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The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Repurposing Content

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Repurposing Content - The Content 10x Podcast

Content repurposing is a great thing to do – when done effectively.

In principle, it’s an excellent way to prolong your content’s lifespan and improve your ROI. But it isn’t necessarily simple.

There are a few things you need to do to make your content repurposing worthwhile – otherwise, you could be wasting time and not getting the ROI your content truly deserves.

In this episode and blog post, we will be sharing the biggest mistake people make when repurposing their content.

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Don’t be antisocial!

Here’s a question…

Imagine you have been invited to a party and you agree to attend.

Then you get invited to another party – same time, same date.

You can’t be in two places at the same time, can you?

Or, maybe you can.

You could send a life-sized cardboard cut-out or a mannequin of yourself to one of the parties, right?

Even though that sounds ridiculous, this is what people sometimes do when they repurpose their content on social media.

The ‘social’ in social media is not to be ignored!

It’s important not to repurpose your content onto social media platforms where you have no intention of showing up to engage with people. We’d advise that either you, or a member of your team, should follow that content and monitor responses and interactions or even reply to feedback.

For example, let’s say that you repurpose your blog post into a series of tweets. You use a scheduling tool like Buffer, Hootsuite or Meet Edgar to schedule them.

If that’s how you leave things, you have no idea if people are following you or commenting, liking and retweeting. 
The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Repurposing Content - The Content 10x Podcast

Social media is about socializing. So in a way, you should think of it like turning up to a social event. We could call Twitter the party, LinkedIn the networking event, Instagram an art exhibition…

Check out episode 96 ‘Engagement Metrics: How to Find Out if People Actually Consume Your Content’, for more on engagement.

But, there is another really important reason why you should engage with people on social media. 

We all know that algorithms play a huge part in you getting your content seen. There are certainly ways you can boost your chances of getting eyes on your high-quality content.

Social media algorithms look at certain factors when deciding what to do with your post e.g. how many people to put it in front of.

If they see that you are not engaging with others, and that others are not engaging with you, they are less likely to prioritize your content. It’s the social media equivalent of being shut in a cupboard under the stairs where no-one can hear you!

What you should do instead

Make sure you are around to have conversations about your content. Reply to comments, respond to messages and simply absorb the feedback you are given.

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Repurposing Content - The Content 10x Podcast

In fact, better still, make engagement a priority. Ask questions and invoke discussions.

You will build relationships, build trust with people, show your human side, and send positive messages to algorithms!

The same advice goes for wherever else you repurpose content too. Content you post on YouTube, Medium, SlideShare and HuffPost, for example, shouldn’t just be scheduled and forgotten about either.

At Content 10x, we create all of the repurposed content for our clients, and we schedule and publish content on social media platforms.

You could say we take our clients to the party, grab them a few drinks and then let them dance the night away!

If you just want to dance the night away and not worry about everything that comes before, head to our website to see how we can help you. We offer end-to-end content repurposing services that fit into your current content strategy.

Keen to find out how effective your content repurposing is? Take our free content repurposing effectiveness scorecard. Complete a quick questionnaire and receive a detailed report on how and where you can improve to get the maximum ROI from your content.

Plus, follow us on TwitterInstagramFacebook and TikTok and you can find us on LinkedIn too.


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