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How to Spend Quality Time with Your Audience

How to Spend Quality Time with Your Audience

You aren’t going to find many business relationships that happened out of nowhere, with no prior interaction or relationship building.

When we are deciding whether we want to do business with somebody, we need to know who they are. We don’t just buy something or hire someone without some due diligence (or at least that’s not recommended!), we need to have spent some time with them first.

Sure, we might buy a cup of coffee for someone without much thought or sign-up to a $10 per month tool that can be canceled any time, but with higher ticket products or services, taking time to get to know each other is key.

That used to mean spending hours at networking events, long business lunches, and (shudder) days on the golf course! As our digital footprints have begun to mean more, though, we are able to build relationships online as well as in-person.

Creating content is a must if you want to build an audience and establish relationships online. Want to know how content repurposing fits into this theory too? You can listen to the episode on the player below or read on for my blog post about quality time.

Listen to the podcast on the player below:

Building relationships online and offline

Before I get into the details of this post, I’d like to share a story with you.

I dropped my kids off at school the other day. It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, it was Disney-levels of wholesome! Everyone I knew who I walked past got a big smile and wave.

Just as I reached my car, I stopped and realized I had just given my happiest hello to a total stranger. Except she wasn’t a stranger stranger.

One of the parents at my kids’ school is a TV star in the UK – she’s recognizable, even though I’ve never spoken to her. In my absent-minded cheeriness, I saw a face I recognized and said hello – because I didn’t distinguish between knowing her and recognizing her.

And do you know what? She’s said hello to me every day since then!

This is a powerful message that our brains don’t distinguish between knowing someone in-person and knowing someone online/digitally.

What does quality time look like in business?

Did you know that the amount of time people need to spend together before they can be comfortable doing business together is said to be 7-8 hours. After that, we know people well enough that we can form a reasonable judgement of them.

That’s what those liquid lunches and days on the green are for, after all – to judge each other.

As the buyer, you are getting to know the person you might be spending money on. Judging their character, judging whether you can trust them, building rapport, testing their knowledge, and seeing if you fit together.

As the seller, you’re proving yourself – your trustworthiness, expertise, and personality.

We take that kind of time to buy a car or book a holiday. We take that sort of time even when we’re dating! Think about it, if you spend a few hours over dinner with someone, the magical third date should be about 7 or 8 hours in.

The difference now is that, in business, not all of that time has to be spent in-person. You can build that relationship with someone through your content… as my TV star friend can tell you!

Time is time, it doesn't matter if it's through a screen

If you spend a lot of time with someone – even through a TV screen or your phone – you know them and have a connection with them. We genuinely know the people we spend time with digitally as if we knew them personally!

Think about Princess Diana or Kobe Bryant. Their deaths were such horrible tragedies that provoked an outpouring of grief across the world… but very few of us knew them. Clearly, that doesn’t make their impact on us or our relationships with them any less meaningful.

We spend time with these people and, even if we don’t know them personally, our relationships with them mean something.

This is the power your content has.

How to Spend Quality Time with Your Audience

How can content repurposing help you spend quality time with your audience?

The beauty of content repurposing is that you can reach multiple people at once.

If you went for lunch with a prospect, you’re dedicating several hours of your time to that one person. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you think about spending several hours creating a great podcast and repurposing it, you could reach infinitely more people for the same amount of time spent.

And remember, at the heart of content repurposing is the fact that you can get more mileage out of your core, long-form content. You can increase the time people spend with you whilst staying true to yourself, your message, and your brand, showing different sides to you in different settings.

With effective content repurposing, you will give your audience more opportunities to see you, engage with you, and build that relationship. All through the comfort of their screen!

Map out the time you're spending with your audience

If you were to study your customers’ journeys, how many touch-points are you making available to them?

Seriously – map it out! Analyze it! Look at the content you create and work out how much time people will be spending with you alongside in-person opportunities. Are those touch-points moving them towards a place where they become a qualified lead?

  • Let’s say it starts at an in-person event (an hour and a half watching you on stage)
  • From that, they subscribe to your podcast and listen to your first five episodes over a few weeks (two and a half hours)
  • Around that time, they start taking a look at your social media, watching videos and following and engaging with you on different platforms (two hours)
  • They arrange a call to talk about possible work (one hour)
  • Time’s up!

The question you need to ask 

How many opportunities are you giving people to interact with you?

You want plenty of content that is easily accessible, true to your key messages, and shows you in different lights.

You could spend days and days creating all of that, or you could be smart about it and maximize the core content you’ve created already with content repurposing.

Your goal should be to create and repurpose enough content to provide quality time to the point that a random person can say hello to you, even if they’ve never met you before!

If you’re wondering where to start with content repurposing, I’ve written a whole book on it! It’s stuffed with ideas and practical advice to help you make your content work harder and reach more people.

Spend a bit of quality time with yourself by investing in it today.


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