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The Changing Face of Marketing with Amanda Natividad

The Changing Face of Marketing with Amanda Natividad

What is audience research really? What is the right way to do it and how are B2B marketers meant to integrate it into their strategies?

We spoke to Amanda Natividad, VP of Marketing at SparkToro, about the changes and developments in the area of audience research and what B2B marketers need to do to stay on top of the rapid advancements.

SparkToro is an audience intelligence tool that simplifies market research and helps users pinpoint their target audience and dig into their behaviors online. Amanda unpacks this for us in this episode and looks at the rise of zero-click content and the growing importance of community building for B2B marketers.

Listen to the full conversation or keep reading for key takeaways.

Working as the VP of marketing for an audience research tool that helps B2B marketers gain deeper insights into their audience preferences, places Amanda in the perfect position to talk about the role of audience research in B2B marketing. Plus, how she is continuously researching platforms and communities, to stay on the front foot of evolving audience trends and behaviors.

The unique power of Reddit in B2B marketing 

One of the pivotal additions to SparkToro’s latest version is data from Reddit. Amanda explains that this decision was made because its huge array of niche communities offers unparalleled insights into unique audience interests. By incorporating data from these subreddits, marketers can gain a more detailed understanding of their potential customers’ specific preferences, right down to the words and phrases they use.

Avoiding common mistakes in audience research 

Amanda emphasizes the importance of genuinely understanding your audience rather than expecting research tools to provide ready-made solutions. Effective audience research is about exploring themes, issues and languages that resonate with your target audience.

Audience Research

Zero-click content 

Zero-click content is content that focuses on delivering value within the platform itself, without requiring users to click away.

Looking back at her coining of the phrase ‘zero-click content’, Amanda feels like the strategy has grown in relevance with the rise of dark social channels, such as Slack, Whatsapp, and TikTok, and evolving user behaviors thanks to AI. Her advice? B2B marketers need to figure out how to go to the right communities where audiences are already paying attention and create content that stands out even within the confine of social media algorithms.

For more tips on creating zero-click style content head to: How to Avoid Link Dumping: Tips on Thoughtful & Effective Link Sharing and How to Create a Content Brand with John Bonini.

Navigating the AI revolution

More and more, people are heading to generative AI tools to ask the questions they would have previously asked a search engine. But the information that is being provided by these increasingly intelligent AI tools is all taken from somewhere. With the evolution of tools like ChatGPT, Copilot AI, and Perplexity, people are starting to become a bit more concerned about how their data is being used. We are starting to wonder whether we should be thinking more intelligently about what the tech behemoths are doing with our information.

It seems we are all still in a learning phase and it’s an interesting point in time. Watch this space!

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