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How to Track & Measure Your Content Repurposing

How to Track and Measure Your Content Repurposing

You’ve finally got your head around the multitude of measurement and analytics tools tracking your marketing metrics, and how you correctly attribute conversions and sales to individual pieces of content…. 

Now leadership are asking to see the figures for your repurposed content - they want to know if the budget allocated to it is worthwhile.  

You know it is 100% worthwhile so how do you prove it?  

Hit play on the player below to listen to our podcast episode on this topic...or read on to find out more. 

How do I measure the effectiveness of our repurposed content? This is a question that we get asked a lot. 

Because as marketers, we want to know what and how to measure... because if we can’t, some would say, whats the point?!  

How to track repurposed content 

One way to track and measure your repurposing is by taking a campaign view of your repurposing efforts, and measuring the campaign. 

Heres an accessible example that should paint a clear picture of the powerful impact repurposing can have on your content…  

Say you do a live webinar and 50 people attend on the day  

Then another 150 people dial into the recording of the webinar. So 50 live, 150 after the fact.  

Result - you recorded a webinar and from the live and post-live audience, 200 people watched it.  

And without repurposing that’s where it ends.  

Add repurposing and what are the results? 

However if you take the video from the webinar and repurpose it into a YouTube video, a podcast episode, a blog post, multiple social media posts and an email newsletter... what happens? 

  • YouTube video gets 1400 views 

  • The podcast episode gets 700 downloads 

  • The blog post gets 2000 unique visits 

  • The social media posts are viewed and interacted with and shared multiple times and amass 10,000 views alone  

  • The email goes to 20,000 people with a 20% open rate – so 4000 people opened the email….  

You get a general idea! 

So without repurposing your webinar content got in front of 200 people.  

With repurposing your webinar content got in front of over 18,000 people! 

In a recent episode of the Content 10x Podcast, Jonathan Bland, Co-Founder of demand gen agency Omni Lab, was talking about this very topic, he said 

How to Track and Measure Your Content Repurposing

It is crazy! 

So when you effectively repurpose you content you can:  

  1. Get your content in front of more people 

  1. Measure that by measuring how your repurposed content performs 

Also, it’s not just the vanity metrics” of views and listens and reads... but also, what did it do for the business 

Did the repurposed content generate any demos, sales calls, or sales? Track those results too.   

And, it’s okay to have content that is purely for brand awareness and content that is more for lead gen. 

The opportunity cost of not repurposing 

Measuring how your core content performs, and also how your repurposed content performs, seems like a really obvious way to declare the ROI of your content repurposing efforts….but...it’s not completely black and white.  

After all, it took extra hours to do the repurposing. Those results didn't happen by themselves. You need the time, and the skills and expertise to write the blog post and the email, select the video clips, produce a podcast, create eye-catching videos and social media graphics and so on…  

So there is the opportunity cost to consider of where else that time could be spent. Should you just be creating other content instead? 

But think about it like this… when you’re repurposing your high quality content, this removes the pressure of coming up with brand new ideas for all of those channels ALL the time.  You can create more content in less time.  

How repurposing helps you 

  1. It helps ensure you are clear in your messaging across multiple channels – being clearer on your message helps with building your brand and building trust 

  1. It helps you to scale on the channels that you choose to scale on 

  1. It provides space for ideation. Helping you to focus on quality core content (and then on quality repurposed content). 

So consider the cost of not repurposing….. getting on the hamster wheel and creating another webinar (that will also not be repurposed). 

So you have a set budget, and you invest in two webinars – both got 50 live views and 150 recording views – so both webinars were seen by 400 people. 

Or you used the same budget and spend 50% on one webinar, 50% on repurposing it. We’ve already been through the numbers – you connect with way more than 400 people!  

In conclusion  

How to Track and Measure Your Content Repurposing

It’s so important to track the ROI of your repurposed content, which you can do through the same analytics tools as you track your usual content on the platform.  

When you track and measure your content by looking at a campaign view – getting the data from core and repurposing content, and pulling it all together, you will be amazed at the results!  


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