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3 Lessons Learned & 3 Mistakes to Avoid From 300 Episodes  
The Content 10x Podcast has hit episode 300 and we couldn’t be prouder. Together, we’ve explored content repurposing strategies every which[...]
Repurposing Long-Form Content: 5 Ways to Plan Ahead
Creating long-form B2B content and want to get the maximum ROI from it?  You’re in the right place! Because in this[...]
Content Distribution & Avoiding Assumptions About Your Audience  
It's great interviewing your clients and customers to develop case studies and testimonials for your marketing content, but do you[...]
How to Repurpose Content for Substack
Great content comes in so many different formats…   But if you find that you are delivering a lot of that[...]
How to Repurpose an Award-Winning Podcast into a Thriving Community with Kate Cocker
It’s every content marketers dream to have an active, engaged community. Not only does it help to entrench you as[...]
What The Infinite Dial 2022 Findings Mean for Content Creators
Here’s why you need to start repurposing your client case studies: Because they are a holy grail piece of content[...]
Introducing the B2B Content Strategist Podcast
We are thrilled to announce that our new podcast, B2B Content Strategist, is now live! The podcast provides a new[...]
How to Repurpose a Podcast Episode into a Blog Post
Every day, the Content 10x team spends hours repurposing all kinds of content. But one of our favorites is when[...]
It Started with Content… How 3 Ebook Downloads Became 280m Podcast Downloads
How can content repurposing help underperforming content reach its full potential?You can’t predict what might happen when you first publish[...]
How to Repurpose a Podcast to YouTube
How can you successfully repurpose a podcast to YouTube?This is a question that we get asked all the time.Podcast =[...]
The Best Content Repurposing Tips
How has your content repurposing strategy changed in the last 12 months? This year I’ve had some incredible guests on[...]
5 ½ Great Ways to Make Money from Podcasting
Podcasting is a labor of love. If you’re starting out with big dreams of making money from podcasting, you might[...]
The Content 10x Audiobook is Here: How to Repurpose an Audiobook into a Podcast Episode
I’m excited to announce that the audiobook version of my book, Content 10x: More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results is[...]
How to Repurpose a Podcast on Social Media
Hosting a podcast is a great way to position yourself as a knowledgeable expert in your industry. But if you repurpose a[...]
How Effective Podcast Repurposing Has Helped a Niche Offline Business Grow with Mike Richards
Have you ever wondered whether having a podcast may be more suited for online businesses vs. traditional brick and mortar[...]
How to Repurpose a Podcast into a Cartoon Video Animation
If you have a podcast, repurposing your episodes into an avalanche of new content is one of the best ways[...]
Podcast Repurposing Has Never Been More Important
We talk about podcast repurposing a lot here at Content 10x HQ, but just how necessary is it to attract and[...]
How to Repurpose a Podcast into a Book with Emily Prokop
Have you ever thought the unthinkable? No, I’m not talking about eating cereal at night, more: what if I could[...]
3 Smart Ways to Repurpose Video & Audio Content to Written Content
Want to discover 3 smart ways to repurpose video content and audio content? Wondering why you’d want to?….read on…Did you[...]
How to Repurpose a Podcast into an Alexa Flash Briefing with Sigrun
Smart speakers, for example Amazon Alexa and Google Home, are an electronic ‘gadget’ that seem to have gone from something[...]
Lessons Learned After 1 Year Hosting The Content 10x Podcast
It's official...the Content 10x podcast is one year old!!via GIPHYIn this week’s podcast and blog post I’ve taken the opportunity[...]
Podcast Movement – How to Become Loved As A Podcaster (By Those Who Hate Podcasts)
I recently attended Podcast Movement for the first time, which was in Philadelphia this year and it was AMAZING!Podcast Movement[...]
How to Create Audiograms for your Podcast: Wavve vs Headliner
If you have a podcast, how can you share your audio content on social media?Unlike photos and videos, getting audio[...]
My Dad Wrote… Something That I Repurposed The Hell Out Of!
Repurposing has no limits. You can repurpose almost any piece of content into something much greater and more influential than[...]
Epic Podcast Repurposing
Our Podcast 10x service is one of our most popular services, and with more and more people tuning into podcasts[...]
Repurposing your Video by Launching a (Brand New) Podcast
I get a lot of questions from people who want to repurpose videos into podcast episodes. But the thing is,[...]
Content Stacking with Colin Gray
This week on the Content 10x Podcast I speak with Colin Gray about content stacking. Colin is the founder of[...]
5 Ways To Repurpose Your Podcast Into Video
If you have a podcast, then I think that repurposing your podcast into video format is a really good idea.[...]
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