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Maximizing the Content That You Create For Events

Maximizing the Content That You Create For Events

Attending and getting involved in events is often a core part of a content marketing strategy.

Whether it be in-person or virtual, if you’re investing time in speaking, sponsoring and exhibiting at events then you simply must make the most of the content opportunities.

But what are the best ways to maximize the content that you create for events?

In this episode and blog post, we uncover some top tips on how to maximize your content repurposing opportunities when creating content for events. Plus, we’ll share 4 great types of content that you can repurpose after events.

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Creating event content: the first thing to consider

At any stage of your content marketing journey, it can be easy to say ‘yes’ to supporting as many industry events as possible to get the word out about who you are and what you do.

But is that really the best way of doing things?

The time and effort that goes into preparing the content cannot be underestimated, especially if you’re exhibiting.

Take a few moments to really think about how the event will benefit your brand. Ask yourself this question:

Will the content that I create for this event have repurposing potential?

If you think it will, then you’re onto a winner!

At Content 10x, we always make sure content repurposing plays a huge role in whether to put an enormous amount of time and effort into an event.  

For example, before attending Digital City Festival in Manchester, UK, early in 2022, we reviewed how beneficial the event would be for us.  Being an early post-pandemic event, the number of attendees was hard to guess, and possibly on the low side, so we had to work out how else we’d reap an ROI from our involvement. We reviewed the content creation and repurposing opportunities we made the decision to go for it!

Just like with any aspect of content marketing, always act with repurposing in mind.

It will save you:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Resources

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Keep future events in mind

If you decide that getting involved in an event would be a great idea for your brand, make sure to think into the future and plan your potential content.

Are there opportunities to create evergreen print and online content? If so, this content is well worth investing time and effort in because reusing content is a fantastic repurposing method!

Maximizing The Content That You Create For Events

That’s just another thing to bear in mind when you choose what events you attend. Can you create content for it that can be used for future events too?

Content repurposing – what event content is suitable?

There are so many opportunities for repurposing the content you make for events.

If you’re attending in-person, you might be putting together posters and booth backdrops. If it’s a virtual event, maybe backgrounds and banners.

Here are 4 examples of content you can create for events that have excellent repurposing potential.

1. Leaflets

According to Design Print Distribution Group, 72% of people who receive leaflets keep them or pass them on. Therefore, handing them out at events – where your audience is more targeted – is surely a brilliant idea.

As mentioned already, make sure your leaflets feature timeless information. If you print a batch to hand out at in-person events, keep hold of the remainder for future ones.

Or you can print more for your next event. Easy.

If the event is virtual, why not send out PDF versions of your leaflet to attendees?

2. Recordings

Before you agree to get involved in an event make sure the organizers are fully aware you’d like to obtain videos and photos from the day (taken of you and your team).

You may not get hold of all of the content, but always ask and get your hands on as much as possible.

 Video is arguably the best for content repurposing. If you deliver a talk you could publish your talk on your website, YouTube or social media platforms.

It doesn’t stop there!

You could edit it into a speaker reel video, create short social media videos, strip the audio and create a podcast episode...there are endless possibilities.

It’s no secret that photos are ripe for repurposing too. They can be used in quote graphics, added to your website, used in marketing and sales content and so much more.

If you want help with repurposing video content from delivering a talk then check out our Talk 10x service.

3. Posters and backdrops

Designs for posters and backdrops could be used to create other promotional social content for the event in the build-up. They can also be edited and reprinted to display at future events too.

For example, you may need to design a virtual/Zoom background or digital banner, and for in-person events this could be a backdrop for your booth.

Digital City Festival

Posters and designs on backdrops can be resized, reformatted and repurposed by designers – that’s exactly what happens here at Content 10x.

When we attended the Digital City Festival, I delivered a speech on content repurposing. At our booth, we had an eye-catching poster, created by our design team, to tell people when and where they could catch my talk. Now that could sound like single-use content, but we repurposed it into social media images and we use the design as a template for future events.

4. Case studies

Similar to leaflets, case studies are excellent for repurposing!

It’s practical to produce both a website version and a PDF version of your case studies.

If you can print your case studies then do so, and hand them out to event attendees.

If there is a place on the event app where you can upload content then upload the PDF version of the case study and provide it to virtual attendees.

Be sure to pick and choose appropriate case studies suited to the audience of the event you are attending.

It’s a great idea to give your audience, whether in-person or behind the screen, as many opportunities and ways to view your content as you possibly can. So this is a good example of how your event content can work in both virtual and IRL situations.

Content repurposing for events can be a win-win for all parties 

As we said earlier, it can save you time, money and resources.

So let’s recap 4 types of content you can repurpose from events:

  1. Leaflets
  2. Video recordings
  3. Posters and backdrops
  4. Case studies

Next time you’re thinking about attending an event, just think about how beneficial it will be for you and your brand for just the content alone! (never mind all the other benefits!)

And remember…always keep content repurposing in mind.

If your team needs some help with repurposing, let us know! Our content repurposing services fit in with your existing marketing strategy to help you get the best out of your content. To find out more on this, click here.

For more tips, why not check out our library of podcast episodes and blog posts. And you can get your hands on our book Content 10x: More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results for even more content repurposing guidance.


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