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Become the leading authority in your industry, get found on Google, and set yourself apart with your podcast.

All you have to do is film one video per week, we take care of the rest...creating engaging high-quality content that will build your brand and your business.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You're on LinkedIn and so are your clients and peers
  • You want to become the leading authority in your industry
  • You believe in the power of content for growing your business and brand, but wish you had more time to focus on it
  • You are comfortable on camera and happy to create video content (or, happy to learn)
  • You feel it's time to make a big impact and leave a legacy
  • You see your competitors creating content, knowing you could do it better and worried you're missing opportunities
  • You've tried creating more content in the past but struggled to stay consistent
  • You don't have time to create lots of content, nor does your team. Plus, you want to keep everyone focused
  • You want your content to be high quality and work hard for you. Low quality content is simply not an option for you

Improve your positioning, reach, and impact without compromising your standards or your time

How does this sound?

Imagine creating just one video per week... and then we take care of everything else, strategically repurposing it into a suite of high-impact, high-quality content across platforms.

We believe that to truly stand out in your industry, and to make content work for you, you need to share one PoV per week. Incredible things happen when you do this. 

If you are new to creating videos, don't worry, we help you get set-up and give you lots of advice.

From your one video, we create…

Fully Edited Video

Expertly edited video, with a stand-out custom thumbnail, subtitles, and a closing call-to-action

Podcast Episode

Skillful repurposing of your video into a
professionally edited podcast episode,
published to all podcast apps
(We will help you launch your podcast in only 21 days if you don't have one!)

Blog Post & Artwork

Your video transformed into a
standalone, long-form blog post
optimized for SEO

2 Social Media Graphics

We select key quotes and engaging questions from your video and design them into on-brand images

2 Short Teaser Videos

Short videos (around 30-60s long) with a title and subtitles, designed specifically for LinkedIn and sure to drive discussion

All Writing

Engaging copy written by our expert copywriters, to accompany all of the creative assets that we create


Publish your video to YouTube with a description, thumbnail, hashtags, and tags – all of which help you get found on search engines

2 LinkedIn Text Posts

2 text-only posts for LinkedIn per week that share questions, ideas, or points made in your video, written to increase engagement

All Publishing

We publish all content to LinkedIn, your website, your podcast host, and YouTube

We replace hiring a...

Video Editor, Copywriter, Podcast Producer, Graphic Designer, Project Manager, SEO Specialist, Publisher, Copy Editor, quality control, plus investment in HR, tools & software

Doing all of this yourself would cost $10,000+ per month
(not to mention the stress of hiring, training and managing the team)

No time to create your videos?

We can help

Video10x Exec Square Colored

If you find the process of planning and recording regular video content daunting and time consuming, then you may be interested in our premium serviceVideo 10x Exec, for busy CEOs, founders, business owners...etc. 

We work with you to create your video content - all you have to do is commit 1 hour every two weeks.

We help you efficiently create high quality video content that we can then repurpose. 

Simply turn up, share your expertise, and leave everything else to us!

Results our clients have seen...and you will too!

BUILD YOUR AUTHORITY in your industry, on LinkedIn, and on Google

BECOME KNOWN as an expert in your industry and a THOUGHT LEADER

People you once struggled to get in front of will start CONTACTING YOU

Become CONSISTENT - growing your audience, your influence, and your business

GET ASKED to speak at events, appear on podcasts, and earn PR opportunities

STAND OUT from your competitors & RISE ABOVE your peers

Building trust is your most powerful ally in the sales process. Your content builds trust which in turn MAKES SALES EASIER

Don't just take it from us!

Here's what our clients have to say...

"Creating content is only one part of running a creative business. Making sure that the target audience sees it, engages with it and wants more of it, is the other. Since I started working with Content 10x I have more time and all of my headspace to focus on the content that has received more attention, more engagement and eventually generated more leads. Happy audience, happy business”

Myriam Hadnes

Dr. Myriam Hadnes

Founder of

"All the team at Content 10x have been incredible. The whole process from onboarding to implementation has been seamless and they have been there throughout to offer advice and tips along the way. Their hard work has definitely paid off and we have received some amazing comments and won some HUGE contracts thanks to our content, so I can’t thank them enough. If you're looking for a company to help you set up and consistently produce great content then you can’t go wrong with Content 10x"

Mike Richards

Mike Richards

Host of The Treasury Career Corner Podcast & Founder / CEO of The Treasury Recruitment Company

"Working with Content 10x makes our lives easier at MaxContact. They save us so much time by repurposing our content. Since working with Content 10x we've got so much great content available to share across a variety of channels, which is great!"

Pip Hough

Marketing Manager at MaxContact

Are you ready to 10x your videos, influence and industry authority?




You don't need a producer, videographer or fancy studio... but there are some things you should know if you want to create great video content.

Learn how to perfect your equipment, environment, and on-camera presence!

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