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Repurposing Long-Form Content: 5 Ways to Plan Ahead

Repurposing Long-Form Content: 5 Ways to Plan Ahead

Creating long-form B2B content and want to get the maximum ROI from it?  

You’re in the right place! Because in this post we share how to plan your repurposing before you sit down to create the content.  

Long-form B2B content is rich with repurposing opportunities, from thought leadership-style LinkedIn posts to stand-alone industry insights, expert interviews, and short, engaging videos for social media. But how do you know what’s right for your audience, will get you the most engagement and ultimately, provide real value? 

Listen to the podcast below or keep reading for key takeaways.  

Long-form content provides many repurposing opportunities. We should plan our repurposing before we create the content, rather than trying to find ways to repurpose after the fact.  

So the first step would be to ask yourself:  

  1. What platforms do I want to share the repurposed content on? 

  1. What content works well on those platforms? Look at your analytics.  

Once you’ve done your channel analysis - here are the five things that you should consider when creating long-form content that’ll help you with repurposing  

1. Capture expert insights through video 

One of the most versatile assets you can create alongside your long-form content is video interviews with experts and contributors. These interviews can serve as valuable material for social media and YouTube.  

Short clips can be shared on social media, while more in-depth videos can go on YouTube. Leveraging video content not only promotes your long-form pillar piece but also stands alone as fresh, engaging material. 

If you have a podcast, there will no doubt be opportunities to repurpose expert interviews into podcast episodes too. 

2. Identify key discussion points for podcasts or webinars 

As you plan your long-form content, pinpoint compelling discussion points that can be expanded into separate podcast episodes or webinar topics. This provides the opportunity to invite subject matter experts onto your show too, which is great for networking, promoting yourself as an expert in your field and introducing your content to a whole new audience.  

So when planning your content think about these key discussion points beforehand, flesh them out in your content and they are also primed and ready for taking further and repurposing!  

3. Create visual assets for social media 

This is for your more visual audience! When designing graphics for your long-form content, consider repurposing them for social media. Transform stats, facts, and figures into eye-catching infographics or image carousels.  

Your designer is likely already creating visual content for your long-form piece, so ask for some social media variations at the same time.   

4. Plan blog post topics in advance 

Your long-form content likely contains multiple sections perfect for repurposing into standalone blog posts.  

Before you start writing, outline the potential blog topics. You could even structure the report so it has sub-sections according to blog topics so that they are quick and easy to pull out and repurpose when the time comes.  

5. Craft LinkedIn thought leadership content  

Use your long-form B2B content to harness the power of LinkedIn!  

A single piece of long-form content can be the source of numerous thought leadership posts, articles, and comments.  

Strategize LinkedIn content before finalizing your report to ensure it aligns with your goals. Balancing informative insights with engaging conversation starters cultivates organic interest and sparks meaningful discussions within your connections. 

In conclusion

By strategically planning repurposing opportunities before creating long-form content, you can maximize ROI and extend the lifespan of your content across platforms.  

Whether through video interviews, podcast discussions, visual assets, blog posts, or LinkedIn thought leadership, your long-form B2B content will achieve maximum ROI and help you to reach and engage with your target audience effectively.  


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