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Livestream Repurposing: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Livestream Repurposing: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

What is the biggest mistake you see people making in your industry?

When it comes to content, a mistake that really annoys me is when people don’t repurpose livestream video properly!

Why? I believe that livestream video is the most versatile content you can create…but more on that later.

So often I see attempts at repurposing livestream video that are just so disappointing.

Livestreams get uploaded to YouTube or podcast platforms with little to no editing, meaning the post-live audience have to suffer through all worst bits that come with live content, and get none of the benefits of being there live.

This is so lazy – and yet so easily rectified.

I’m on a mission to put an end to this lazy livestream repurposing. In this podcast episode, I share the best way to quickly and easily repurpose livestream video and why it’s so important.

Hit play to listen to the podcast episode now.

Or keep reading to learn how you can repurpose livestream video into better content for your audience.

Why repurpose livestream video?

I make it no secret that I think livestream videos provide the most content repurposing opportunities. In fact, I’ve spoken about it before in episode 151, "Is There a ‘Best’ Type of Content to Repurpose?," and with the host of The Visual Lounge livestream, Matt Pierce, in episode 176, "Why You Should Repurpose Your Livestream Videos with Matt Pierce."

But, in case you missed those episodes, here’s a quick recap why livestream videos are just so good for repurposing…

Video is the most versatile and dynamic content type there is, sitting at the top of the content pyramid

From just one video, you can create podcasts, blogs, shorter videos, graphics, social media content…the content opportunities are almost endless!

Live video gives you a unique opportunity to authentically interact with your audience…

…and then repurpose that livestream into a more polished long-form piece...and more

A quick disclaimer: live video might not suit every content creator or business. What really matters is your consistency, quality, publishing, and promotion of your content – not necessarily what format it comes in. There are many other factors to consider too, like your audience's preferences, your business type, and if creating live content scares the hell out of you…

…but all those things being equal, if I had to pick just one type of content for repurposing, I would have to say live video is the best.

The lazy way to repurpose livestream video

Now there is one big thing that all content creators need to bear in mind when it comes to repurposing…

Repurposing is NOT reposting!

Livestream videos don’t become good podcasts or YouTube videos simply because you reposted the download direct to the new platform. This is the lazy way to repurpose livestream videos…actually, I wouldn’t even call this repurposing!

Each platform has different features, expectations, and audiences that need to be respected. If you ignore the nuances of each format, then you’re really not making the most of your content opportunities.

How NOT to repurpose livestream video

Let me tell you about an experience I recently had.

I was listening to a podcast that is usually a prerecorded show. But in this episode, they’d repurposed a livestream into an episode. How did I know this? Well a few things gave it away, including…

  • Waiting for people to join
  • References to internet connection issues
  • Many live elements such as talking to an audience, e.g., “drop your thoughts in the comment box”
  • A long back and forth introduction between the host and guest that provided little value
  • Further connectivity issues that led to the host ad-libbing for an extended period whilst the person being interviewed dropped off and disappeared!

…and other frustrating moments that had me thinking, “Why am I wasting my time listening to this?!” and “why has none of this been edited out?”.

When I tune into a livestream, I know that things can go wrong. There are going to be moments that aren’t so valuable and, almost certainly, there will be some kind of tech problem. Maybe the occasional child running into a room or Amazon delivery turning up at the door. But when you’re in that space, engaging with the hosts and guests makes all of that worth it.

However, when the live show is over, repurposing is about extracting the value and not having your post-live audience listen through those bits! It’s a big waste of your audiences’ time if they have to sit through many low-value moments, hoping the good stuff will come along.

I actually found it quite disrespectful to podcast listeners that the host hadn’t spent any time to neaten up the episode for those who wanted to listen after the fact. Why should I invest my time in a show like that, if the host doesn’t even invest theirs? (Either their own time or hire someone to help with editing).

