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How To Repurpose Membership Site Content with Mike Morrison

How To Repurpose Membership Site Content with Mike Morrison - Content 10x Podcast Amy Woods

Allowing membership to your website or brand is an excellent way to retain your audience, target your content and enhance your reputation as a leader in your field.

But can you repurpose the content you make for your membership site?

In this episode of The Content 10x Podcast, we speak to Mike Morrison – the Godfather of membership sites!

Mike is the co-founder of Membership Geeks and Membership Academy, where he helps guide the growth of high-performing memberships, e-learning businesses, and online communities.

With over 15 years of experience in digital marketing and online business, Mike has worked closely with multinational brands such as McDonalds, ITV and Ancestry.com.

He’s also the co-host of the Membership Geeks Podcast, author/co-author of three books and has been featured on the likes of Social Media Examiner, Huffington Post, Foundr and Net Magazine.

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Can you repurpose content when you start a membership site?

Yes – you can! Mike explains that new member site owners often think their members will expect more than they actually do.

If you’re creating a membership site, look at the content you already have and find ways to deliver it in a slightly different format. Alternatively, use your existing content as a springboard and create a little bit extra for your members.

Don’t underestimate how valuable it is to create convenient, time-saving content!

How To Repurpose Membership Site Content with Mike Morrison - Content 10x Podcast Amy Woods

Bundling relevant content together in one place, such as eight blog posts into a handy eBook, is a convenient way to compile your content for your site.

Mike explains that you wouldn’t typically take free content and lock it behind a paywall, but you can certainly use that content as a jumping-off point to create something new or build on from it.

For example, a blog post could be the inspiration for a live Q&A or it could be turned into a downloadable checklist. The ‘extras’ you create can form a part of your membership content, and people will be willing to pay to access them.

Creating Membership Content From Your Podcast

Mike shared some really great tips on how you can use your (free) podcast to create (paid) membership content.

Brilliant Idea #1

Video yourself recording your podcast episode, either in person or using the software of your choice. Offer the audio for free as a podcast episode via the usual channels. Then, make the video recording only available to paid members.

Brilliant Idea #2

Why not ask guests to stay on for 10 more minutes, ask them extra questions or do something extra with them – just for members?

Combine this with a call-to-action to tell the listener that, if they sign up to be a member, they can catch the guest’s quickfire answers, for instance.

Creating Membership Content from Live Events

If you are running events, or presenting at an event, whether it’s a big conference or just a small workshop, consider recording your presentation/talk and putting the recording into your membership.

In the past, Mike has repurposed video footage of his talks at live events into gated content for his dedicated audience.

It’s important to remember, if you are speaking at someone else’s event, obtain agreement in advance to have a copy of the recording for your own membership.

You could also extract the audio from your live presentation and as if by magic, you have a podcast episode!

It may need editing, sequencing or the audio may need enhancing, but it’s an excellent way to repurpose your event! That’s another great example of potential member-only content.

Repurposing Your Membership Content To Advertise Your Membership

Mike explains that if you have courses or lengthy content in your membership, it doesn’t diminish the value if you release parts of it for free.

He provides an example of where he has done this by taking the audio from his membership tutorials and putting it out as a podcast episode. However, it’s important to remember that the lessons you repurpose need to work as standalone content.

You can also take individual lessons and put them on YouTube. Solve one piece of your audience’s puzzle and direct them to your membership site using a call-to-action to get more help.

Members are usually understanding, and Mike says that he’s never had any complaints!

At Content 10x, we often help our clients to repurpose their membership content for marketing purposes e.g. with Facebook ads.

What better way to advertise your membership than to show people a sneak peek of what’s included? 

Getting Started With A Membership Site

How To Repurpose Membership Site Content with Mike Morrison - Content 10x Podcast Amy Woods

So, you want to start a membership site?

Here are some tips from Mike on starting a membership site and how repurposing can be involved:

  • Be clear on your role as a problem solver. It’s not about the volume of content, it’s about the value and how easily your content solves problems for your members. Just because someone tells you to blog once a week doesn’t mean that you should if that’s not right for you. Zero-in on what you need to do to solve your audience’s problems.
  • Work out how your membership will be structured and segmented. Are you taking your members from step one to an end result? Or, are you creating a competency-based membership and it’s more about going from beginner, to intermediate to advanced? Make sure that your content provides enough to cover each of those stages as a starting point. E.g. if it’s a five-stage journey, have content on all five stages as some people will not join at stage one, they will be at stage two or three... 
  • Add 10% to your most popular content. Look at the 10 most popular and relevant pieces of content that you have produced so far. Then find ways to add 10%. Create a checklist, create a video, create a guide to print off, bring a guest back for a Q&A… The act of organizing free content in order to take people on a step-by-step journey is also a way of adding value.

If you would like to hear more from Mike then you can head over to his website or find him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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