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How to Repurpose Content Like Top TV Talk Shows

How to Repurpose Content Like Top TV Talk Shows

How many content repurposing tips can you learn from TV talk shows?

If you’re a long-time Content 10x Podcast listener, you’ll know that the answer is…  A LOT!

TV talk shows have provided me with a lot of repurposing inspiration and they’re a really fun topic to talk about. Many people have a favorite host, favorite talk show, or favorite segment that they just have to watch – even if they never watch the full show!

In this ‘best of’ episode I revisit three of my most popular podcast episodes. Each one discusses the top repurposing tips that I've picked up on from TV talk shows.

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Featured episode #1: How to Segment Your Content for Ultimate Repurposing (with Lessons From TV Talk Shows) 

How to Segment Your Content for Ultimate Repurposing (with Lessons From TV Talk Shows)
“You're creating segments that take on a life of their own and can live separately and grow with different audience, separate to the longer form content.” 

Carpool Karaoke is my favorite TV talk show segment of all time (closely followed by British duo Ant and Dec and their hilarious “Get out of me ear” wind ups).

I find them funny and entertaining. But what I really like about them is that I don’t have to watch the whole show to enjoy them. And, if it wasn’t for some clever content segmenting, I may never have discovered them in the first place!

Segmenting is an awesome method for creating content that’s easy to repurpose. Just look at how popular these TV talk show segments are – they’ve really taken on a life of their own!

It means that people don’t have to engage with your longer core content if they don’t have time or aren’t interested in the whole piece. They might enjoy just a snippet, and by segmenting, you can capture that audience and draw them in.

Episode 137, How to Segment Your Content for Ultimate Repurposing (with Lessons From TV Talk Shows), discusses clever segmenting. The clip I chose for this episode tells you more about segmenting, and why it’s such a great idea. Hit play on the podcast player at the top of this page to hear it!

Featured episode #2: Repurposing Your Core Content Into Companion Content

Repurposing Your Core Content Into Companion Content
“If you create some kind of after show or companion show, it's a little bit like the low hanging fruits from the content you've already created.” 

The next TV show observation that really struck me this year was the rise of companion content.

Companion content has been around for a while. However this year, more and more shows seemed to be doubling up their TV time with a spin-off!

Companion content is a brilliant way to keep your "super-fans" engaged. Your "super-fans are so important to your business, why not give them more of what makes them happy? In episode 118, Repurposing Your Core Content Into Companion Content, I dive into this in much more detail.

For this episode, I’ve pulled out a segment highlighting what shows are doing a great job of repurposing into companion content, and why they’re doing it.

Featured episode #3: Ask, Curate & Create: A Genius Way to Maximize Content

Ask, Curate & Create: A Genius Way to Maximize Content
“They repurposed content that already existed, used it in a new way on the show, and then repurposed the segment of the show for YouTube and got 83 million views! It's really, really smart.” 

I couldn’t create this episode without revisiting episode 149, Ask, Curate & Create: A Genius Way to Maximize Content.

In it, I talk about how the two Jimmys (as I affectionately call them, otherwise known as Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel) curate content and repurpose it for maximum results.

How do they do it?

The power of social media of course! No spoilers! You’ll have to check out the full ‘Repurpose Like The Top TV Talk Shows’ podcast episode to hear more…

In Conclusion

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking back on some of the best Content 10x Podcast moments over these last few weeks.

It’s been a real pleasure to relive some of my favorite bits. I’d love to know what your favorite moments have been this year. If there’s a topic I’ve talked about or a piece of advice that struck a chord, let me know! Leave a comment below or contact me on any of the social media platforms!

I’ve got big plans for the podcast’s future – but don’t worry, I’m still going to be bringing you great guests, repurposing advice, and maybe a few surprises too. You’ll have to stay tuned to The Content 10x Podcast and blog to see what they are.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already grabbed a copy of my book, what are you waiting for? Content 10x: More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results is packed full of all of the content repurposing advice you need.

If you’re serious about your content repurposing strategy and ready to invest in the experts to do it for you, then please check out our  Content 10x repurposing services. We want to help you become an authority in your industry in 2021.


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