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Beyond Remixing: Strategic Content Repurposing for B2B with Chris Hutchins

Beyond Remixing: Strategic Content Repurposing for B2B with Chris Hutchins

Creating high-quality content in the constantly rotating hamster-wheel of B2B marketing is just the first step. To truly maximize the impact of your content, it's essential to master the art and science of strategic repurposing.  

But where do you start? What types of content lend themselves best to repurposing? And how can you measure the success of your repurposing efforts? 

Following on from our conversation with Ashley Faus, Head of Lifecycle Marketing at Atlassian, and Jess Cook Head of Content and Comms at Island, we speak to Chris Hutchins, Director of Content Strategy from 6sense. Chris shares invaluable insights on why long-form written content is a powerful asset for repurposing in the B2B space.  

Beyond the "why," Chris delves into practical strategies for content repurposing, offering actionable tips and techniques that you can implement in your own marketing efforts. He also tackles the challenges of measuring the impact of content repurposing, providing candid insights into the limitations of traditional metrics and innovative approaches to quantifying success. 

Click below to listen or watch the episode. Or keep reading for the key takeaways.  

The power of repurposing long-form written content  

On the podcast Chris explained that long-form written content is the best type to repurpose. From in-depth guides and eBooks to comprehensive research reports.  

The rationale is simple: long-form content is a goldmine of valuable information that, when repurposed effectively, can significantly amplify a brand's message across different channels. Chris emphasized the 'joyful experience' of giving new life to extensive pieces that would otherwise remain underutilized. That is a ‘joyful experience’ that we at Content 10x can entirely relate to!  

Best practices for repurposing content  

A standout example Chris shared involved repurposing a research report. By breaking it down into bite-sized blog posts and leveraging social media, they supercharged the report's visibility and managed to engage a wider audience. It was a fantastic success for them as a business.  

Chris highlighted the importance of adapting content for different formats and channels when repurposing, which is something we always stress, ensuring its optimization for each medium. This increases content reach and caters to audience preferences, maximizing engagement.  

Measuring the impact of repurposed content  

When it comes to measuring the success of content repurposing, Chris acknowledged the challenges that they’ve faced as a team, trying to move beyond surface-level metrics, like page views or social media likes.  

Although those are important and need to be tracked, he wants to know whether the content is reaching people on a deeper level. It’s all well and good to know that people’s eyes are scanning over your content, but is it making a connection? To help with this, 6sense are finding ways to help make those determinations by measuring buyer intent signals. 

Unexpected wins from repurposing 

Reflecting on unexpected successes, Chris shared how the strategic repurposing of a buyer experience report on LinkedIn and on podcasts, led to increased visibility and opportunities for his company, such as interviews and collaborations that were not initially anticipated.  

This is the ‘lightning in a bottle’ kind of stuff that you dream of as a marketer, that you can never bank on. However, it does highlight how well-executed content repurposing opens doors to unforeseen benefits and enhances a brand’s reach and reputation.  

Common misconceptions about repurposing content  

Aligning with the conversations we had with Ashley and Jess, one of the most common misconceptions about content repurposing Chris says, is the assumption that it's easy! Another bugbear is neglecting the need to understand the unique demands of different channels and formats.  

Successful repurposing requires a considerate approach, tailored to meet the expectations of diverse audiences while ensuring the content stands out on its own in each format.  

It’s not easy. Which is why our client’s come to us. If you have content that you  know needs repurposing, but you don’t have capacity, or you just don’t know where to start, get in touch 

Advice for small teams  

For B2B marketing managers operating with limited resources, Chris’s top piece of advice is to focus on creating high-quality, long-form content that can later be broken down into smaller pieces. This strategy allows teams to maintain a consistent content output while simultaneously working on more substantial pieces that can serve as the basis for effective repurposing campaigns.  

Then lastly, Chris spoke about the importance of communicating with stakeholders across the organization to align content strategies with the broader business goals. By tapping into the insights of subject matter experts outside the marketing silo, content creators can ensure their repurposing efforts are not only creative but also strategically aligned with the company's vision and objectives.  


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