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LinkedIn Algorithm Insights 2024: What You Need to Know

LinkedIn Algorithm Insights 2024: What You Need to Know

We’ve taken a deep dive into the latest LinkedIn Algorithm Insights 2024 Report, released by Richard van der Blom and his team at Just Connecting, to find out how we can implement the findings into our content repurposing strategies and get the most out of LinkedIn.

The report analyzed over 1.5 million LinkedIn posts from 34,000 profiles and 26,000 company pages across 50 countries and 25 languages and provides us with an aerial view of the result, so let’s dive in.

Listen to the podcast episode below or keep reading for key takeaways.

It’s important to put your audience first in your content strategy – we don’t create content for bots, we create content for humans. But, understanding the algorithms and what can make or break your post is equally important, right?! Plus, the algorithms adjust constantly based on human behavior, their job is to keep people on the platform, so we all need to work together to serve our audience.

LinkedIn is continuing to expand, outpacing peers like Facebook, X, and other platforms, which just makes this report even more important to pay attention to, especially if you work in B2B!

Repurposing Tips for LinkedIn: Based on the 2024 Algorithm Report

What is the new LinkedIn algorithm?

The LinkedIn algorithm has evolved in 2024 to prioritize meaningful interactions and knowledge-sharing. 

What does this mean for creators on the platform? To make the most of this algorithmic shift, it's essential to focus on creating content that adds value, fosters genuine connections, and aligns with your audience's interests and skills. Not massively different from what you’ve been doing, right?!

If you continue to focus on creating content that educates, inspires, and empowers your connections, you'll be well on your way to leveraging the power of the illusive LinkedIn algorithm to your advantage. But, if you want to be more specific, let’s dive into the facts and figures.

Winning combinations for LinkedIn posts

Let’s take a look at what some of the key findings are, and how we can incorporate them into our approach to repurposing content.

Text and a single image

The report reveals that posts that are a combination of text and a single image remain the favored format, accounting for 48% of LinkedIn posts.

The optimal length for text in a post is between 900 to 1,200 characters, which translates to approximately 53 to 71 sentences.

Additionally, shorter sentences (under 12 words) can boost engagement by up to 20%.

The power of visual content

Images have a significant impact on engagement, with a single image providing a 20% boost and a selfie contributing a 30% increase.

However, it's important to steer clear of stock images and instead use brand-aligned visuals, which can enhance brand recall by up to 15%. Each additional image can contribute to a 5% increase in reach, but the sweet spot seems to be 5 images per post.

Repurposing long-form content for text and image posts

To take advantage of the success of text and image posts, you can repurpose your long-form content into this format.

Identify key themes and rewrite important points into engaging posts, accompanied by on-brand visuals or even photos from events or webinars to connect with your audience.

To find out more about how to recognize the key points in your long-form content and rework them into posts for LinkedIn, take a look at our blog post with editing coach Erica Schneider.

Navigating image carousels

While image carousels have seen a decline in reach since last year, they still have a higher reach potential than text and image posts. The ideal number of images is 12, with 25-50 words per image and less than 500 characters in the post.

LinkedIn Algorithm Insights 2024: What You Need to Know

We love distilling our Content 10x Podcast episodes into visually engaging image carousels, and this is something that we also do for our clients day-in-day-out.

If you have a piece of content that is text or word-heavy, but contains loads of great key points, it’s perfect for repurposing into a carousel. Pull out key points and tell a cohesive story from beginning to end.  

Leveraging polls for increased reach

Polls have emerged as a powerful content format, boasting 2.16 times the reach of other post types. To maximize the impact of polls, keep the questions broad, describe the purpose in the text, and avoid niche topics. Inviting participants to connect after the poll can lead to an 80% increase in connection acceptance.

Next time you are repurposing content for LinkedIn, pick out questions that you find engaging and easy to answer and ask your audience in a poll. You can repurpose the results of those polls into future content too!

Optimizing text-only posts

If your audience likes to hear your voice in your own words, text-only posts remain a valuable format. Incorporate keywords, start with a strong hook, and end with a powerful closing statement.

The optimal length for text-only posts is between 1,800 and 2,000 characters, with no more than 4 lines per paragraph.

Mastering video content

Video content continues to dominate, with a 25% increase in interactions with live video year-over-year. The sweet spot for audience engagement is vertical videos between 1-2 minutes long.

Oh, and avoid including external links, as they can cut reach by 50%!

This is great for long-form video repurposing – you can transform them into short engaging videos for LinkedIn, just make sure you stick to the length mentioned, and make it a vertical video. Pair it with a concise text post that’s no more than 500 characters, and include a thumbnail.

Timing and consistency

The report says that for global reach, post between 8 AM and 11 AM in your home time zone, and consistently post at the same time each day to train the algorithm. For text and image posts, the sweet spot is Monday to Friday, between 8 AM and 10:30 AM. For videos, focus on Tuesday and Thursday.

We’d say the time recommendations in the report certainly needs to be considered in the context of your audience – you need to know your audience and understand the times that they engage the most.  For example, if your audience are in the hospitality sector, they are likely to be on social media at very different times to say 9-5 office workers.

Key recommendations

  • Create posts that increase dwell time (time on the platform)
  • Post regularly and in different formats (hello repurposing!)
  • Cross-promote posts by sharing on different platforms (hello repurposing, again!)
  • Leverage instant reposts for a 40% increase in reach (when people instantly repost your post)
  • Prioritize encouraging comments, as they are 8 times more effective than likes
  • Focus on thought leadership, projects, services, and personal stories

By implementing these insights and strategies, you can utilize repurposing to help you elevate your LinkedIn content and engage your audience more effectively.


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