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How to Maximize Content with a Small Team with Jess Cook

how to maximize content with a small team

Welcome to the second installment of our mini-series featuring B2B marketing experts spilling the beans on their content repurposing strategies, hacks and eye roll moments!

We are talking to the brilliant Jess Cook. Jess is the Head of Content and Comms at Island and she featured on our sister podcast B2B Content Strategist where she spoke about how content repurposing helps her small team look big.

We wanted to delve deeper into this idea and in this episode and blog post, Jess shares how, with a small team, she has to be specific about what they repurpose and how that helps target that C-level audience they want to reach.

Listen to or watch the episode below, or keep reading for the key takeaways. 

Why video is so great for repurposing

Diving into a full-length video, pulling out three or four nuggets that really stand out on their own as a clip and then understanding how best to use them – that’s why Jess enjoys repurposing video content so much!

For a long time it was just great for social, but more and more Jess has been finding ways to repurpose these already repurposed video clips so they can be embedded into emails and blog posts too.

Creating content with a video-first approach allows for a robust repurposing strategy as there are so many dimensions to play with, plus it has the human element. A name and a face, some personality. It all creates more engaging content that is highly relatable.  

Repurposing with a small team 


You don’t need a big team to make a big splash with your content. You just need to be specific about what you choose to repurpose.

You won’t have the bandwidth to repurpose for every persona and every industry vertical, so focus on the audience that you want to target and the platforms where they spend their time. Once you know this inside out your repurposed content can be so targeted that it will hit the mark every time.

content repurposing

Repurposing can deliver unexpected results

When evaluating the impact of your repurposed content, it’s important to compare its performance to the original piece. Metrics such as reach and conversion rates provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of both the core content and its repurposed versions.

Jess has been surprised by the results when she’s done this, saying that in many cases, repurposed content outperforms its original. Her thoughts? Perhaps it's because of the shorter format often used, captures attention more effectively and draws people in.

“On the whole, I will see that we get, 12, 15, 20, sometimes 30 times the reach on a repurposed piece of content which then brings them into our world and gets them to know more about us.”

Conclusion? While repurposed content can act as a gateway to longer-form pillar content, its ability to stand alone and resonate with your audience just highlights how valuable it is when it comes to expanding brand visibility and fostering audience engagement.

Biggest misconceptions about repurposed content?

1. It's easy!

People think repurposing content is easy. Jess talks about how it still requires time and discernment, you need to decide which pieces work for which platform and format, which pieces have legs and which don’t and which pieces can be repurposed into multiple formats. All that thought goes into creating repurposed content. It’s not about chopping up a piece of long-form content and republishing it.

2. It happens at the end of the content creation process

Nope! You are far more likely to have success with your repurposed content if you have a plan for it before the content is created. By doing this, you structure the content in a way that makes distilling things down into those great insights very simple.


Focus on one challenge and one persona.

“Work with your leadership team to really understand which persona, which kind of buyer or champion is giving you the most impact. Who is most likely to click to book a demo, or say ‘Yes we want to buy this piece of software’ – and which channel is bringing in the most opportunities to meet these people? Find the intersection of those two things and start there.”


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