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Repurposing from Long to Short with Erica Schneider

Repurposing from Long to Short with Erica Schneider

How do you repurpose long-form written content into short, engaging social media posts?

This is a question that Erica Schneider realized people needed answering, and so she collaborated with an AI prompt writer to create a course called Long to Short in which they help people turn a piece of pillar written content into multiple social posts.

Erica is an editing coach, course creator, and founder of Cut the Fluff, which is a weekly newsletter that offers training and coaching to entrepreneurs and executives looking to grow their organic presence. She is also a successful LinkedIn contributor and in this blog post we talk to her about her systems and processes for repurposing, her secret to writing awesome hooks, building a powerful personal brand, and leveraging AI for content creation... among other things!

Watch or listen here, or keep reading for the key takeaways.

How to unlock the potential of long-form content on social media

Taking content from long to short

Erica’s strategic approach to content repurposing is one of the reasons why she’s been able to build such an engaged audience on LinkedIn.

Her course, "Long to Short," is designed to help content creators extract over 50 social media posts from a single 1000-word piece. Her repurposing process, she explains, involves reverse outlining, identifying core themes, zooming in on specific points, and creatively thinking about how each element can stand alone as engaging content on platforms like LinkedIn and X.

While she does suggest harnessing AI for ideation and initial reverse outlining, just like our writing team here at Content 10x, we all agree on the importance of human oversight in ensuring each piece not only makes sense and is factual, but also resonates with its intended audience.

Repurposing from Long to Short with Erica Schneider

Building a personal brand 

Best practices and pet peeves on LinkedIn

Erica shared candid advice about how to make your mark on social media, particularly LinkedIn. She highlighted certain practices that we see a lot currently, such as using sensationalist hooks or excessive formatting, which can be more distracting than anything else and stresses that they aren’t the key to building your audience….

The best way to grow on social media? Build authority around a handful of topics. However many you want to be known for (although she does stress no more than 10!) and post consistently around those topics.

Harnessing AI to support human intuition

When it comes to the tactical use of AI in creating content, Erica stresses that while it has its place in the process, the real essence of compelling content creation lies in human creativity and insight.

She recommended tools like ChatGPT for brainstorming but says the critical final touch is something only a content expert can provide—ensuring the content aligns with overall strategy and adds genuine value to the conversation. We couldn’t agree more!

Building connections through thoughtful engagement

Beyond the writing of posts for social, Erica talks about the benefits of engaging with your community—whether through commenting on peers' posts or responding to your audiences’ comments and questions. This is often an overlooked aspect of social media strategy but it’s crucial for building a supportive network and establishing yourself and your brand as an authority.

“Posting is not everything on social, you should also spend time commenting, especially about your pillars or the authority you’re trying to build. For me, I’ve made a lot of my friends on social through comments.”

This ties in with our conversation with Ashley Faus, Head of Lifecycle Marketing at Atlassian, who also spoke about the importance of using comments in your social strategy, as they can be repurposed as a part of your own strategy, and used to build your connections and authority on the platform.


The ability to adapt and repurpose content strategically is always going to be a key, human-led skill for marketers and content creators. So, utilize your long-form content to create awesome, audience-building social posts and other nuggets of short-form content.  

To learn more about Erica's work and dive deeper into her content repurposing strategies, be sure to follow her on LinkedIn and explore her "Long to Short" course.


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