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The Best Content Repurposing Tips

The best content repurposing tips

How has your content repurposing strategy changed in the last 12 months?

This year I’ve had some incredible guests on my podcast. Between us we’ve shared our thoughts, tips, and advice on repurposing all kinds of content for all kinds of platforms. If any of it has inspired you to try something new with your content repurposing, get in touch on social media – I’d love to hear all about it.

I’m rounding up some of the best content repurposing tips and advice from four incredible podcast guests in this episode. Believe me, it was very hard to narrow it down to just four!

Join me as I revisit some of this year’s golden repurposing moments on The Content 10x Podcast, including insights from my expert guests Mark Wright, Melanie Deziel, Mitch Jackson and Phil M. Jones.

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Featured episode #1: Why Content is the Best Tool for Business Growth with Mark Wright

Why Content is the Best Tool for Business Growth with Mark Wright
“The first year I produced content, I increased my income by 3x. And that was from more connections, not from the content itself. It's from who it brought into my network, new customers, better suppliers, and more opportunities, and they’re the three things you need to really grow your business.” Mark Wright

I wanted to kick off this episode with someone who really knows the value of producing great content: Mark Wright.

Mark champions creating content and believes that it’s an essential business growth tool. But why should you listen to him?

Well, Mark is a recognized business leader. He’s won the UK Entrepreneur of the Year award, 2014’s UK Apprentice, and been featured in Forbes’ 30 Under 30. He’s the founder of Climb Online and owns five businesses.

How did creating content help him get where he is today?

In episode 138, Why Content is the Best Tool for Business Growth with Mark Wright, Mark shared just how content has helped his businesses grow. In this ‘best of’ episode, I chose a segment where Mark talks about content’s true power. Hit play on the podcast player above to hear Mark’s thoughts!

Featured episode #2: How the Generate Unlimited Story Ideas with Melanie Deziel

How the Generate Unlimited Story Ideas with Melanie Deziel
“A multiplier is a way that you can take one piece of content that worked really well and then adapt, replicate, or repurpose it, to give it more mileage and find new ways to tell that story.” Melanie Deziel

If Mark’s advice has fired up your desire to create content, then Melanie Deziel is the next person you should turn to.

I absolutely loved talking to Melanie as we have one incredible thing in common ­– our passion for repurposing! Melanie is the author of “The Content Fuel Framework: How to Generate Unlimited Story Ideas where she talks all about her methods for creating content.

I was delighted to interview her on the podcast and find out how she makes her content go further. We discussed everything from idea generation to finding that sweet spot between focus and format in episode 153, How to Generate Unlimited Story Ideas with Melanie Deziel.

In the section I’ve chosen for this ‘best of’ episode, Melanie reveals her trade secret to generating unlimited content ideas. It’s a must-listen for any content creators!

Featured episode #3: How Professionals Can Create Great Content for Social Media with Mitch Jackson

How Professionals Can Create Great Content for Social Media with Mitch Jackson
“I've used five steps to negotiate multimillion-dollar settlements and to create content on social media that's brought in multimillion-dollar cases to my law firm.” Mitch Jackson

Now, one thing I hear a lot is: “Creating content is a great idea, but it’s not right for my industry.”

You might not believe how many people think this!

But one person who certainly doesn’t – and who’s successfully taken advantage of the HUGE content gap in his industry – is Mitch Jackson. Mitch is a trial lawyer but he’s also proof that any and every professional can benefit from creating content.

Mitch has won many awards for his social media presence and has been profiled in best-selling marketing books and dozens of publications including INC., Mashable, and The Wall Street Journal. He runs his own mastermind, and published his #1 bestselling book “The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Business Owners, Professionals and Entrepreneurs” in 2018.

In episode 144, How Professionals Can Create Great Content for Social Media with Mitch Jackson, Mitch detailed how professionals can get started on social media. He explains what makes great content, how to communicate with your online audience and shared plenty of tips for success.

Mitch’s five-step process is a fantastic place to start for any budding social media content creator. I’m resharing this advice in this ‘best of’ episode because it shows any professional how you can showcase yourself online.

Featured episode #4: Exactly What to Say with Phil Jones

Exactly What to Say with Phil M. Jones
“My goal is to be useful with my content. If my content isn't useful to somebody else's circumstances at this current moment in time, then I just don't hit send.’” Phil Jones

The final guest (last but not least) that I wanted to include in this bumper ‘best of’ episode was Phil M. Jones.

It’s undeniably been a hard year for businesses and business owners, including myself, have struggled with what do or say. My interview with Phil couldn’t have been better timed, as Phil is the mastermind behind messaging – he even wrote the book on it, Exactly What to Say.

Phil’s advice has stayed with me since I interviewed him back in April for episode 132, Exactly What to Say with Phil M. Jones. If you’re worried about your content, how to talk to your audience, or how to approach selling during this current climate, Phil’s thoughts can give you some helpful pointers and might give you some peace of mind too.

In my chosen segment from this episode, hear Phil’s approach to addressing your audience in times of crisis and why it’s more important than ever to drop the ‘look at me’ content and share ‘I’m with you’ content.

Scroll to the top of this page to listen to ‘The Best of Content Repurposing’ episode in full.

In Conclusion

I hope this episode has been a reminder of how crucial creating and repurposing content can be to success! All four of my guests think so and look at where it’s got them and their businesses.

If you want step-by-step advice to repurposing your content, check out my book, Content 10x: More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results. It has tips and tricks for repurposing content to so many different platforms.

If you need help with your content repurposing strategy, reach out to us! Check out our content repurposing services to find out how we can help take the stress out of repurposing and consistently connect with your audience.


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