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How To Repurpose Content Using GIFs with Andrew & Pete

How To Repurpose Content Using GIFs with Andrew & Pete - The Content 10x Podcast

Would you like to learn how to repurpose content using GIFs?

Do you use GIFs already in your content creation endeavours?

Are you wondering what a GIF is?!

This week’s episode of The Content 10x podcast is all about GIFs. I think visual content is insanely important. I’m not alone in thinking this, according to Social Media Examiner’s 2017 Industry Report 41% of marketers said that visuals are the most important type of content. GIFs are engaging, often comical, visual content.

I was intrigued to find out that you can repurpose your videos and images into a GIF, and to explore this I invited some awesome guests on the show – none other than the dynamic, content marketing duo Andrew and Pete!

Introducing Andrew and Pete

Andrew and Pete are good friends of mine. They run a marketing company where they help solopreneurs and small businesses to create insanely shareable content that builds brands people love, predominantly through their membership community – ATOMIC. I could have invited Andrew and Pete onto the show to talk about many different things but I was aware that they knew more than a thing or two about GIFs and so thought it would be a fun chat…and it was!

Watch, listen or read…it’s up to you?

This week I have a special treat because the whole podcast episode was also video recorded. So you have the choice of listening to the podcast (hit play on the player above, or catch it on iTunes), or you can watch the video below. Or you can read the article below the video. Of course, you can do all three if you like!

What we discussed… well, what is a GIF?

Getting all techie, GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format and is a short looping animation. Here's an example of a GIF we created when I was celebrating 2 years of the Content 10x podcast.

Andrew and Pete explained that it helps to consider GIFs as a halfway point between an image and a video, using no sound and therefore less memory.

GIFs are undergoing a resurgence and have actually been around for quite some time - so long in fact they may even be considered retro. Often when we see them used currently, we see them used to add humour, fun or emotional and can put across a little more than an image alone.

How to Repurpose Content Using Gifs

How do you create your own GIF?

There are a few different ways. If you have it you can use Adobe After Effects programme (paid).

You can use free online tools too.  You can either create a GIF from images and have it play like a slideshow. Or, you can take a clip from a video that you already have and turn a little segment of that into a GIF.

This was really interesting for me as it immediately screamed out repurposing!

You can repurpose your images, or your videos, into GIFs. How exciting!!

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Andrew and Pete recommend using Giphy.com or EzGif.com.

Ezgif.com has a bit more functionality, for example, it allows you to create a transparent GIF, which works well on an image background or embedded into a website rather than if it were on a plain white background. For example, the changing emoji on Andew and Pete’s homepage is a transparent GIF.

Giphy is very simple and easy to use...a good starting point.

TEST: If you go to 4:26 of the video you will see Andrew and Pete smiling and waving. I headed over to Giphy and here is a GIF that I created...


You can apply for a brand channel on Giphy.com. This means that other people can find your GIFs and use them, as long as you make them public. This enables your followers to promote you too via GIFs. These GIFs show in search on Facebook, Twitter, Messenger and Whatsapp to name a few place. And the great news – it’s free! (at the time of writing this anyway)

Making GIFs from images

You don’t have to have a video to create your GIF from. You can also great a GIF from images too.

If you are new to GIFs it is fairly simple to use a handful of images and only change minor details, like perhaps add an arrow, to create an effective GIF.

How To Repurpose Content Using GIFs with Andrew & Pete - The Content 10x Podcast

Different way to use your GIFs

GIF Games!

Andrew and Pete shared how they created a really fun game from a GIF that they  made on Giphy with images. Their GIF had been created with a lot of images of different speakers at Social Media Marketing World, it was a very fast paced GIF. When shared on Twitter if someone touches the GIF it stopped. The game was touch the GIF and whoever you land on, go take a selfie with that speaker!

Using GIFs in your emails

Andrew and Pete shared an example of using GIFs in your emails. Marie Forleo has created a GIF thumbnail that she puts in her emails, with a play symbol on it. This is a great way to encourage people to click!

GIFs as a call to action

Any call to action will be maximised if you use a GIF. It will give an edge over just providing say a link in an email or an image on a blog.

GIFs as a short instructional guide

Simple instructions can be communicated in GIFs, such as the classic ‘add us to your mailing list’ in your welcome emails, as long as it can be done in under 10 seconds. Instruction can often sound boring or time consuming, but watching something in 5-10 seconds is more likely to get attention and the person is then more likely to take action.

Getting started

If you want to get started with GIFs, why not head straight over to Giphy, set up a brand channel to get ahead of most others (for free), grab a video and follow the instructions. It’s easier than you think! If you want a step-by-step video guide on how to create a GIF, then check out The Content 10x Toolkit. Our Toolkit gives you EVERYTHING you need to become a content repurposing pro. From creating teaser videos for social media to launching a podcast, to writing engaging show notes. Stop constantly researching for answers and start repurposing with our easy to follow video tutorials, templates, checklists and more. With your copy of The Content 10x Toolkit, you’ll soon be multiplying your content efforts with maximum results. Please let me know how you get on in the comments below.


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