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Repurposing Bloopers: 3 Ways to Repurpose Your Mishaps!

Repurposing Bloopers: 3 Ways to Repurpose Your Mishaps!

If you create video and audio content, then in all likelihood, if you're humanmistakes and mishaps will have been made along the way!  Great news! You don’t need to delete all of your bloopers, you can start repurposing your bloopers!

In this episode, I look at why and how you can save outtakes and begin repurposing bloopers and recycle them within a different context.  

You can watch the video trailer for this episode here:

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Don’t delete your mistakes and mishaps!  

Fluffing your lines, tripping over, noisy interruptions…If you record  video or audio content no doubt you’ve experienced things go a little wrong from time to time. 

What do we usually do with our bloopers? More often than not, we brush them under the carpet and give them no second thought (straight into the recycle bin or trash). Wmove onto take two, take three, take four (okay by now we are getting a bit frustrated!). But how about looking at it from a different perspective, mistakes and bloopers can be reused for good comedic effect. 

Repurposing bloopers and mistakes into a funny and shareable video can be a good way to connect in a different way with your audience.

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What you share and when forms part of your overall content marketing strategy. But identifying your bloopers and finding unique ways to share them can be an art form in itself too. 

Why do we find bloopers funny?

No matter what the content of the media, no matter the setting, background or environment, people love to see bloopers and mistakes. We are our own worst judges and more often than not, people just love to see things go a little bit wrong for others.  

Just look at the popularity of TV shows like Auntie's Bloomers, You've Been Framed and It'll be Alright on the Night. If you’re not familiar, they are shows where outtakes are shared. You can watch things go wrong on some of the most popular TV shows and films. 

Why do we love these outtake shows?
  • It's funny and who doesn't like being made to laugh? 
  • They portray a human side to people
  • In these TV shows we see top actors who we often hold on a pedestal and think of as near-perfect making hilarious mistakes!
  • Bloopers are a good way of showing that not everyone is perfect

If you already haven’t seen it, there’s a video of a live interview on the BBC that all goes frightfully wrong! The interviewees reactions to his children entering the room is gold. With 31 million hits, the video has spawned mash-ups, memes and is always included in compilations. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen it and every time it as me in fits of laughter. I’m not sure why I find it so funny, it’s just everything! The hilarious children, the panic stricken mother, the reaction of the father…I can empathise with the situation too! 

Whether you're a highly-trained actor like Robert De Niro or Matt Damon. Or if you are a budding vlogger or podcastersthen mistakes happen. 

Why you should share bloopers and mistakes  

The main reason to share bloopers is because they are funny and they entertain people. But not only that, bloopers can show you as a well-spirited person.

Sharing bloopers has many benefits:
  • Bloopers allow you to show your audience you  are not one of those types’ who takes themselves too seriously
  •  People generally put up a façade on social media and in their content, every once so often, it is nice to see a raw, funny side of people
  • Your mishaps show your audience that you and your content are authentic

There is a lot of call for authenticity in a world where so much can be faked on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (did you see Fyre on Netflix?!). There is a big spotlight on how fake news and misleading content are damaging the industry and how social media is creating a culture of perfection. 

So bloopers and mistakes can provide an element of escapism from perfection and a celebration of the flaws that we share. If you can get creative and think of funny or smart ways to re-use bloopers, it could drive viewers to the source content while adding an element of fun to your content.  

Repurposing Bloopers: 3 Ways to Repurpose Your Mishaps!

Here are 3 super smart ways to start repurposing bloopers 

My suggestion is to make a designated blooper folder and when a mishap occurs, edit them out of the main content and save them over in your folder. Over time, you should build up a good collection of clips that you can repurpose for other means. 

Three suggestions are: 

1. Edit them into the end of one of your video 

You could edit the blooper into the end of a video. You could even edit it into the beginning and incorporate it into the style of a new video. 

We see this all the time with movies at the cinema where if you stick around when the film is over you can see outtakes added on to the end.  

2. Create a compilation of your bloopers 

If you collect a whole lot of bloopers, you can edit them all together, create a blooper showreel and share that as one standalone piece of entertaining content on YouTube, Facebook and/or Instagram. This could be pretty hilarious! 

3.Share clips on social media to promote new content  

You can edit your bloopers into single files which can then be shared on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can let people know in advance of what the outtake is while at the same time, promoting a new upcoming video in a fun and engaging way.    

There are lots of good reasons to save any snippets and everyone should get into the practice of repurposing goofy footage. Don't ever trash your mishaps because, in time, these mishaps could be useful. So, stock them up and beef up your repurposing arsenal. 

In conclusion 

TV shows all over the world repurpose mistakes and bloopers to create shows like Auntie's Bloomers, You've Been Framed and It'll be Alright on the Night. They are all popular because they showcase the outtakes and mistakes of the trained or, at times, uninitiated, and they are just plain funny. 

If you save your bloopers you can share them with your audience in a creative way. Let them see your human side. Put your ego aside and show that you have a sense of humor and don’t take yourself too seriously. You can create some wonderful social media content, add comedy to your longer form content, and so much more. Make the most of your mishaps! 


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