This is a clear example of how not to repurpose livestream video. It’s slapdash, messy, and not the kind of high-quality content people come to expect from you.

The best way to repurpose livestream video

Now let’s take a look at one company, and brilliant client of ours, who’s doing a brilliant job at repurposing its livestreams, TechSmith.

TechSmith’s weekly livestream The Visual Lounge is a perfect example of how you should repurpose livestream video.

Firstly, host, Matt Pierce, has a plan every week for how the show is going to go, with some segments remaining the same week-in-week-out. This makes it ideal for repurposing!

Being in the tech industry, Matt knows how important it is to get his audio, video, and internet connection working beforehand. While there may be a few hiccups along the way, Matt and the TechSmith team do their best to minimize errors by checking theirs and their guests’ equipment a few minutes before the show starts, rather than figuring it out live on air.

After the livestream, we step in with our Video 10x service. We tidy up the show, by editing out all the unnecessary live elements, any mistakes, and anything that isn’t valuable for their audience watching later.

Then we create a fully edited podcast episode, a full-length YouTube video, and more assets, including a long-form blog post, social media content, graphics, etc. that are designed specifically for each platform and their audience’s needs.

This way, when audiences access the show in their preferred format, they get all of the best bits with none of the live elements that just don’t apply to them.

4 tips to repurpose livestream video into better content

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to repurposing your livestream video.

There are four simple things you can do that make a huge difference to the final edit. Do the first two before your livestream, and the second two after to truly level up your repurposed livestream content.

Plan your content in segments

I always say create content with repurposing in mind. So planning is key to repurposing your livestream effectively. The best way to do this with video is to segment them. This makes it so easy to pull out the best bits after each episode and repurpose them into new content.

Test your tech

You know what they say…fail to prepare, prepare to fail. It’s really important to test your tech before you go live. And don’t be afraid to ask your guests to do the same. There’s nothing worse than figuring out those issues in front of a live audience, and they’ll drastically slow down your repurposing process.

Make sure your tech-testing checklist considers your repurposed content as well as the video livestream. E.g., if you’re repurposing into a podcast episode ensure everyone has a decent mic and wears headphones.

Edit out errors and live aspects

It’s inevitable that there will be problems with your livestream. It’s almost impossible to get them perfect! But that’s what the editing stage is for. Go through your livestream with a critical eye and take out any errors and anything that just isn’t valuable for an audience listening after the fact. For example, edit out waiting for people to join the livestream, edit out saying ‘hi” to live viewers, edit out asking people to write comments in the comments box. Keep it focused on your new audience.

If there are bloopers, then don’t let them go to waste. Check out Repurposing Bloopers: 3 Ways to Repurpose Your Mishaps. You may just be able to create new content from your edited out mishaps!

Record an intro and outro

Sometimes it won’t be possible to remove every live element or mistake, but audiences are forgiving. An introduction can help set the scene and give your audience context about what’s happening in the episode. Perhaps there’s some interesting reason why you’ve recorded this content as a livestream that would be good to share. This helps your audience feel more included rather than an afterthought.

So, whether you’re already repurposing your livestream video into other types of content, or have been hesitant to go live for the very reason that repurposing live video can be tricky – I’d love it if you dived in with these tips and created a brilliant livestream, ready for repurposing.

Let me know how you get on!

To learn more about how we can help you repurpose your livestream into high-quality content every week, just like we do with TechSmith’s The Visual Lounge, check out our service, Video 10x. Alternatively, you can book a discovery call with us now.

If you’re looking for more ways to repurpose your content yourself, look no further than my book, Content 10x More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results. It’s the ultimate guide to reaching more people online through DIY repurposing. Order your copy now for actionable tips and advice on how to maximize your content output.


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  1. Thank you for a very pertinent episode – I have just done my first livestreamed episode and was trying to decide whether to post it as is, or edit to retain the most pertinent content for new audiences.

    Your information helped me decide that editing was the way to go.

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