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How to Create Super Shareable Content by Repurposing

How to Create Super Shareable Content by Repurposing

It’s great when your team members share your company content with their audiences. But how do you create shareable content that they actually want to amplify?  

We share content that we relate to. We share content that shows off our expertise, makes us look intelligent, funny, or aligned with a group or movement. It’s human nature to share content when there’s an element of self-interest  

Let’s look at the type of content that can be created and repurposed for employee advocacy.  

Listen to the podcast episode or keep reading for the key takeaways 

What is Employee Advocacy?  

It’s when your employees promote your business via their own profiles to their own audiences.  

Employee advocacy is a powerful marketing strategy, because it’s your organization's content, or content about your organization, reaching an already interested and trusting audience, plus it’s free!  

If you are creating and distributing content that is authentic and resonates with your employees, and aligns with their goals and values then you stand a very good chance of having a successful employee advocacy program.  

How to create shareable content  

To create shareable content we need to understand why people share content in the first place. Head over to this article to listen to the podcast episode where we looked at why people share content.  

You need to create it with an understanding of your employees, the type of content they are likely to share and with the goals and objectives of your organization in mind. People share content they relate to and when they share it theyre thinking about how they want to be perceived by their audience.  

This brings us to the question in the B2B content world, what kind of content can you create and repurpose thats highly shareable? 

1. Event content 

If your organization is involved in events, you want your employees to enthusiastically share information pre and post an event taking place.  

The ‘before’ should be eye-catching promo content that employees feel proud to share – they want to be associated with a great event, so don’t skimp on making it look good in the build-up.  

If you’re involved in someone else’s event, you’re exhibiting, speaking, or sponsoring – and the event provides you with content that isn’t on brand for you – then create your own.  It’s far better to promote an event in the best way for you, your team and your audience. 

If you create longer-form content about an event, repurpose it into easy-to-share posts, videos and graphics for social media. Remember, to make it super shareable it should be clear and jargon-free! 

During the event, there may be other content opportunities, like photos and videos of behind-the-scenes set up of an exhibition booth, or someone in your company preparing to go on stage to deliver a talk. There might be photos or videos of your team mingling with the attendees  – this is all great for repurposing into bite-sized posts for social media.  

The goal is to create super shareable content that makes your organization look great and your employees look great by association!  

2. Content from team meet-ups  

Similar to events, team meet-ups can provide content gold.  

When we look at what motivates people to hit ‘share’, a key driver is to be seen as a part of a movement or a group.  

If your team is proud of who they work for, they’ll hopefully be happy to share posts, photos, or videos of you all meeting up 

When creating this content, think ‘Would members of my team want to share this’? Ask yourself, in their shoes, would you share the contentIf you’re not sure, change or repurpose it in some way to make it more shareable. 

3. Research reports and whitepapers  

If your company has done research or released a study or whitepaper for example, then members of your team might be happy to share some of the key insights and findings. Referring back to why people share content, this could highlight their expertise, and make them look intelligent and interesting!  

Sharing a long report, or a two-hour webinar discussing research findings is not what people will want to do. Make it easy. Repurpose the report into snackable content distil points, statistics or findings down into engaging image carousels for LinkedIn or eye-catching infographics and quote graphics. 

4. New product or service launch 

There’s likely to be top, middle and bottom of funnel content for a product or service launch. So think about how you can repurpose it into content that employees would share.  

Your top-of-funnel content might be raising awareness of the pain points that your product or service addresses, and therefore provides a lot of value. Repurpose this into content that positions your team as experts.  


Always consider the timing and format  

But it’s not just about the content. It’s about the timing and the format/medium as well. 

Consider the platforms you want to invest most time in and create and repurpose content for those specifically. If you want people to share content, you need to strike while the iron is HOT! Timing is everything.  

To summarize, creating and repurposing content for employee amplification bears many considerations. It needs to be content that people want to share – easy to consume, jargon free, the right format and the right timing. And we also need to consider the psychology of why people share content – which is often decided by how they want to be perceived by their own audiences.  


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