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The Content 10x Podcast is LIVE!

The content 10x podcast

It’s here… I’m really excited to share that the Content 10x podcast is now live! Woo-hoo! 

In my first introductory episode I explain what the podcast is about, who it’s for and a bit about me too. 

What is the podcast about? 

Well, content repurposing of course! 

Fundamentally, I believe content repurposing is about getting the maximum return from every single piece of content that you create.

the content 10x podcast

Content repurposing can take many forms, and there are lots of different and creative ways that you can repurpose your content.

I believe every content creator must repurpose, not just to reach more people, but because it gives you the opportunity to communicate with people in the way that they want to be communicated with, and in the places that they hang out.

I think most content creators would agree with me, BUT, most of the time, the comments that I hear when talking about content repurposing are along the lines of “‘I really should do that” or “I don’t repurpose my content enough”. If these comments resonate with you, you’re not alone!

Taking some positive steps forward and learning where to start is really the focus of this podcast. I provide tips, tricks, strategies and ideas for repurposing your content in the most effective ways.

the content 10x podcast

So, who is this for?

My podcast is for anyone who is creating quality content.

It’s for podcasters, bloggers and video content creators.

It’s also for entrepreneurs, small business owners or people who work in the content or marketing department of small or large business who are looking to explode their content online in order to reach more people.

So, if you tick any of these boxes at all then you’re in the right place. I call content repurposing ‘10xing’ your content because you can reach 10x more people and 10x more places (well…hopefully it’s even more than 10…but 10x has a nice ring to it!).

A bit about me

You can find out all about me here. But, to summarize, I’m Amy Woods, author, content repurposing expert and founder of Content 10x - a content repurposing service for podcasters, bloggers, video creators. We take our client’s single pieces of content and we turn them into different formats. For example, we turn podcasts into blog posts, videos, social media graphics, infographics, SlideShare presentations, webinars…the list goes on. As a result, I live and breathe content repurposing and I absolutely love it!

I haven’t always been business owner and content repurposer! Prior to Content 10x, I had a 12-year career with a global management consultancy company. I had a great time over the 12-years, but a turning point came when I got very sick, which forced me to drop everything. The recovery period that followed gave me time to reflect on what I really wanted to do with my life… I share a little more in my podcast. The upshot, is Content 10x and I have no regrets about leaving my corporate career behind!

So that’s me, back to the podcast…

You’ll find my podcast episodes are going to be bite-sized, around 10-minutes and every single one will focus on tips and ideas for content repurposing. I’m also going to bring in a few guests - those episodes will be a bit longer so I can really explore their areas of expertise on specific aspects of repurposing.

Please have a listen and if you like what you hear, I’d love it if you hit subscribe so you don’t miss any episodes!


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