Epic Podcast Repurposing

Epic Podcast Repurposing

Our Podcast 10x service is one of our most popular services, and with more and more people tuning into podcasts each week, it’s no surprise that so many podcasters want to expand their outreach.

The average podcast listener spends 3.6 hours per week listening to their favourite podcasts – how amazing is that?

Speaking of podcasts, if you prefer to listen rather than read then hit play below:

The podcast industry is on the up, and has been on an exciting upward trajectory for many years now. In fact, I’m lucky to be heading out to Philadelphia in July to attend Podcast Movement – the biggest annual podcasting event, which started off as a fairly small event 4 years ago and this year it is expecting over 2000 attendees – I think that says a lot about the boom in podcasting!

But creating and running a podcast is no walk in the park. It can be time consuming, and with that in mind you need to make sure that you maximize the value from your podcasting efforts.

But how do you ensure that as many people as possible listen to your podcast. And how do you reach the people who aren’t podcast listeners?

The answer is to repurpose your podcast episodes into many different formats for many different locations.

In this podcast episode, I talk about what we do for our clients (sharing a specific example from one particular client) to give you lots of ideas for how you could repurpose a podcast as part of your content strategy.

Begin with an Audio File

So, first things first. If you want to repurpose a podcast episode, you need an audio file – so get recording!

If you don’t have a podcast, but you’d love to start one, head on over to this podcast episode. You'll hear me talk about how beginners can launch their podcast - **SPOILER** - It isn’t as complicated as you might think!

For this example, when our client uploads her audio file into a shared Dropbox folder, the production team get started on editing the file. They transform it into a polished, excellent sounding, podcast episode. We add intro music, pre-roll and post-roll sections, outro – as well as levelling off noise, removing any mistakes and generally making it sound awesome.

Write Show Notes – Turning Audio into Written Content

In our opinion, you can’t have a podcast without show notes – it’d be like having a great car with no keys!

When you’ve recorded your podcast, and it’s been edited to perfection and ready for publication, it’s time to write your show notes.

We write show notes for our clients too. These are used in the submission to the podcast host ( so they publish on places around the web such as iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, I Heart Radio etc). They also go onto the website.

Write a Long-Form Blog Post

We also go the step further and write a long-form, standalone blog post based on the podcast episode.

For our client in this example, it’s always possible to do this whenever solo shows are recorded. We can do this for guest interviews as well - it’s not always as straightforward as with solo shows (because the topic is not always as focused), but it’s still possible.

The blog post is always based on some of the key points made during the discussion on the podcast.

Writing an article based on your podcast episode gives people who prefer to read rather than listen the opportunity to get to know you via an alternative form of content.

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Try and write an evergreen blog post for your podcast. If you’re not familiar with this marketing term, think about an evergreen tree that has leaves and foliage all year round. It’s the same concept. It’s a blog post that will remain relevantplus it’s brilliant for SEO!

You can publish your evergreen post on your website and other nests on the internet such as Quora, Medium  and LinkedIn. To find out more about this click here.

Epic Podcast Repurposing

Create Social Media Posts

We always create engaging social media posts that will grab people’s attention, increase awareness and drive traffic to the original podcast episode. There are many ways you can do this…

Because we have now written a blog post and listened to the podcast episode in full, we take extracts from it to post on social media. When choosing excerpts from the blog post or podcast, we always ensure we choose shareable content that provides value to our clients audience.

Some great examples of extracts that work well on social media are things that make people laugh or something that peaks their interest and curiosity.  It’s really a case of trying to bring about some form or emotion. You can select a key point that you made during the episode or choose a fantastic quote from a special guest.

Here is an example of a post we created for Episode 32 of the Content 10x podcast. We resize the images to suit multiple platforms, in this case to 612px by 612px for publishing on Instagram.


Simple Ways to Repurpose Blog Content onto Instagram

Start planning posts for your social media channels and try to mix it up to add some diversity. You can publish short posts, long posts, posts with links, posts without links or posts with questions etc. the primary goal with your posts is to drive engagement and get people to stop scrolling on their newsfeed, read your post and take action!

