quality. You’ll also be more mindful of what you say and how you present, because you are thinking of the audio-only listeners. It’s good to ensure that your video is not visually dependent in order to add value. If you do want to have parts of the video that are visual, segment them nicely so they are easy to edit out for the podcast audience.

If you are going to create short little teaser videos for social media, you’ll want to make sure you are making points really clearly. And, you want  introduce sub-topics within the main topic, so that you’ll have your teaser video clips easy to identify and create.

Check out episode 101 of our podcast, How to Repurpose Content like a Pro with Jay Baer, when I interviewed our client, Jay Baer. On the episode we talked about the epic repurposing of his Talk Triggers show. In a nutshell, it went from research, to a keynote talk, to a book, to a weekly video show and podcast, to social media content including videos and graphics, a weekly blog post and so much more….

This is a wonderful example of the content repurposing mindset, whereby content is created with repurposing in mind, and the repurposing is carefully mapped out.

Be open-minded to repurposing opportunities

Another repurposing mindset that is important is to be open-minded to opportunities that come along. A great example is the award-winning podcast, My Dad Wrote a Porno, which I talked about on episode 37 of the podcast, My Dad Wrote… Something That I Repurposed The Hell Out Of!

You couldn’t even make this up if you tried! In a nutshell, the content went from a poor quality but hilarious erotic novel, to an award-winning comedy podcast, to a global touring live show, to an HBO TV special, and lots and lots of merchandise.

This wasn’t carefully planned out, but the hosts of My Dad Wrote a Porno identified and made the most of opportunities as they came along.

Treat your content like a start-up

The Content Repurposing Mindset

I consider that you should treat your content like a start-up.

On the one hand, start-ups need to do a lot of planning. They need to have goals, objectives, financial projections – they need to know where they are heading.

But, on the other hand, by the very nature of being a start-up, they also need to be nimble and agile. Often what can help a start-up win against more established, incumbent organizations, is their ability to be responsible and act fast.

I think content needs to be treated the same. Planning is important, including planning what you’ll repurpose content into. And equally, being open to opportunity and able to see beyond the original intention of content is also super important.

This is why, I think the mindset that will set you apart, is being able to view your content like a start-up!


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