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Repurposing your Premium Content for Marketing

Repurposing your Premium Content for Marketing

It’s a super special episode this week because it’s Content 10x Podcast’s 2nd birthday.

I can’t quite believe I’ve managed a podcast episode every single week for 2 years. It’s not just me either…but me and my team. Because it’s always a team effort to get the podcast recorded, produced, published and repurposed into the blog post, social media content, video content…etc. Thanks team!

Thanks to everyone who has listened to and supported the show. I really appreciate you taking the time to consume my content. And I hope to continue to add lots of value to your content marketing efforts for at least another year, or two, to come!

This week the focus is on how to repurpose your premium content. If you have a membership site, create online courses or have any other type of service or product whereby you are creating content that people purchase (i.e. premium content sitting behind a paywall), then you’re going to like what I have to say in this week’s podcast episode and blog post!

I share lots of tips which can save you time on content planning and creation. All by repurposing your existing premium content into marketing content.

You can listen to the podcast below, or keep reading…

Creating marketing content from your existing membership or premium content

Ever feel like you are constantly re-inventing the wheel in your marketing. And, as a result, are struggling to come up with new ways to market your membership service or premium/paid content?

Well, there is a way to ensure you have a consistent pipeline of marketing material that can give you back control over your marketing. It’ll also ensure that there is full transparency with what you are selling, and congruency with your messaging,


By repurposing the content you have within your membership / premium service into marketing content itself!

Whether you need content for your blog, your podcast, your YouTube channel or your social media accounts – finding your next piece of content doesn’t mean scrabbling around for new ideas, or doing hours of research. Your own premium materials are literally a mine of marketing content.

Your online courses, your templates or any other premium content you have already created for your members should be the well from which you draw your content marketing. You can take all that existing content and repurpose it for your marketing needs.

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Let’s look at the benefits of this strategy in more detail.

What are the benefits of repurposing your premium content? 

1. Transparency 

With so many scams out there – we are all much more wary about handing over our credit card details for the promise of a premium online solution.

But if you create marketing content from your premium content you are effectively providing a glimpse “behind the curtain” or through the glass of that pay wall.

By repurposing your premium content, not only are you are giving your customers full transparency about what you are selling, you are also creating testable credentials for your premium product. In addition, you are establishing trust with potential customers and giving them a sneak preview of its quality.


Another benefit of creating marketing content from your premium content is congruency. Repurposing this content ensures that your entire brand has the same look, feel and vibe.

Why is this important? Imagine that you had been following a brand for some time. And, you were used to their style, way of talking and overall “feel.” However, when joining their membership, or starting their course, you suddenly experience a completely different style to what you were used to. As a customer, you might feel uneasy and uncomfortable and would likely leave.

By ensuring congruency between your marketing and premium content you will give your customer that “warm fuzzy feeling.” This is because you are delivering what they expected, and more, hopefully.

Repurposing your premium content for marketing

How do you repurpose your premium content?

1. Repurpose your video

Take your training videos, Q&As, member calls, tutorials, courses – any video content that is behind your pay wall. You can slice and dice these into shorter videos that can be repurposed onto social media. All you need to do is take a one-minute section that can act as a teaser.

This may be you answering a question, or taken from a training video where you are giving a great tip.

Always remember to let people know where the content came from, provide a tease about what else you could learn and end with a strong call to action.

For example, “This was me answering a question in this month’s Q&A, there were twenty other questions that were asked. If you want to be at the next Q&A, then just sign up to our membership.”

Each of these repurposed videos not only provide a tease of your product or service, but will add value in its own right.

2. Repurpose your resources 

Take your existing resources, like checklists and templates and repurpose them as a lead magnet or content upgrade. 

3. Repurpose your forum questions

Your group discussions and forums where you answer questions are a great source of content. Think about repurposing questions in to social posts or long form blog posts.

There are so many ways to break down paid content for marketing purposes. It is all showing people that it is part of a wider product and service you are offering that they need to sign up to in order to take part and access all your amazing content.

4. Repurpose new or behind the scenes activity

If you have just uploaded some new premium content, a new module is live, or a new resource has been added, let people know.

Do some behind the scenes posts on Instagram or Facebook Stories and create a bit of FOMO. Give them a taster of the service you offer by repurposing your day to day activities.

In Conclusion

By repurposing your premium and paid content you are letting prospective clients know that this repurposed video, social media post or blog post is just part of something so much bigger. 

At the same time, you don’t have to give it all away. Always respect that your members have paid for the full service.

It’s about being smart and choosing content that adds value and teasing the full value of your membership or paid service.

Let your existing content work harder for you by repurposing it into your future marketing content.


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