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5 Reasons Why You Should Repurpose Your Content

5 reasons why you should repurpose your content

In this article I share 5 reasons why you should repurpose your content. I believe that content repurposing should be at the heart of all content marketing strategies.  In fact, I think that if you're not repurposing your content you're really missing an opportunity.

What is content repurposing?

Content repurposing is about getting the most value from every single piece of content that you create.

It’s not lame attempts to copy and paste content from one place to another!

Rather, it’s about being imaginative and creative with the content that you have already created so that it can be used in different ways.

5 Reasons to Repurpose your content

Many types of content can be repurposed. Often, when we talk about content repurposing we talk about repurposing a blog post, a podcast episode or video. But it doesn’t stop there. Perhaps you have written a substantial post on LinkedIn, recorded a Facebook live video, created a sales page...all of these types of content can be repurposed into different formats and for different uses. In other words, content that can be repurposed could be anything that you create and share in order to inform, educate and/or entertain others.

The key thing is that you continue to add value to your audience.

There may even be occasions where your repurposed content proves to be more effective and impactful than the original piece of content that it was repurposed from. That is okay.

Repurposing is not just a content thing

Repurposing is all around us.

In episode 1 of my podcast I share a story of when I went on holiday to Mexico with my boyfriend (now husband!). The hotel was clearly into ‘ham repurposing’ in a big way - to explain, at pretty much every meal of our entire holiday we saw the same type of ham being repurposed! 

Architects are continually repurposing buildings, for example, repurposing a power station into an art gallery (Tate Modern, London).  I love it when grapes get repurposed into wine. I’m currently binge watching the latest season of Walking Dead, a classic example of repurposing a comic book into a TV Show!

In all of these examples the repurposed output is of just a high a quality (if not more so) than what it was repurposed from.

Do you need more reasons why you should repurpose your content? Here are 5…

1. Increase your audience reach

5 Reasons Why You Should Repurpose Your Content - R1

Content repurposing puts your content in front of new and different audiences.

If you only ever create podcast episodes, then how do you reach people who never listen to podcasts?

2. Boost your SEO (search engine optimization)

5 Reasons Why You Should Repurpose Your Content - R2

Repurposed content that links back to your website will help provide you with an SEO boost. The more people share your content also means more links out there on the world wide web, leading back to your website, which also gives you some love with the search engines and more traffic to your website.

3. The 'rule of 7'

5 Reasons Why You Should Repurpose Your Content - R3

There is a marketing concept called the ‘Rule of 7’. Basically it means that people need to see something seven times before they really take notice and take action. The 'Rule of 7' was developed in the 1930s, at a time when it wasn’t quite so easy to reach people as it is today. But whilst it’s easier to reach people, it’s a ‘noisy’ world out there too and it can be difficult to get noticed. That’s why it’s even more important to get your message in front of people as much as possible. Content repurposing can really help you out here.

4. Touch all of the senses

5 Reasons Why You Should Repurpose Your Content - R4

People learn in different ways - some people read, some people watch and some people listen.  Some people are way more visual and graphics will appeal to them more. This is why repurposing your content into different formats is important.

5. Gain authority & credibility

5 Reasons Why You Should Repurpose Your Content - R5

If you repurpose your content, you’re basically finding new and creative ways to communicate the same message. The more you talk about something to more you get ‘known’ for that particular topic.

Reiterating your advice, points and ideas in many ways allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise and helps you to build your authority.

Let me give you real life example of how I've used repurposing in relation to this blog post...

Firstly, whilst this is a blog post it's based on podcast episode 1 of The Content 10x Podcast which is on iTunes and Stitcher.

Secondly, all of the graphics that you see in this blog post have been used as social media images, resized and reformatted for each platform - they have been shared on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

We didn't only create images for social media, we also created some short teaser videos of my podcast episode - you'll see them on my Instagram account.

In addition, we created a great (even if I do say so myself!) SlideShare presentation...take a look....

I also dabbled with content syndication and I published a version of this article over on LinkedIn and on Medium too.

AND, as if that wasn't enough, the podcast episode was repurposed into a short video which is on YouTube and Facebook - I like to call it a video trailer. Here it is...

To conclude...

If you repurpose your content effectively, by continually adding value to your audience, you can generate more leads, more traffic, and more shares of your content and you can reach more audiences.

My philosophy is that that you should focus on quality content that can then be recreated into other formats - thus creating a rich multimedia stream of content. This is a superior strategy to old-school wisdom of pumping out a blog post a day!

So when you spend a lot of time creating a really good piece of content, do not let the ‘publish’ button be the end. That’s just the start of the journey to more and more content. Have a look at my humorous article here - looking at this from the perspective of your content.

You can repurpose both old content and new content. Look back into your archives for evergreen content and content that’s performing really well - repurpose that content and bring it back to life again.  You can also create a repurposing plan for all the new content that you create.

I'd like to help you!

To help with your content repurposing, I’ve created a checklist for you! It’s a simple guide to have by your side when you’re creating content to make sure it’s really easy to repurpose in the future. If you want to fast-track your plans to dominate your niche with awesome content, showing up everywhere, reaching more people and becoming an industry authority, then The Content 10x Toolkit is your secret weapon. It has everything you need with step-by-step guidance, templates, checklists and more to help you become a content repurposing pro. Happy content repurposing!


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