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How to Repurpose Live Events with Janet Murray

EP 23 - How to Repurpose Live Events with Janet Murray

This week on the podcast I’m really pleased to introduce you to Janet Murray, and we talk all about how to repurpose live events!

Janet has a journalistic background, with over 17 years of experience writing and editing for national newspapers. She has built a hugely successful blog, podcast and social media following.  Her specialism is helping small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow their business by promoting themselves in the most effective way – via content marketing, email marketing and PR. She holds live events, is a key-note speaker, author, media trainer and has a fantastic membership community called Soulful PR Studio.

Janet and I have met each other a fair few times over the past year, at various events in the UK and USA. We’ve become good friends and are now members of the same small mastermind group.

I’ve got so much respect for Janet because she is an absolute pro when it comes to practicing what she preaches! She is a huge fan of content repurposing just like me.  I was spoilt for choice in terms of choosing what topic to talk about on the show!

I decided to talk with Janet about all the wonderful ways that you can repurpose live events...so basically how she incorporates content repurposing into planning, promoting and running her live events.

Janet runs two big live events each year – Soulful PR Live, a 2-day event in London where national journalists meet small business owners, and Your Year In PR, a 2-day content planning masterclass.

EP 23 - How to Repurpose Live Events with Janet Murray

Here’s the gist of what we talked about and Janet’s tips and advice…

With live events, always be thinking about repurposing!

If you’re holding a live event always be thinking about how you can repurpose content. It’s not just about repurposing a video or a webpage, rather constantly assess what you could make go further.

Be prepared to have your mind blown with all of these examples of how you can repurpose live events…

Involve your audience in decision making

  • Shares design ideas on social media e.g. share 5 or 6 ideas for your event logo and ask for opinions. Share anything to get people talking about the event and spike curiosity
  • Involve your audience in building your sales page! Janet literally got her potential customer to help design the very same sales page they went on to buy from!
  • The trick is to share content that will be reused anyway, e.g. a banner, logo…and use that as a tool to get people interested and curious in the event

Here is a short video trailer of Janet discussing live events and how she targets potential customers:

Create content after your event to use in the launch of your next event – clever!

  • Write a really detailed follow-up blog post of your event – add photos, videos, banners, artwork
  • Encourage delegates to write blog posts about the event that can later be repurposed for marketing.  Top Tip: Teach people how to do this, they might not know.  Make it super easy for them and give them access to photos and logos, etc
  • Record a video trailer of your event – be sure to capture the atmosphere. It’s not just about the speakers and presentations, but also film the delegates, the food, the goodie bags…they all play a part in creating the event atmosphere
  • Make sure to take lots of photographs – they can be repurposed in SO many ways
  • Videos and photographs from the live event can be used on all social media platforms
  • Janet’s motto is everything is a content opportunity. Plan and take every opportunity to capture what you can from the event
EP 23 - How to Repurpose Live Events with Janet Murray

Creating content for membership communities and online courses

  • Structure the event so that each session can become its own mini-lesson and stand alone. If you have hired a videographer then be clear on this in the brief
  • Try not to have a straight digital version of your live events – make your repurposed content different and turn it into something new

Making use of the audio from live events

  • Record the presentations and you then have an audio file that can be used in many ways
  • Your audio file could be turned into a podcast episode
  • You could break your audio down into snippets for social sharing

In conclusion

Janet is clearly a maestro when it comes to creating engaging content and making the most of every single content opportunity that a live event presents! If you want to work out how to repurpose live events then just look at how Janet does this!

She was absolutely clear on the fact that content repurposing has saved her time and helped her generate more revenue.

If you’d like to find out more about Janet head to her website, or you can find her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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