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Promote your podcast with engaging content that will grow your audience, brand, and business.

All without it taking over your life.

Record your podcast, we take care of everything else!

There are so many benefits to podcasting, but it's not easy...

  • Overwhelmed by the amount of time and effort it takes to produce each episode?
  • Frustrated that you're not producing enough content in different formats? There's video, blogging, emails... Argh!
  • Want to increase your authority and visibility?
  • Ready to invest in support but don't have time to hire and manage an in-house team or freelancer(s)?
  • Need a solid plan for achieving a return on investment from your podcast? 
  • Want a much stronger presence on social media?

We save you time.
Focus on creating great episodes,
leave the rest to us.

Our team consists of copywriters, graphic designers, podcast editors, video editors, content publishers/editorial, and content managers.

We offer a completely bespoke podcast repurposing service and operate as an extension to your business.

Your content team on tap! 

We can create:

Edited Podcast

We edit your podcast episodes, putting them through a full production cycle so that each episode comes out in the highest quality

Blog Posts & Articles

We turn your podcast episodes into long-form SEO-focused blog posts! Transcripts aren't enough to please Google, but expertly written articles are

Video Trailer

A 3-5 minute video trailer of highlights of your podcast episode. 82% of content consumed online is video content - you can tap into that without lifting a finger!

Episode Show Notes

Podcasts and show notes are like Batman and Robin! Our show notes help you get listeners on every podcasting app, from fans and newbies alike


Eye-catching, bespoke videos that show off your podcast highlights. Perfect for Facebook, Instagram, Stories, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, and more!

Social Media Graphics

Stay front of mind on social media, reinforce your message and get known. With podcast repurposing we create branded, exciting graphics for all your favorite platforms


Growing your email list isn’t easy but it’s worth it, because the relationship is all yours. We can create emails based on your episodes that will keep your list engaged and excited

Content Upgrades

And how do you grow your email list? Offer something of value in exchange for email addresses. We’ll create perfect ‘upgrades’ to your podcast episodes to help you grow your list

Social Media Copy

We don’t just want another like and the occasional comment... even followers are vanity. Great social copy encourages action and delivers an ROI, and that's the only kind of copy we write

Packages start from $475 per week/episode

Want to save more time?

We've got your back

We don't just create the content for you, we publish it all too.

You really do just focus on creating your core content and leave the rest to us.

We take publishing very seriously too, we research and focus every single episode following best practice with SEO, hashtags, tags, and keywords.

Our publishing service includes, but is not limed to:

Social Media Posting

YouTube Publication

Blog Post Publication

Podcast Host Scheduling

Don't have a podcast yet? No problemo!

We can take you through our comprehensive podcast launch process.

You’ll go from zero to launch in 3 weeks!

Don't just take it from us...

You could be as happy as these
Content 10x clients!

"We've been delighted with how the Content 10x team have efficiently provided podcast repurposing services, for both our BizChix Podcast, and our sister podcast, Stacking Your Team. Content 10x been able to meet a dual weekly podcast schedule and position us effectively to attract separate audiences yet provide cohesiveness. Having a virtual relationship with Content 10x has been a breeze. Amy and her team are truly a full service for podcast publication agency"

Natalie Eckdahl


"As a busy podcaster and online entrepreneur, I have always struggled with consistency of publishing my podcasts episodes because of the lack of time to create all of the content...the show notes, graphics, posting on my website, sending emails to my list, posting on Social Media, etc. Since working with Content 10X, my podcast listenership has increased by 60 percent, my sales have increased, and everything is done for me. Amy are her team are SUPER responsive and help me to save time to focus on other aspects of my business"

Anissa Holmes


"Amy and the Content10x team not only know how to repurpose content, but they know why it's important to not simply repurpose it, but to give it enhanced purpose overall - as a strategic partner, Amy is invaluable and as a producer of quality content, there's no-one better"

Mark Asquith

MarkAsquith.com & Rebelbasemedia.io

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