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Importance of Video Marketing with Jason Hsiao

Importance of Video Marketing with Jason Hsiao

Video dominates the internet. Everywhere you go, everywhere you look – there’s video content.

Video is the public’s #1 favorite type of content on social media – a Cisco study predicted that by 2019 80% of content consumed online will be video – and looky here, we’re in 2019!

Video content also happens to be one of the best types of content for businesses to drive sales.

93% of businesses that use video say it’s gotten them a new customer thanks to a video they shared on social media.

There’s no doubt that video is a powerful way to grow your business. But do you leverage video marketing as much as you should? What’s more, video is by far the best type of content for repurposing.

I invited Jason Hsiao onto the podcast to talk about the importance of video marketing and why it should be a key part of your online marketing strategy.

{To listen to my conversation with Jason, hit play below or read on for more…}

About Animoto

Jason Hsiao is the co-founder and Chief Video Officer of Animoto, an award-winning online video maker. Animoto makes it easy for anyone to create professional-quality marketing videos. And the best part…you don’t need to have any experience or technical skills to get started!

Animoto was created with the mission of empowering everyone to create compelling videos regardless of age or experience.

Animoto’s certified partnerships with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and the Small Business Administration give it a unique insight into the changing social media and business landscape. More than 1-million businesses around the world are already using Animoto to create marketing videos.

With a bio like that, it’s easy to see why Jason is a go-to person when it comes to video marketing!

Why is Video Marketing so Important?

Importance of Video Marketing with Jason Hsiao

I often talk to my clients about how important video marketing is and all the ways they can repurpose their video content. But a lot of people lack the skills and basic know-how to create a video.

Video marketing is versatile and engaging. It’s easily accessible and can hold a person’s attention for a lot longer than most other forms of content.

After all, we are visual creatures. We gravitate towards things that are visually compelling. Graphics are a good start. But if you bring those graphics to life with something that’s moving, we’re compelled to watch!

Video marketing is crucial for any business that wants to grow. Jason shared a few interesting statistics to prove the effectiveness of video marketing:

•    People recall six times more information from a video than other forms of content

•    64% of people are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video

•    Video generates 12 times more shares and engagement on social media than text and images combined

Where Should you Place your Video Content?

With so many platforms to choose from, it can be difficult deciding where is the best place for your video content.

Jason’s #1 tip is to break it down by thinking about what people want from each platform.


Because different types of video content do well on different platforms.

This is where repurposing comes into play. You can create one video and then work on repurposing it to make it fit for the platform. For example;

Facebook is ideal for updates. You can keep your audience updated with what’s going on with your business and keep everyone in the loop.

Instagram is a hub for inspirational content. People go to Instagram to get inspired. They want to see things that interest and motivate them, which is why visual content works so well on the platform.

Twitter is very much in the moment. It has a “right here, right now” mentality. It’s great for posting content that’s time sensitive. You can update your audience quickly with a simple tweet and make announcements when and as they happen.

YouTube is where people go when they want to learn something. As Jason calls it, YouTube is like a “search repository of video content.” If you're going to share educational content, like demos or tutorials, YouTube is perfect.

How to Repurpose your Video into Teasers

You shouldn’t think about video marketing as another box to tick off your checklist. It’s a form of communication. It doesn’t, (or shouldn’t) have an expiration date. I’m not saying you have to create new videos every single day. But, you should think about all the ways you can repurpose your video to get the most value from it.

Creating a mini trailer or teaser for your video content is a great way to drive engagement. Choose an interesting part of the video or extract a quote and use it to create a short teaser video you can share.

Click to Tweet

Snackable videos are ideal for sharing on social media because it’s a great way to drive even more people to your content. Videos like this can also live on your website, blog or YouTube channel.

If you want to find out more about repurposing your video content into teasers and trailers, check out my blog post/podcast, ‘Content Video Trailers: Promote your Content with Short Videos.’  

How to Leverage Video Marketing if you’re Camera Shy?

We know that video is a powerful marketing tool and that’s all well and good for some. But, what if you’re not comfortable putting yourself in front of the camera? Does that mean you can’t reap the same benefits as someone who does put themselves on video?

Of course not!

You don’t have to be in the video. There are a lot of ways around it. For example, Jason explained that many Animoto users create a video using images or footage and pair it with a voiceover, and this can work really well. There’s plenty of ways that you can create videos without having to cast yourself as the star of the show.

Using Video to Humanize your Brand

Importance of Video Marketing with Jason Hsiao

Jason talked about how video can be used to humanize your brand, and I thought he brought up a lot of interesting points.

We live in a world where information is coming at us right, left and center. If you want to stand out, you’ve got to be different.

This means finding ways to humanize your brand and establishing a sense of authenticity. Putting yourself in front of the camera and letting your audience get to know you increase their trust in you and your brand.

One of best ways to stand out in a video is to capture the most authentic version of yourself and share it with the world.

How to Make an Engaging Video

When it comes to sharing a video on social media, less is more. You’ve got to make every second count. Instead of saving the best for last, put it right at the beginning of your video to really seize your audience’s attention.

As Mark Zuckerberg (the CEO of Facebook) says, make something that’s thumb stopping.

People have short attention spans. So, if you’re repurposing a longer video into bitesize snippets to share on social, choose something that’s interesting. Keep it short and remember to include captions as most people scroll through their newsfeed on the go and often watch videos without audio.

For longer videos that you want to post on YouTube, try and save something special for the end. Promise that if the viewer stays tuned, they’ll be rewarded. Perhaps you have an extra tip or promotion to share with them, etc. If you give people a reason to stick around, they’re much more likely to stay with you until the very end of your video.

In Conclusion…

Video marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Anyone can create impressive videos using a tool like Animoto, which can help you to create powerful, professional videos for your business.

When you create video, be sure to have a plan to repurpose. Make the most of your video because it’s the most versatile form of content.

To find out more about Jason and Animoto, go to animoto.com/content10x.

I’ve love to hear what you think about video marketing – comment below.


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  1. Thanks for writing the post with in-depth thoughts. Video marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies in the world. Watching videos is not only fun, but it is also one of the best ways to close up your audience and give them a real brief of what you and your business are doing.

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