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How to Repurpose YouTube Videos on Social Media with Amy Landino

How to Repurpose YouTube Videos on Social Media with Amy Landino

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world (second to Google), with over 30 million visitors per day, for many businesses it’s their number one marketing platform.

Something that makes YouTube unique and appealing for content marketers is that it blends content, with search and with social – if you discover how to make the most of this you’re onto a real winner when it comes to audience building and lead generation.

But it is not easy. Not by a long shot. Posting videos onto YouTube and hoping for the best simply won’t work. You need to know how the platform works. And, you then need to know how to repurpose your YouTube videos for maximum results.

My guest on the podcast is none other than Amy Landino. Amy shares many of her secrets to her YouTube success, and how content repurposing has helped her grow her audience over the years.

More and more people are able to make a living on YouTube, but it isn’t as easy as making a few videos and watching the dollars fly in.

A great YouTube creator shows up on social media too, has a strong brand, and interacts with their audience regularly.

So, whether you’re a vlogger by profession, or a business owner sharing content on YouTube as your core content marketing strategy, there are some things you can and should do to make the most of your great videos.

Learn how to promote and repurpose your YouTube videos with tips from Amy Landino. Amy is a bestselling author and award-winning host of AmyTV. With over 20 million views through her successful YouTube series, Amy is the World’s #1 Productive Lifestyle Coach and a leading authority on getting digital attention.

She’s a highly-sought after public speaker and co-founder of the video production house, Aftermarq. Amy travels the world to teach businesses how to leverage digital tools to promote and maintain a positive image that uplifts and motivates their communities. In her new book, Good Morning, Good Life, Amy shares details of how to start every day on your terms so you can go after the life you want.

Amy and I have both spoken at Youpreneur Summit, and I first met her there in 2018. It was a delight to have her on the show.

Amy's tactics for creating and repurposing YouTube videos

As a seasoned YouTube creator and content whizz, Amy has plenty of knowledge and experience in creating and repurposing YouTube videos effectively.

I mentioned it earlier, but being successful on YouTube isn’t just about making a good video and sitting back to relax.

There are lots of things you can do with your videos to boost their performance, grow your audience, and make your life easier in the process.

Focus on your thumbnail and the title

On YouTube, when we decide to watch a video we go through a visual decision making process. This takes in the title and, most importantly, the thumbnail.

Amy’s top tips:

  • Have a human face taking up a high percentage of the thumbnail, rather than a longer-range shot of your body
  • Include words that complement your video title, not just repeating it
  • Shrink your thumbnail down to the smallest possible size to see if it’s still clickable. If people can’t read or interpret your thumbnail, they aren’t going to click
  • Use the copy on the thumbnail as ‘human SEO’ and your title as actual SEO. For example, “How To Start Waking Up at 5am” is a great title, but “Even If You’re Not a Morning Person!” in the thumbnail speaks to the human making the decision to watch, rather than the algorithm!
How to Repurpose YouTube Videos on Social Media with Amy Landino

A good example of a YouTube thumbnail image from Amy Landino's YouTube channel

When to use links in YouTube video descriptions

The bad news: this is a bit of a gray area.

The good news: we’ve got a great analogy to help you!

Posting to YouTube is like being invited to a party. If you turn up (post your video) and then tell everyone there’s a better one going on at your house (visit your website), you’re going to get a reputation as a party pooper and not get invited back again!

You need to strike the balance between offering meaningful, relevant links and sometimes deciding not to share links, instead trusting that your audience are getting value from you and will take up the opportunity to visit your site when it’s right for them.

When you are asking people to leave, you have to do it in a very intentional way, and if you do it every time, you’re not going to be able to grow a channel.

Amy Landino

Before you encourage people to leave YouTube, you’ve got to encourage them to binge on YouTube first!

Be the best party guest – the one who says: “before we go to the after party, let’s help clean up and plan the next one.”

The best way to do this is by encouraging your viewers to like and subscribe to boost your channel within the YouTube ecosystem. As a result, you’re going to give their platform a boost too.

Amy's advice on how to film great videos 

When you listen to Amy Landino, you’ll realize just how much knowledge she has. It’s hard to keep up with all the brilliant advice she shares, but I’ve brought together some of the most important suggestions here:

  • Be consistent with your audience’s expectations – for posting schedules, video quality, and video duration
  • Creating the right content for your audience is more important than high production value
  • If we’re repurposing something, we can’t just dust it off and copy and paste it to somewhere else. There’s got to be reformatting and restructuring involved.”
  • Look at the lens of the camera and talk to a person. Don’t try to talk to millions or nobody. Just sit down and have a conversation with someone. Talk like someone’s there with you and you’re having a normal conversation over a coffee.

Lots of great tips on YouTube and creating videos. Now, let’s look at Amy’s repurposing tips:

Learn where your audience hangs out 

Amy is a big believer of something that I talk about lots myself – focusing on where your audience hang out.

Take some time to work out which social platforms are your bedrocks. Where do you have the most conversations? Where do you get the most likes? Where do you get the most amplification?

Repurpose different content for different platforms

Once you know which platforms serve what purposes for you, you can repurpose appropriately to each one.

For example, Twitter is great for connection, announcements, and conversation with your audience. This is the perfect place for quote graphics, discussion points from episodes, or live chats.

Instagram is better for previews, teasers, and mini-series. Taking the most enticing and entertaining snippets from your videos and sharing them on Instagram will suit this platform perfectly.

Clearly, how and what you repurpose will be different for each platform.

Build repurposing into your content creation process

Effective repurposing starts in your video planning and editing – not as an afterthought!

Script out your videos so you know you have punchy and entertaining sections you can extract that are appropriate lengths for stories (15 second increments), Instagram post (<60 seconds), and longer teaser videos (<3 minutes).

Create graphics using stills from your videos. Alternatively, you can take a few shots on timer before or after you’ve filmed. These are pretty timeless assets that you can use at any point and can be super quick to create once you’ve got templates created.

Don't expect too much traffic from social media

Honestly, you probably aren’t going to drive a lot of traffic by repurposing your YouTube videos to social media. Social platforms are designed to be fun to use and the companies that own them want users to stay on their apps.

That doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile! Repurposing your YouTube videos to social media is incredibly valuable for keeping you front of mind with your audience. It also allows you to share your content in new ways that speak to your audience, without having to spend as much time creating brand-new content.

It’s never just a copy and paste – it has to be perfect for the platform it’s on.

Lights, camera, action - start repurposing your YouTube videos!

You’ve heard how YouTube expert Amy Landino does it – now go and try some of her advice for your YouTube content! You can check out Amy’s YouTube channel here and if you’re interested in Amy’s books, check out Good Morning, Good Life: 5 Simple Habits to Master Your Mornings and Upgrade Your Life and Vlog Like a Boss: How to Kill It Online with Video Blogging.

Hopefully you’ve found this post helpful and are full of ideas for creating and repurposing your YouTube videos to social media.

If you want some more advice on content repurposing, though, feel free to dive into some more of my blog posts, grab a copy of my book, or purchase the Content 10x Toolkit.

The Toolkit has got everything you could need to repurpose your existing content into beautiful, impactful assets – it’s full of checklists and guides, to resources, swipe files and video walk-throughs!


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