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How to Repurpose Your In-Person Content Online

How to Repurpose Your In-Person Content Online

Great content comes in so many different formats…  

But if you find that you are delivering a lot of that great content in-person and then, when everyone leaves the room, you’re left wondering if you could do more with it, then it’s time to look at ways you can repurpose it online.  

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In the life of every business there are changes and adaptations that need to be made in order to keep up with the ever changing times.   

Adapt or die.. as they say…  

It’s extreme but it’s true. The pandemic showed us that. It had no mercy on businesses that were unable to shift their offerings  

Many did though, in super innovative ways. For example, the Louvre and the San Diego zoo offered virtual tours.  

Many people enjoyed virtual wine-tasting experiences, intimate online music concerts... and there were even virtual escape rooms! 

In the B2B marketing world there was a surge in virtual events 

This showed us that there’s often creative way to repurpose in-person offerings to online, so we can continue to add value to our audiences and provide new and interesting ways for them to consume our content. 

As content marketers, let’s look at three ways that we can repurpose in-person content to online. 

1. Workshop/seminar/talk repurposed into a webinar 

If you video record yourself delivering your presentation, you can repurpose all, or some of the video, into a webinar.   

So a seminar becomes a webinar.  

Webinars boomed during 2020 for obvious reasons, but since then they haven’t lost their popularity. According to statistics from this year, 85% of marketers who use webinars as a marketing tool say they are crucial for their marketing efforts.  

But this doesn’t mean you have to give up on your in-person talks/workshops/seminars. Because if they are working for you and your audience, then that’s awesome and you should continue to plow as much time and effort into them as you need to….  

The good thing is, you can make them go so much further by video recording them and repurposing them…  

Perhaps not as intimate a connection as being in the room, but if you're in Manchester, UK, and you're trying to reach people in New York or Sydney or other parts of the world, it's not realistic that they're going to be able to make it…  So let's make the most of the power of repurposing! 


Maybe consider livestreaming your in-person presentation or seminar and marketing it to your audience as a live webinar. This will guarantee a larger audience.    

2. Repurpose in-person events into an online course

The huge popularity of online learning is showing no sign of slowing down.  

Techjury reports that the worldwide e-learning market is projected to be worth 325 billion dollars in 2025 and interestingly, that e-learning increases retention rates by 25 to 60% 

So, if you video record in-person training seminars, workshops or events, for example, you can repurpose your content into an online course 

Basically, this is taking our first idea above, and doing it on a bigger scale!  

The beauty of this option is that there are some great, easy-to-use sites that will help you do this quickly and professionally.  

Sites like: Thinkific (which we use to host our own online course, The Content 10x Toolkit), Kajabi, Udemy, Teachable and Skillshare are all designed to help you transform your content into an online course, they’ll host and deliver your course and handle everything from payments, personal logins, student progress and so on.  

They are all different and have slightly different offerings, so find one that suits you and your content.  


If you have budget to build something custom on your website to host a course that’s great option. Or you might have built-in functionality on your website’s CMS already, so look into that.  

3. Repurpose in-person content onto a membership site

Online memberships are a brilliant way of trading expertise and skills and they tend to have a community focus too, but building a successful community requires time and commitment – not to mention lots of content.  

So, instead of paying a one-off fee for an online course, you could create a space where your audience pay a recurring fee to join your membership where they get ongoing access to all your content.  

How is this an example of offline to online repurposing? 

Let’s say for example you run a weekly marketing event and go to different cities each week with different experts presenting great content, some people who can’t be present at all of these events would like to see what they missed 

You could offer a membership option where they can pay a monthly fee to see the recordings of each event.


Hybrid memberships are a great idea – for example, where you can attend so many in-person events every quarter or year, along with unlimited access to recordings of those you aren’t at in person.

If you are curious about running an online membership site, take a look at The Membership Geeks and their membership academy, which provides everything you need to build a successful online membership community.  

BONUS TIP: Ever considered using Patreon as a place to provide your audience with extra content? 

This platform enables you to take payment from your audience in exchange for sharing content with them. 

So, if you are trying to bridge an offline/online gap in your content, ask yourself how you could create online content based on what you already know and deliver. 

Are you a speaker 

Looking at things from another angle, if you’re a speaker who has delivered a talk there’s enormous repurposing potential from your talks. Please do take a look at our Talk 10x service as an option.


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