Design Images for Social Media

Another great idea to repurpose a podcast episode is to create images to go along with your social media posts. We develop stand-out graphics for all of our client. They always help to attract more people to the post and, in this example, listeners to the podcast.

The main objective with the images you create is to make them as eye-catching as possible. There is a lot of visual content out there for your audience to choose from, so give them a reason to spend time with yours.

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With each of our clients, we never post anything that doesn’t come with an image or video – it’s just smart marketing!

Repurpose Images for your Blog Post

Since you’ve already created a few great images for your social media channels, why not return to your blog post and slip a few images in there to liven it up?

Epic Podcast Repurposing

Adding images to your written articles will bring colour to them, break up the text and make them look good. Not only that but when people hear information, they usually don’t remember more than 10% of it. But if you throw a few images into the mix, people are likely to retain at least 65% of the information three days later! 

Create Video Teasers for your Podcast

Videos are easy for an audience to digest, so you want to think about how you can repurpose a podcast episode to create some valuable video content.

We do this in a few different ways for our clients. For the client in this example we create a short, animated teaser video. We also extract the audio from the podcast, pair it with an image and turn it into a little animation that then goes onto social media sites. The teasers are around 15 to 30 seconds long, and they’re created in square format for easy sharing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We also create a short teaser in a vertical form for Instagram Stories.

Produce Video Trailers

Despite what you might think, trailers aren’t just for blockbuster movies!!

Another excellent service we provide here at Content 10x is to create a slightly longer video ‘trailer’ that’s around two to three minutes in length for each podcast episode. This video gives people a sneak peek and planting the seed of curiosity in their minds – once they see your trailer, they can’t help but click to listen to more of the podcast episode!

When we’re creating a video trailer, we take different key extracts and points from the podcast and combine them with changing images to create a short trailer video that can go onto Facebook, YouTube, or even your blog post.

We also burn captions onto the videos because when people scroll through their Facebook newsfeed, a lot of them tend to watch videos in silent mode. So, with captions, people can view your videos in silence and read the subtitles!

Email Marketing

If your email marketing routine is looking a bit dull lately, repurpose a podcast episode to reach out to your subscribers. You could also be driving more traffic to your show!

For our client, we take the blog post and transform that written content into an email to send out to her email subscribers.

It’s important to keep in touch with your subscribers and add value to the emails that you send. Make them aware that you’ve just released a new podcast episode, let them know what it’s about and encourage them to check it out.

If your podcast show is also available via video format, put that in the email subject line and let your readers know because simply having the word “video” in your email will increase open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%! 

Give them a Content Upgrade

An additional service we offer our clients is to create a content upgrade that they can provide to their audience. This is something of additional value that you can provide to your audience in exchange for their email (in a fully GDPR compliant way, of course ). This can be anything from a checklist to a planner or swipe file.

It’s okay to get creative and think outside the box when it comes to your content upgrade. Think about what your consumers would like to receive from you – and then give it to them!

Find out more about content upgrades here

Bonus Ideas!

Here are three additional bonus ideas I’d like to share with you:

1. Post on Professional Publications

A unique service we offer this particular client is publishing her content on high-authority websites and professional publications. She is a top influencer in the medical industry, so placing her material on places like this helps to identify her as an expert in her industry.

2. Go Live on Facebook

If you want to get more people to listen to your podcast, go live on Facebook or YouTube and talk about your latest episode. Explore a few key points and start a discussion with your live audience. This will help generate excitement and interest in your podcast.

3. Use Instagram Stories

If you have an audience on Instagram, and you use Instagram, don’t neglect Instagram Stories! It’s a great way to generate interest in your podcast, and you might also get a few new followers too. Let people know about your podcast and start posting to the platform on a weekly basis.

Now, I’m not suggesting you take all of these podcast repurposing ideas and do it all on your own – that’s crazy talk unless you have a lot of available time. But if you can, you should pick a few and try to repurpose a podcast episode or two as part your marketing routine to give your podcast audience an extra boost.  If you are looking at a DIY approach, check out The Content 10x Toolkit. It has guides, tutorials, and checklists that will make your repurposing strategy a breeze.

If you need help then click here to find out more about our services.


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